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  1. Supernatural garbage. So now man controls God's timing. Only the weak of mind will believe in the supernatural. Regards DL
  2. You got this directly from the source, God, did you? If not, what make you think your statement is true? Fact is, God, not that such exists, would have to values humanity, as only humanity acknowledges the existence of a God. Regards DL
  3. I agree. They do it for clarity and simplicity. We try to KISS. Your last is laudable, but not worth anything to the morality of the world, unless you actively speak against the religious homophobia in the right wing immoral religions. In the moral sense, if you ain't with the gays and women, you are for homophobia and misogyny. Regards DL
  4. The bottom line. The ultimate hypocrisy, is a theist, who has been a part of the vast majority for basically all of human history, denying that the majority controlled history. Only a deceiver or hypocrite would try to say that the really tiny minority was controlling the vast majority aqnd making them kill each other. Regards DL
  5. Place no one above me, indicates worship, unless one is near illiterate or wishes to deceive. Stop it. Regards DL
  6. What was written on the belt buckle of his army, if not God is with us? German's in that time were anti Jew. Not anti their own Christianity. Less you have forgotten, Hitler's bank was the Vatican bank. Regards DL
  7. Live and let live is not the Christian way. Do you reject and condemn Christianity's homophobia and misogyny? Regards DL
  8. Why would God put that ability and desire to do such a thing into them if he did not want them to use it? Regards DL
  9. Good question, and there is an answer but we tend to not accept the truth of our collective love of war. This is speaking to our religious nature, but the same applies to our political nature. Regards DL
  10. Exactly, and the eisegesis clearly shows and evil demiurge. What else could be gleaned form reading of a genocidal, homophobic and misogynous God? Moral people will agree. Regards DL
  11. Of course. I think most of the ideas for the Jewish/Abrahamic cults came from Sumer and Egypt. Who know and who cares, in the sense that what is said is more important to wisdom than who said it or if it is even based on reality. As a Gnostic Christian, I have to remain an esoteric ecumenist and embrace what I can from wherever I find it. The religions have tried to hide their early closeness to drugs and sex, Temple Prostitutes and their drug of high regard. They found cocaine in an ancient Egyptian artifact and the Kama Sutra is likely what the whole world was doing. Think of the raunchiness of even our own fathers and grandfathers. Wow. I am pleased to have re-found you buddy. Regards DL
  12. Have you seen any of the Jesus is a mushroom literature? Strange that in a world where all tribes had a psychotropic druh of choice, modern religions try to say their old tribes did not. Outright lies everywhere. Regards DL
  13. Can't have all the different supernatural God based sects having the same set of lies. Regards DL
  14. All moral people will be Anti-Christ, if Jesus is the same as his genocidal, homophobic and misogynous father character as Yahweh. That would make Jesus bring Armageddon and mass murder. Jesus would not do that now would he? The moral will agree, but that is not usually Christians of the right wing type. Regards DL
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