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  1. You are aware that resorting to language like that shows you're loosing the argument? Does the President provide for the cost of the Whitehouse, staff and security? Are you aware of the Crown Estate?
  2. To which the people can either follow the advice or not.
  3. The inconvenient truth is that it was the government that ordered the Covid emergency legislation. Most countries had some form of Covid legislation, even those without a head of state.
  4. Did you read my posting? Did you understand it? It seems to me you missed my point entirely.
  5. Vaccine injections may be hazardous, but a spike driven through the body is a 100% guarantee of death. Are you seriously comparing the two?
  6. Can you prove they are reptiles? Just repeating the assertion doesn't make it true.
  7. If you'd done a little research you would find it rained all day on this, from 2012. 'Jubilee pageant: rain fails to dampen a very British occasion' https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2012/jun/03/jubilee-pageant-thames-flotilla-rain Google is your friend here.
  8. Perhaps because some of the 67 million UK population want to? Because they know that if the Monarch was replaced with a President tomorrow, the Royal Palaces would become Presidental Palaces, the staff would remain the same, the security would remain the same, Ex Presidents would require protection as well, the Royal car would simply become a Presidental car, and so it would go on. Then there would be the question of how much a President would be paid. What savings would we make?
  9. At what point in the 3 hours of video is there a reference that's relevant to your post?
  10. You've not much to say about proof.
  11. What evidence do you have to back up your Buckingham Palace allegations?
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