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  1. My experience with people who smoked it, they became lazy and too laid back. As if nothing mattered anymore. Sure, it isn't cocaine or heroin, but based on what I have seen weed too is a personality modifier. Its the same with Pharma anti-depressants and such. I wouldn't touch that stuff unless you have a crippling mood disorder (e.g. a serious anxiety disorder, quite bad bipolar disorder amd such...).
  2. "Accidental drowning" https://amp.theguardian.com/music/2023/apr/18/aaron-carter-cause-of-death-drowning-bathtub
  3. Drugged people don't push for revolutions, but rather think that drug induced hallucinations "let them understand the Cosmos" or somesuch. Keep 'em drugged, keep 'em docile.
  4. Coleman writes that the Tavistock Institute and Stanford Research were behind much of this.
  5. What the elite are doing is commonly termed FUD - Fear Uncertainty Disinformation. FUD is very much a numbers game. If they can get enough people to buy into their FUD they win big. If their FUD fails to trick enough people they are in a world of shit 15 years from now. Truthers have a single weapon - the brutal truth. The elite has many weapons - lies, half-truths, spin, distorted statistics, legal action, false flags, advertising, entertainment, propaganda, social engineering, fake science, fake journalists and book authors, infiltrators, disinfo agents, trolls, paid fantasists and liars, and even FAKE RELIGIOUS people. The Book of Revelations warns of GREAT DECEPTIONS as the "End of Days" approaches. It is to be expected that much that we see and hear today is EXPLICITLY DESIGNED TO DECEIVE AND BEFUDDLE. But the more they try to trick us the more we develop a nose that can sniff out their tricks.
  6. John Coleman's "The Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Committer Of 300" explains the "Hippies conspiracy" in great detail.
  7. Inventors typically get offed when their idealism drives them to bring down the cost of something generating Billions for someone important to the point were "the bottom falls out of the market". Sloot fits that description.
  8. Yes. He supposedly told one woman that he is a cannibal. Meanwhile his co-actor Jesse Eisenberg is hosting a pro-Trannies telethon on TV:
  9. They'll call us ALIENIDIOTS. While Murrica/NATO/Israel/Saudi Arabia are bravely attacking the Mothership... ...we say "Holograms! Hoegrams! CERN!"
  10. When mental cripples run everything... https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-65294084
  11. Here we go again: https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-65251058
  12. https://www.euractiv.com/section/platforms/news/germany-plans-legislation-to-block-cyber-hate-accounts/ For this reason, in practice, platform operators will have to disclose the IP address of the hate account. Subsequently, the IP address can then be used to ask the telecom provider which real person was using this IP address at a particular time. The identified individuals can then be sued for damages, or criminal charges could be filed. So far, there is no right to user data such as IP addresses, which has made it difficult for victims of anonymous hate speech to take action.
  13. https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2023/04/16/police-state-german-govt-seeks-power-to-ban-social-media-accounts-over-digital-violence/
  14. Yeah. This looks like Satellite or CERN like shit being sold as an ALIENS ANOMALY.
  15. The Book of Revelations foretold today long before ang truthers or Internet forums existed. Religion is a powerful weapon against the Elite. Look at America. Their Left and Center are fast asleep on all important issues. Only the Christian Conservatives in the USA are talking OPENLY about where things are headed.
  16. Power always creates a culture of fear before it sinks its fangs into a country. Ask anyone living in a country savaged by the World's elite-elite. As soon as people become afraid to talk about things the TPTB become emboldened to really strike hard. What is worse is that people then quickly turn apolitical - unwilling to talk about anything remotely related to politics, government, the law or media. Cowardice on a mass-scale tells the elite that a country is ready to be butchered with no resistance.
  17. Pol Pot - ប៉ុល ពត Don't Be Reactive, Be Proactive! Watch how communist re-education camps divide and separate families and friends. The State comes first! (1:30:00) The Killing Fields, historical drama, 1984 (bitchute.com) (full movie) Watch this video to see how an average Chinese citizen with a low social credit score is affected. Behavior leading to a deduction in credit will include: jaywalking bad driving smoking on trains playing too many video games buying too much junk food buying too much alcohol calling a friend who has a low credit score merely having a friend online who has a low credit score hosting fake news online criticizing the government visiting unauthorized websites walking a dog without a leash letting your dog bark too much Social Engineering Social Credit: China's Digital Dystopia In The Making - YouTube - A Journeyman Pictures Documentary A video from 1984, outlining the process that is coming to fruition today in the western world. It also outlines why as the public we're unable to distinguish the truth between a medical emergency, and the emergence of a global medical totalitarianism. KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov's warning to America (1984) - YouTube ☭ Beware the world to come! ☭ The Killing Fields re-education camp Communism separates families! Here are some networking ideas, which could be useful to help your ethnic community. The START COURSE could be conducted via teleconferencing over Live Chat, phone, e-mail, SKYPE or ZOOM For your review: If you find this course useful, let me know and over time I will provide you with a more comprehensive list of resources. Thanks and stay safe, Rune NUMBER 23... HMMMM...
  18. It seems increasingly strange to me how people manage to fall into 2 warring camps without fail on many issues: - You are left or right - You believe in vaccines or don't - You support Ukraine or don't - You believe in Evolution or don't - You trust MSM or don't - You believe in God or you don't - You believe abortion is a right or don't The world is so split right now that nuanced or mixed in-between positions cannot become popular. And its all wedge issues they do it with.
  19. The 3rd option is that God created evolution and steered it towards the creation of Humans over millions of years and that Dinosaurs, built by nature, did exist for millions of years but that God wiped them out because he didn't want mankind to live in a world of giant beasts. Power always tries to give people just 2 OPTIONS to choose from. You either believe in this or in that. This creates 2 warring camps which cannot agree with each other. Divide and conquer.
  20. Whenever an inventor is killed they change his story with a "he made false/wild claims" angle: 1) Nikola Tesla 2) Starlite "the blastproof material" 3) Jan Sloot 4) Fogelman's wing The inventor ALWAYS makes "fraudulent claims" in their POST-DEATH account...
  21. Maxwell is the villain trying to get the publishing rights to TETRIS for himself: https://www.digitalspy.com/movies/a43436521/robert-maxwell-tetris-true-story/
  22. Meyer was KILLED. His assassination was so famous that in many countries around the world he is known as "the inventor who made a car that runs on water and was then killed". If I remember correctly the Saudis offered him Billions to buy his patents.
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