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  1. Elite people tend to be risk-averse. Forever afraid of losing their money, losing their good public image, losing their manifold privileges in life, losing their freedom, losing their jet-setting lifestyle. Something is assuring them that none of these bad outcomes can happen to them anymore. They are currently behaving like a horde of bloodhungry barbarians plundering a village full of women, children and elderly people. Mark my words, this current crop of VIPs does NOT believe that the general public can harm them or hold them to account anymore. This is the typical behaviour of someone who has gotten hold of a weapon so powerful that none dare fight or challenge him anymore. WHAT is the weapon though? I also think that all of this spells out LUCIFER. But what is the WEAPON they are wielding that makes them feel so INVULNERABLE? The METAVERSE perhaps?
  2. All of us here are aware of the visible and heavily reported on news events - 9/11, Iraq, ISIS in Europe, Economics crises, Global Warming, Lolita Island, Pandemic, Net Zero bla bla bla. But the utterly feckless behaviour of the Global Elite recently suggests that something else completely DIFFERENT AND UNREPORTED has happened. Something has affected the Elite to the point where they behave like PIGS-high-on-cocaine towards us "commoners". There have always been corrupt politicians and businessmen and various scandals involving VIPs in high places. But right now it is as if an ENTIRE HERD OF VIPs is behaving in a "Nah nah nah - we can do whatever the fuck we want to you now!" fashion. Something unreported has happened that has sent a strong "Do what thou willt" signal to the Elite. And they VERY MUCH act as if NOTHING CAN HARM THEM AT ALL ANYMORE, NOW OR IN THE FUTURE. But WHAT precisely changed for them? Was it some kind of big COSMIC/METAPHYSICAL/THEOLOGICAL EVENT that sent them into ATTACK DOG mode? Did they FINISH BUILDING THE COLOSSAL COMPUTER needed to BRING 8 BILLION PEOPLE UNDER AI CONTROL? Have all the satellites needed for BLUE BEAM been succesfully place in orbit? Are they FOLLOWING SOME SECRET OCCULT PROPHECY WE DO NOT KNOW ABOUT and it is TELLING THEM THAT NOW IS THE TIME TO DO LESSER HUMANS IN? Is the BOOK OF REVELATIONS PROPHECY COMING TRUE - 666, Antichrist, the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? SOMETHING HAS CHANGED that is BEING KEPT OFF THE NEWS RADAR COMPLETELY. But WHAT IS IT that is making the ELITE ACT SO BLOODHUNGRY ALL OF A SUDDEN?
  3. You're fired: https://edition.cnn.com/2023/03/29/tech/chatgpt-ai-automation-jobs-impact-intl-hnk/index.html
  4. The PTB had to occupy Jerusalem. They think that Christ will re-appear in modern day Israel. And they want to fight him in Jerusalem (as if that is even possible). This is how fucked in the head the Elite is - they created a Rogue State and ruined the Palestinians' lives to KILL God's son. These people really have no sense of RIGHT AND WRONG... Shameless.
  5. Its interesting to count the number of letters in well known brandnames: The SIXers are interesting: Even: 2 - BP, GE, EA, HP, BT, FT and others 4 - Sony, VISA, LVMH, Meta, Vivo, ASUS, NIKE, HSBC, XBox, ACER, TIME, Bing and others 6 - Disney, PFIZER, SpaceX, PayPal, Boeing, Airbus, Amazon, VESTAS, Warner, OpenAI, Google, NVIDIA, Lloyds, ORACLE, Orange, HUMMER and others 8 - Vodafone, Monsanto, Mercedes, Facebook, Newsweek, UBISOFT, Raytheon, Motorola, NewsCorp, Citibank, NINTENDO, JPMorgan, McKinsey, PizzaHut and others Odd: 3 - AMD, ARM, BAE, CNN, UBS, BBC, DHL, GAP, BMW, AOC and others 5 - Apple, Tesla, INTEL, Shell, EXXON, DOLBY, UEBER and others 7 - Porsche, Moderna, Youtube, Ferrari, ChatGPT, Marconi, Twitter, Netflix, Android and others 9 - Microsoft, Instagram, Paramount, McDonalds, BlackRock, Economist and others
  6. In 5 years - linear continuation of today's downward trend. In 10 years - real fascism has gripped hold of much of the world. Arrests, kangaroo courts, social shaming, Chinese style social credit and geofencing. Dissidents killed. In 20 years - the prophecy in Revelations is fulfilled. None of the Elite survive it unscathed. Hell fills up with the souls of the ungodly. In 30 years - humanity enjoys a fairer and more beautiful world than at any time in its history. Kids shake their heads in disbelief when they read about today in school. The poor have inherited the earth. Humanity is free.
