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  1. The biggest problem is that Americans in particular do not know what their RIGHTS are. Whatever their Media/Companies tells them to do they sheepishly do. I've been told that a ridiculous number of American households now have an internet connected SMART SPEAKER as a staple household item. Nobody in their right mind would put a Silicon Valley owned internet MICROPHONE in their house. I bet when the SMART BEDROOM CAMERA comes along, Americans will rush to buy that too...
  2. Modern China is a WESTERN creation. The West could have manufactured in 20 different countries with "Cheap Labour". It chose to GROW and PROP UP China. No ACCIDENT if you ask me...
  3. An IT guy told me: - The electronics in today's smartphones, minus battery, can already be fit inside a Tooth Filling - In R&D laboratories, wireless CONTACT LENSES can already do everything VR/AR glasses can do today - The tech is already TINY and getting SMALLER You just can't buy this stuff in a STORE yet
  4. Please Pleaaase make a 6G Chip for my BODY NOKIA... https://thestreetjournal.org/humans-will-be-implanted-with-6g-chips-by-2030-says-nokia-ceo/ Pekka Lundmark, Nokia’s Chief Executive Officer, has stated that smart gadgets would be implanted into human bodies in the next eight years, as technical progress evolves into the sixth generation (6G) network. According to Lundmark, by 2030, the 6G network would have surpassed the 5G wireless connection, which is now being embraced around the world and is expected to be available in Nigeria in the second half of 2022. He predicted that 6G, which is now in development, will render cellphones obsolete once it is completed. According to several media sources, Nokia’s CEO said this during the World Economic Forum. His statement comes amid Elon Musk’s initiative, which aims to implant chips into the human brain in order to create a computer-like visual interface. A macaque is currently being utilized to design and perfect the chip. The animal, which had been implanted with the chip, was seen playing “Mind Pong” by moving its hands with thoughts after being trained to operate the joystick in a video provided by the millionaire. As user behavior changes with the advent of 6G, it is expected that smartphones will no longer be the most popular interface. Smart eyewear and other technology-driven gadgets, he continued, will be prioritized. “By then, the smartphone as we know it today will not be the most common interface. Many of these things will be built directly into our bodies.”
  5. Their plan: 1 - Don't let ANYONE develop the real clean energy sources that are technically possible 2 - Let Climate turn into a Global Crisis 3 - "BE SCARED! BE REALLY SCARED!" 4 - Um, sorry, we NEED to take away your FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS as a person now...
  6. That wouldn't be BIS would it? Fun Fact: BISS in German means "a bite" as in when you get bitten by a wild animal.
  7. If Climate is that important: - They could have created a Multi-Billion Dollar Emergency Fund - Innovators would be tasked with creating brand new wind, solar, wave, tidal, hydroelectric and geothermal gear - The fund would finance the development and commercialization of the best of these Anyone seen this happening? All I see is HEADLESS SCREAMING about HOW BAD THINGS ARE GONNA GET
  8. Middle Eastern countries are crawling with Western Intelligence agents and also numerous locals who work for them. It wouldn't be the Omanis who do this. But being afraid of Western Intelligence they would be FORCED to help with the COVERUP.
  9. Everytime I look at the elite, I think the following: - Why would THIS many people who ALREADY HAVE EVERYTHING act off of the exact same SCRIPT? - Why are they THIS INCOMPETENT in hiding their plans from the internet and wider public? - How do THIS MANY supposedly highly educated people MANAGE TO SOUND LIKE LOBOTOMIZED MORONS when they say something? - Why would THIS many highly experienced people FOLLOW A PLAN THAT IS THIS STIFF AND THIS BONEHEADED? I see only 3 possible explanations: - A massively sophisticated AI went completely out of control and is now CONTROLLING THEM - SATAN gave them everything they have and is now CONTROLLING THEM - They started some kind of relationship with Extraterrestrials around WWII and the ETs are now CONTROLLING THEM Anyone have a better explanation?
