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  1. Do you see a VERTICAL 666 anywhere in the below image, Mr Liebestein? Say... just a little to the right of the U.S. flag?
  2. 1) ELF systems have a max range in air of a few hundred meters afaik. Maybe 500 - 700 meters depending on how large and powerful the thing is and how much crap sits between transmitter and target. If things get too intense/intrusive, you can try to move outside the active radius. 2) Targets are often hypnotized in their sleep to feel impaired in some way the next day. "Your memory will get weaker and weaker every day and often fail you completely right when most needed." A self-hypnosis techniques book may help craft counter-scripts, as hypnosis is based on spoken/verbal scripts. You may be able to hypnotize yourself to block any scripts spoken into your mind from outside, or to remember any scripts forced on you while catching ZZZs. 3) TIs have reported before that praying intensely helps, as the people operating the ELF system are often on the dark side of metaphysics. Forceful prayer can also have a counter-hypnosis effect on the brain and greatly relax the psyche when under siege.
  3. They should combine those 2 ads: The Burberry Centaur Hero TRAMPLES the bastards who period shame to death in the school corridors. Earnest Voiceover: "Sometimes a more inclusive society requires Violence. Burberry Always. Stomp on them!" (Runs off to look for office space for his new Globalist Ad Agency)
  4. The whole thing seems to be about bouncing power BACK AND FORTH between Reps/Dems in a PLANNED FASHION. Its like 2 different tools of the elite. A HAMMER. A SCREWDRIVER. Use each as and when needed. Split the American people into 2 camps. Do whatever the hell you want while those 2 camps fight each other.
  5. Confucius say: "Man who removes man from dictionary is going to become woman."
  6. This must be what happens when Atom Bombs are dropped on your cities and the victors of WW2 dictate how you live for the next 70 years...
  7. "...proudly trans astronaut Nealisa Armstrongella became the first BIPED to ambulate on the surface of the moon." "That is one medium-sized step for Humanoid, one yuuuge leap for Gay Sapiens!" You can now throw a dictionary at me.
  8. Also "Deliver us from Evil".
  9. They may have been threatened into "losing" certain content. The people running the world don't fuck around when it comes to protecting their narrative.
  10. DDD = 3 X 4th Letter = 12 The 12th Apostle was JUDAS
  11. The CIA apparently eavesdropped on anyone who was in contact with Assange for years. Over 100 people in contact with Assange during his embassy stay may have been spied on: https://www.fox19.com/2022/08/16/lawsuit-alleges-cia-got-phone-contents-assange-visitors/
  12. Well done with 21%, Gen Z... https://news.gallup.com/poll/389792/lgbt-identification-ticks-up.aspx
  13. The U.S. Military realized very early on that CARTOONS could be used to spread American ways of thinking to cultures which are resistant to American ideas. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck comics were available in dozens of countries, translated into the native language, throughout the Cold War. Walt Disney collaborated quite often with the U.S. Government and Military Industrial Complex. The messaging in the cartoons ranged from subtle to blatant propaganda. Disney proved to be masters of GETTING INTO KIDS' PSYCHES at a young age.
  14. Excessive comfort makes people stupid. Adversity sharpens the senses and makes people try hard to get out of the hell at the bottom. That climb up from the bottom often involves working yourself deep into a difficult subject, whether it is engineering or computing science or physics. Rich kids neither face much adversity growing up, nor really understand what it is LIKE to face adversity on a daily basis. There is no abyss which opens and swallows them if they fail to do something. They are RULING CLASS by birth - they will live a privileged life regardless of whether they are sharp and hard working or blunt and laid back. What is the worst is that they often feel no KINSHIP to people below their class. People at the bottom are starving? Well, they must have done something wrong then. I have met few rich kids who display any interest in the problems of classes/society below them, or feel any resposibility to anyone outside their class.
  15. It gets worse from here on. Assange being handed to the U.S. was a clear signal that the UK legal system is a goner. Expect the worst going forward. Other countries have been through similar periods of fascism decades ago. Things are not simply going to "normalize" once this kind of slide has started. The people they task with implementing this kind of fascism always try to go to "the bitter end".
  16. Apparently full of nudity, violence, ritual sacrifices and witchcraft. The shows creators have said it is good "because it promotes paganism". https://www.christianpost.com/news/disneys-fx-series-little-demon-is-extremely-dangerous.html
  17. All countries and people need to fall down a big HOLE. Without that, there is no EXCUSE to REMAKE THE WORLD ORDER. A great SERIES OF CRISES needs to happen so PEOPLE DON'T QUESTION THE NEW THING. The new thing in turn is a VICIOUS NEW CAPITALISM where ONLY THE APPROVED CAN MAKE IT. MERITOCRACY is a NUISSANCE the elite need to get rid off. Only then can the elite STAY ELITE. FOREVER.
  18. Welcome to your future, citizen: 1) Do as you are told 2) Or we CANCEL you And this is just the BEGINNING. They are signalling "Under the New Order, we can jail anyone with or without any excuse."
  19. We are being herded into a MISERABLE future by men and women who HATE the rest of humanity, while they see THEMSELVES as some SEPARATE AND SUPERIOR CLASS ABOVE HUMANITY. It is the FAILURE OF A TINY HANDFUL OF ULTRA-IDIOTS to see that we are ALL EQUAL IN STATURE which is driving our big fucking world of 8 BILLION HUMAN BEINGS towards ENSLAVEMENT. I don't think there is much more to it really. The ELITE thinks it is VERY VERY VERY SPECIAL. I see VERY VERY VERY BAD MENTAL ILLNESS rather than anything "SPECIAL" when I look at them. People who should be sitting in a DOCTOR'S OFFICE are pontificating about HOW THE FUTURE SHOULD LOOK. NOBODY ELECTED THEM - in their DELUSION OF GRANDEUR AND ULTRA SPECIALNESS, these ladies and gents SOMEHOW ELECTED THEMSELVES. LOL. History books 50 years from now will be HILARIOUS to read.
  20. 1) A student and parents requested the teacher to use "they" 2) He refused 3) School suspended him 4) He was jailed for showing up at school anyway
  21. The more they do this SHIT, the quicker their stupid Gender Demolition movement will collapse.
  22. But but... the WEF was working for humaaanity... all they wanted was a Fourthz Industrial Revolution... Inside your booody... which belongs to Switzerland, not you... You people don't understand the benefits of surveillance inside your booody... And the antisemitism... sniff... (Runs to the ADL Manhattan to ask for help)
  23. Take away peoples's livers?
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