  7. I want to leave an open question here: What does the future look like 5, 10, 20 or 30 years (or further) from today? What are YOUR predictions?
  8. Ayn Rand's real name was Alissa Rosenbaum and her father was Jewish. Surprise surprise... https://www.atlassociety.org/post/eight-facts-about-ayn-rands-father
  9. "Lets pretend that these were NOT our actively used Military AIs as far back as 20 years ago, and that we are EXPLORING future use of them on the battlefield. The public are stupid. They will not suspect that we use ChatGPT 16 while they dick around with the now ancient version 4." https://www.vice.com/en/article/qjvb4x/palantir-demos-ai-to-fight-wars-but-says-it-will-be-totally-ethical-dont-worry-about-it
  10. Where are the thousands of other similar diaries that must have been written at the time? It would be difficult to fake or alter 100s of different diaries. Why did Anne Frank's specific diary become so famous if there were hundreds of others that must have been written about very similar experiences?
  11. You really think Gates and MS are SEPARATE all of a sudden? Founders of companies NEVER sever their ties with the "Family Business".
  12. What keeps people on PC/Mac are: 1) 3D Games/VR specific to those platforms 2) Digital Content Creation software ranging from image and video editing to 3D CGI and Game/VR development tools 3) Industry-standard CAD/CAM/Engineering tools 4) Programming/Software Development tools "Just install Linux" does not solve the software availability problem. If Microsoft FORCES cloud-Windows to be used 5 - 10 years from now, 100s of millions of users are affected.
  13. Governments know exactly what these sounds are. But as usual they won't tell. HEATING the atmosphere at night might cause some noise?
  14. After China, America too seems hellbent on destroying the cryptocurrency market: https://www.zerohedge.com/crypto/elizabeth-warren-wants-police-your-door-2024-if-you-have-crypto-wallet
  15. Apparently you can hypnotize people with sound the brain can hear, but you are not aware you hear at all. "You are becoming sleepy." "You are becoming anxious."
  16. New AI Chatbot which does not require registration and provides sources/citations for where it gets information on the internet: (Note: VPN and discretion recommended as Perplexity remembers old conversations and learns from them... also the developers may read your messages as they openly state...) https://www.perplexity.ai/
  17. The company that made Agent Orange is now Monsanto: https://www.business-humanrights.org/en/latest-news/agent-orange-background-on-monsantos-involvement/
  18. The Elite are MORE AND MORE BACKING THEMSELVES INTO A CORNER with this BULLSHIT they level against everyone. "ANTISEMITIC" MY ASS...
  19. - Windows 365 has rolled out - It lets you rent a Cloud PC that runs in Microsoft's data centers - You access the virtual, remote-hosted Windows PC from devices ranging from LG Smart TVs to iPads to a laptop or desktop PC browser - The screen/desktop of the cloud Windows PC is streamed to your device screen - All of your apps and data are stored on Microsoft's servers This is useful for some companies who don't want to spend lots of money buying and maintaining expensive PCs for hundreds of employees. But this is Bill Gates we are talking about. He likely sees this as a stepping stone to eventually FORCING everyone to use Windows IN THE CLOUD ONLY in the future. A few years from now Microsoft may tell you that you can ONLY CONTINUE TO USE WINDOWS ON THEIR REMOTE-HOSTED VIRTUAL PCs. And you can only RENT those remote PCs - you CANNOT ACTUALLY OWN ONE. I believe STARLINK may be a PART of this - what ELSE needs THOUSANDS OF COMSATS in Earth orbit??? https://virtualizationreview.com/articles/2023/02/17/w365-business-edition.aspx?m=1
  20. Sudan was chosen for its stability. All jokes aside, funny how Sudan SUDDENLY destabilized. As usual news gives no warning what is going on in a country, then the country suddenly goes off like a powderkeg...
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