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  1. If you said this in America, it would take 5 seconds before an entire mob accused you of 'admiring Hitler'. Poor Israel! Nobody understands 'the only Democracy in the Middle East' and all the good it does in its region. Sniff...
  2. In my opinion Musk does many things just to stay highly visible. He is an investor-magnet of sorts - anything he gets involved in immediately gets Billions thrown at it. Musk's role imho is to 'set the narrative' for what is HOT and what is NOT. Rich people in America all know each other quite well. Musk's job may simple be to ensure that the Market swings the way they want it to. There are many Elon Musk level 'smart guys' in America. He just plays the 'visible genius' for them.
  3. America is governed by the large Wall Street firms in New York. That includes Silicon Valley on the other coast. Nobody in America becomes a hotshot Billionaire, let alone Multi-Billionaire,without the approval of Wall Street. Elon Musk would be a small to medium fry entrepreneur without their backing. There are tons of other smart techies in the U.S. who are just as capable as Musk.
  4. Narcissists, Psychopaths and Sociopaths often seek out high positions which they believe will make them untouchable. They try to get to high positions in industry, commerce, banking, government, media, NGOs, charities, Churches because - this is their calculation - "nobody can touch you when you are a .............. ". And it does work for them, unfortunately. When questioned or held to account, they can often hide behind the "reputability" and "track record" of the organization they are in. Perhaps 90% of the most vile acts committed in any given time or era tends to be the direct consequence of people at the top behaving abominably. People at the bottom have a much harder time being a repeat offender of any significance.
  5. A very, very severe security flaw/backdoor in the F5 network security technology used by 48 of the Fortune 50 companies and hundreds of other large organizations worldwide has left their entire computer networks wide open to intrusion by snooping hackers. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.techtarget.com/searchsecurity/news/252518097/Critical-F5-vulnerability-under-exploitation-in-the-wild%3famp=1 Hackers who use the exploit can penetrate deep into secured corporate/organization networks, take full control of the machines and software on those networks, jump over onto adjacent networks normally impossible to access over the Internet, and steal or wipe massive amounts of private data and also the system itself.
  6. MKULTRA. Hypnosis. Psychic Heterodyning. Chemical Driving.
  7. https://www.motherearthnews.com/nature-and-environment/effects-of-watching-tv-zmaz79mazraw Sustainable Living/Nature And Environment Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television: The Effects of Watching TV By Jerry Mander EmailFacebookPinterestTwitter PHOTO: MOTHER EARTH NEWS STAFF Author Jerry Mander put considerable thought into understanding the effects of watching TV. The following is an excerpt from Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television by Jerry Mander, copyright © 1977. Reprinted with the permission of William Morrow and Company, Inc. This installment offers an examination of the neuro-physiological effects of watching TV: It produces confusion and submission to external imagery, and conditions the viewer for submission to autocratic control. How Television Dims the Mind
  8. Americans are indoctrinated from a very early age into positively worshipping their rich and famous and their Fortune 500 companies. First it was Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Then it was the Google founders, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg. Now its Elon Musk. The average American thinks rich person = does good for our nation. I blame AYN RAND for this stupid trend.
  9. If you read Robert Duncan's The Matrix Deciphered, its pretty clear that wireless brain-machine interfaces can already do all of this with no need for a 'Brain Chip' being implanted. I suspect something far WORSE. Elon Musk has been tasked with COVERING UP the fact that WIRELESS LONG-DISTANCE INTERFACING OF ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT WITH REGULAR, UNMODIFIED BRAINS IS EVEN POSSIBLE. EVERYTHING MUSK CLAIMS HIS CHIP LETS YOU DO IS POSSIBLE WITHOUT ANY CHIP. BUT THAT FACT HAS TO STAY... OCCULTED FOR NOW.
  10. Mother Klaus makes better pancakes in the morning than Mother Theresa ever did
  11. It somehow took only 31 years to study the cause and - surprise surprise - Saddam Hussein is at fault once more. Depleted Uranium rounds, toxic rocket propellants, classified exotic materials used in Tank Armour by the U.S. and undocumented use of Microwave Weapons and the like had nothing to do with it. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-61398886
  12. Musk is a Persona on Twitter methinks. I don't think its him composing these tweets. He's "on Twitter" to make him appear "folksy and down to earth".
  13. UPDATE: There were 6 fingered GIANTS at GATH (Palestine today), where GOLIATH was from (see text below the link) And interestingly, the ancient people who built the huge sites SUDDENLY BURRIED THEM COMPLETELY UNDER SOIL a few thousand years ago, AS IF TO PROTECT THEM FROM A GREAT CATACLYSM... https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/does-an-unknown-extraordinarily-ancient-civilisation-lie-buried-under-eastern-turkey- And there was again war at Gath,where there was a man of great stature, who had six fingers on each hand, and six toes on eachfoot, twenty-four in number, and he also was descended xfrom the giants. 21 And when yhe taunted Israel, Jonathan the son of Shimei,David’s brother, struck him down. 22 These four were descended xfrom the giants in Gath, andthey fell by the hand of David and by the hand ofhis servants.