  10. Anyone else think this is about creating Climate Change Anxiety in Joe Public?
  11. Don't get killed by Heatwave Heather! https://www.axios.com/2022/06/08/hurricanes-wildfires-heat-waves-names-categories https://onebillionresilient.org/project/categorizing-and-naming-heat-waves/ This "Heat Waves" song plays constantly on TV music channels... Categorizing and naming heat waves Heat waves have been dubbed “the silent killer” the dangers they pose wreak havoc that is largely unseen, and awareness of the human and economic devastation caused by heat waves is profoundly insufficient. To combat extreme heat and its impact on lives and livelihoods, Arsht-Rock is piloting initiatives to categorize heat waves based on their effect on human health and to name them, much like how hurricanes, tornadoes, and winter storms are named and categorized across the world. Because the health risks of heat waves are more severe than any other natural disaster and increasingly common, Arsht-Rock is developing innovative, location-specific warning and categorization systems that are centered on human health outcomes. Why is Arsht-Rock categorizing and naming heat waves? Today, extreme heat kills up to half a million people a year worldwide. Many of these deaths are preventable with appropriate preparation and action during heat waves. Most warning systems today rely solely on weather conditions to call heat warnings. Research shows, however, that also considering the health impacts of dangerous weather, categorizing the severity of weather events, and naming the worst events increases the likelihood that people will take the actions necessary to prepare and protect themselves. For this reason, many natural disasters are already categorized and named, including hurricanes, typhoons, and tornadoes. We should be doing the same for heat, the deadliest natural disaster we face.
  12. The Russian version has an AK47 bullet at the bottom of the bottle.
  14. It would cost around USD 500 Mil to set up a competitor with the same Data/User capacity as Twitter. Twitter is simply an investment tool for large banks, hedge funds, asset management firms, pension funds, Fortune 500 companies, Oil Sheiks, various Billionaires and Oligarchs. It doesn't matter who buys it - 10 years from now Twitter will be an old hat nobody wants anymore.
  15. I can tell you who never gets to be head of state anywhere in the world: A real statesman or stateswoman with an excellent education, a real love of the common person and a burning desire to solve tough problems with daring reforms Who does get the role: An expert prompter reader who can look at the left prompter and then the right prompter, and not feel silly about it
  16. So much revealed about the OCCULT NUMBER SYSTEM behind 9/11, Soros, Musk, Zuckerberg, NASA, Area 51, Osiris, Wall Street, Deliberate Plane Crashes and other engineered tragedies in just the first 30 minutes. 90 mins total: https://rumble.com/v17d405-juan-o-savin-dont-worry-q-plan.html
  17. Alexa 666 in Revelations multiplied by 3: 600 x 3 is 1800 60 x 3 is 180 6 x 3 is 18 ‐----------------- Total 1998 If this is the Birthyear of the Antichrist: He is 33 years old in 2031 That may be WHY we keep hearing 2030 THIS 2030 THAT Nobody will follow a leader under 30, so the little prince is too young in my humble opinion.
  18. In all scriptures it is stated that God sees everything. It appears that Occultists who want to "become Gods" themselves became obsessed with becoming all-seeing. The All-Seing Eye symbolizes Seeing Everything Like God can but through the fixed perpective of a single ideological eye which does not tolerate other perspectives. The "Eye In The Pyramid" on the U.S. Dollar appears to be their accepted symbol of that human All-Seing Eye. How does a human see everything? Through Worldwide SURVEILLANCE. But they also use the ONE EYE SYMBOL to SCARE people they do not like.
  19. "A person who is bald and speaks in a German accent on Youtube brings 60 years of bad luck."
  20. Intelligence agencies typically have a few thousand nobodys like this guy on their payroll. They are promised easy cash and steady employment for life if they do shit like this without questioning it. That guy in the picture probably dreams of having a nice house and car and a comfortable desk job with a title one day. The Illuminati/All Seing Eye shit is a scare tactic. They guy in the jacket probably isn't even a real occultist but rather doing this for the easy cash.
  21. From what I have read the Duck was govt funded during the initial small scale University Prototype scale. But funding was lost when a first full scale Duck was to be built and tested at sea, which required much more money. I also seem to remember that Salter was made to say publicly that the Duck 'isn't as efficient' as they thought. In small scale trials the Duck had been 80% efficient. Now it suddenly wasn't.
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