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  1. Quick! Confiscate all ze men aged 16 or over in ze Asias! Zis useless mens are making zeir own guns! - High Chancellor Klaus Schwab
  2. But... but... rockets are the only way we can get things to space right now, and Elon and Jeff are bringing the cost per pound down...
  3. "Earth is doomed, so Musk, Bezos and similar benevolent geniuses have to make us a multi-planetary species with reusable rockets bla bla bla..."
  4. The nature of the universe is such that much is found eventually. Its just that CERN is probably not transparent - much that is found will probably be kept hidden. Worse, it may be used in unethical ways.
  5. Abe is dead. Gun was homemade. https://edition.cnn.com/asia/live-news/shinzo-abe-japan-pm-collapses-nara-07-08-22-intl-hnk/index.html
  6. In a country where getting guns is nearly impossible: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-62089486
  7. Occultism is very numbers obsessed. They believe that Black Magick works best when certain types of numbers are used. People need to be shown what is being done for their dumbass "Magick" to work properly. They also like to ridicule people who notice the numbers. The Occult. The Hidden.
  8. Schwab, Grimes, Harari, CERN, Gotthart Tunnel, Transhumanism, Gnosticism and more...
  9. Georgia Guidestones GG With A = 1 B = 2 C = 3 GG = 77 TODAY'S DATE...
  10. He had twins and tripplets with his first wife as well: https://edition.cnn.com/2022/07/07/tech/elon-musk-twins-shivon-zilis-neuralink/index.html
  11. They demolished a crime-scene? Before the bomb experts could examine the evidence on the ground? Fishy. Very fishy imho.
  12. Each slab weighs 28 tonnes. Must have been a powerful device.
  13. A wet fart may have been ignited by a Chinese knockoff phone charger, resulting in the greatest security challenge to Europe since WW2. Oh forgot... sustainable... inclusive... build back better... diverse...
  14. If you keep "changing the frontmen" constantly, in the end nobody appears responsible for anything. Cough - American politics - cough.
  15. When the first atombomb was made, scientists worried that it might ignite earth's atmosphere. They tested it anyway.
  16. I found this video creepy. We somehow know exactly what is going on inside stars we've never been close to?
  17. Stephen Hawking warned in 2012 that a DESTABILIZED Higgs Boson could destroy the entire universe. Don't know if he was right or not.
  18. He published an encrypted 28 page document in 2021 composed of one long number sequence. Its Arcturus/Awake something, its encrypted, but most copies have been SCRUBBED off the internet.
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