  14. I don't own any crypto myself, but the numbers are awful... (Live Coin Values, Percentage Change Is On The Very Right Of The Table) https://www.livecoinwatch.com/ Article: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.vice.com/amp/en/article/88gyy4/its-a-bloodbath-the-crypto-crash-is-real Volatility is the bread and butter of the cryptocurrency market. But these days it’s in absolute shambles as Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency that the rest of crypto market tends to tailgate, keeps plummeting partly because it’s heavily correlated to the stock market—also in shambles—and partly because a long-feared crypto timebomb called Terra-Luna has just exploded. “Crypto is dead,” declared columnist Ross Clark writing in British conservative magazine The Spectator. As it happens in every crash, crypto investors–retail and institutional–coped with memes; Michael Saylor, whose company MicroStrategy is one of the largest holders of bitcoin, posted a photoshopped meme of himself working at McDonald’s. “It’s over,” has become another running gag. It’s far from a jovial atmosphere, though—the sudden crash has left many investors in shock, and the Luna subreddit is filled with investors airing suicidal thoughts and support messages
  15. This happened many times in Iraq: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2004/3/21/journalists-killed-in-iraq-profile Mazin Dana, 18 August 2003, a Palestinian cameraman with Reuters; shot dead by US soldiers while filming outside Baghdad’s Abu Gharaib prison. Tariq Ayoub, 8 April 2003, Aljazeera TV channel correspondent; killed in a US air strike at Aljazeera office in Baghdad. Taras Protsyuk, 8 April 2003, Reuters cameraman; killed when a US tank opened fire on Palestine hotel. Jose Couso, 8 April 2003, cameraman for Spain’s Telecinco TV; killed when a US tank opened fire on Palestine hotel. Ali Abdul Aziz, 18 March 2004, cameraman for Dubai-based al-Arabiya TV channel; shot dead by US troops in central Baghdad. Ali al-Khatib, 18 March 2004, al-Arabiya TV channel journalist in Iraq; shot dead by US troops in central Baghdad.
  16. We all see the agendas in play - go LGBT, go Woke, live in Fear, Obey, use Digital Money, there is no God and you have no Free Will, you will have no Privacy and you'll be happy, and so on and so forth. We also have a pretty good idea who the Power, Money and Political Influence behind these agendas are. Hint: it isn't the working class or middle class doing it. But what drives the "people" pushing all this crap? Are they on drugs? Are they mentally ill? Are they serving a dark Anti-God? Are they afflicted with a maniacal hunger for controlling everything? Did they have their Brains or DNA screwed with? Did inbreeding and intermarriage give birth to strange brains that work totally differently from psychologically normal people?
  17. https://www.psychmechanics.com/how-tv-influences-your-mind-through/ The flicker-induced hypnotic state Your mind slips into the hypnotic trance state within seconds of watching TV. This lowers your brainwaves to a lower ‘alpha state’ commonly associated with meditation and deep relaxation. This is believed to be caused by the screen flicker and explains why you feel sleepy while watching TV. Under this state of trance, your subconscious mind becomes highly suggestible and whatever information you receive from the TV becomes part of your memory pool. Since beliefs are nothing but memories, this information has the tendency to alter your beliefs or form new ones when it seeps into your subconscious mind. You might think the remote is in your hand and you’re watching the programs but, in truth, you are the one who is getting programmed. [....] The natural consequence of a hypnotic trance state is that your conscious filters are turned off and you are unable to critically analyze the information that you are receiving. Moreover, when you watch TV you are not able to do any thinking because information is bombarded continuously into your mind. You get no time to process what you are watching. Your conscious mind is eliminated from the equation and the information that you receive continues to become part of your belief system. Compare this to reading where you can stop, think and reflect after each line that you read. You, the reader, sets the pace while you are reading and not the book. TV, on the other hand, keeps on pouring information like wine into the glass of your unconscious mind and before you know it, you are already drunk.
  18. I'm seeing a strange drop in overall IQ and critical thinking skills in people I know who are heavy TV watchers, versus heavy internet users. Its almost like the TV is PHYSICALLY making people who watch a lot stupid. There are various ways to insert subliminal shit into a TV broadcast - barely perceptible flashing/flickering/letter sequences, steganographic patterns only the brain can see, or algorithmic manipulation of the depth, motion, colour and perspective/proportions of the video image. Seriously, the people I know who are into TV or Streaming Video a lot are going down in cognitive prowess, and I'm beginning to become suspicious that some kind of new OPTICAL PATTERNING tech is being covertly used. Anybody else here noticed heavy TV watchers going down in intellectual capacity?
  19. ISP level blocking is dangerous, because the inevitable next step is to block all "disinformation", "misinformation", "conspiracy theories" bla bla bla at ISP level as well. ISP's can easily block VPN traffic as well. Most VPN services are also operated by Chinese companies, or otherwise monitored.
  20. It was Mother Klaus that delivered me from poverty. She taught me to 'own nothing and be happy!' Suddenly, being poor was not a problem anymore!
  21. Ukraine makes less and less sense every day... First there is a nonsensical, drawn out battle over who controls a stupid steel plant in Marioupol. Why? Nobody knows. Now, apparently, hotels and a shopping mall in Odessa are so important that they have to be 'levelled with hypersonic cruise missiles'. Why? Nobody can answer that either it seems. Does anything happening in Ukraine make the least bit of sense? Perhaps it is not meant to make sense at all, but just distract people from all else? https://edition.cnn.com/2022/03/22/europe/biden-russia-hypersonic-missiles-explainer-intl-hnk/index.html
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