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  1. Over 2,000 flights cancelled, wind chill warnings, extreme cold warnings and similar issued to 150 million Americans: https://edition.cnn.com/us/live-news/winter-storm-christmas-weather-forecast-12-22-22/index.html
  2. Thank God police caught her. Who knows what grave damage her silent prayer could have caused?
  3. This seems to be the last video they posted before being shot to death:
  4. This Ex-CIA Ramirez guy - very likely as a Psyop - is going around UFO podcasts claiming that the CIA is "preparing for an event in 2027". My opinion? SETTING THE STAGE FOR BLUE BEAM FAKE ALIEN INVASION + FAKE-CHRIST "RETURNING FROM THE STARS" TO RESOLVE IT ALL in 2027. NOBODY is ever Ex-CIA... those guys continue to push CRAPTASTIC PSYOPS for their former "mommy". FROM 5 MINS 25 SECS:
  5. How many Freemasons does it take to change a lightbulb? None. They like to "keep things in the dark". Har har har!
  6. Reuters writer thinks Microsoft will buy NETFLIX next for just under 200 Billion USD. NETFLIX has pushed the LGBTQ agenda DOUBLE HARD for years. One can only wonder what Gates will do with the platform: https://www.reuters.com/breakingviews/netflix-will-be-next-microsofts-shopping-list-2022-12-20/
  7. Conspiraphobia: "An irrational fear of any kind of conspiracy being possible at all anywhere and at any scale." https://absolute0.neocities.org/conspiracydenialism.html Conspiracy Denialism can be considered the central doctrine of Neo-Obscurantism, since every other manifestation is at least partially based on this dogma. In its basic form, Conspiracy Denialism denies the existence and/or possibility of conspirations; in its most extreme variant (also called Conspiraphobia) it can go as far as to deny the very possibility that people in positions of power might act in bad faith. The followers of this doctrine are called "conspiracy denialists" or "conspiraphobes".
  8. Damn Conspiracy Terrists! I knew it! Them fuck-headed disaster trollolloing Terrists want to take our privacy away! But I and all others know exactly how to protect ourselves from these enemies of civilized society!!! (Asks his internet connected Alexa home smart speaker what books on privacy are discounted on Amazon this week)
  9. I would hereby like to appologize on behalf of Mr. Clarkson. His mysoginistic world view caused NATO to collapse and Russia and China to invade the West. Furthermore, Mr Clarkson is reponsible for millions of Africans who starved to death. The fight against Climate Change was also lost because Mr. Clarkson did not get the exhaust pipe on his vintage Ford Pinto cleaned properly. He is a terrible man who should have no place in modern society. I am sooo sorry...
  10. America! Land of the free! Home of the brave! New York! City of the bankers! Panopticon of the WICKED! https://www.nbcnewyork.com/investigations/face-recognition-tech-gets-girl-scout-mom-booted-from-rockettes-show-due-to-her-employer/4004677/ When Kelly Conlon joined her daughter's Girl Scout troop for a fun outing to see the Rockettes perform their Christmas Spectacular show at Radio City Music Hall in New York, she had no idea she would end up booted from the show once she entered the building. Security stopped Conlon, NBC New York reported, because she is a New Jersey lawyer. It seems that Madison Square Garden Entertainment has begun using facial recognition technology to identify any visitor to any of its venues -- including Radio City Music Hall -- who is involved with any law firm that is actively involved in litigation against MSG Entertainment. Conlon has never practiced law in New York nor personally been involved in litigation against MSG Entertainment. Instead, she is guilty by association, as an associate for Davis, Saperstein and Solomon, which has spent years tangled up in litigation against a restaurant that NBC reported is "now under the umbrella of MSG Entertainment." According to Conlon, she became aware of this supposed conflict of interest when security guards approached her in the Radio City Music Hall lobby just as she passed through the metal detector. Over the speakers, Conlon heard a warning about a woman in a gray scarf, then security confirmed the warning was about her, telling her, "Our recognition picked you up." Despite Conlon assuring security that "I'm not an attorney that works on any cases against MSG," she was escorted out. Ars could not immediately reach MSG for comment, but in a statement, MSG said the same thing would've happened to any attorney involved in her firm, claiming that her firm had been "notified twice" of MSG's policy. "MSG instituted a straightforward policy that precludes attorneys pursuing active litigation against the Company from attending events at our venues until that litigation has been resolved," the statement provided to NBC said. "While we understand this policy is disappointing to some, we cannot ignore the fact that litigation creates an inherently adverse environment."
  11. MSM media has just told me something frightening. Apparently there are these people on the internet who are... CONSPIRACY TERRISTS! They are FRIGHTENING people who READ things online and DISCUSS them! Even worse - they have OPINIONS which are not SANCTIONED by the MSM! I'm so FRIGHTENED by these people I can barelZy write straight. Imagine you are sleeping at night, and there is a "bump" noise, and one of these CONSPIRACY TERRISTS is inside your house! I am so frightened by this that I NEVER miss a TV program by Marianna Spring. She is the BRAVEST JOURNALIST in the whole world. The dangerous TERRISTS could come after her at any time. Yer she BRAVES THE DANGERS and tries to EXPOSE these DANGEROUS TERRISTS who LIVE ON THE INTERNET. Without people like her, these TERRISTS would TERROR SOCIETY TO PIECES!
  12. Oh no! Jeremy haz brokenz ze Harry and Meghanz narrative of ze Oprahz! Eatz your bugz! https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/news/jeremy-clarkson-comments-meghan-markle-article-apology-b2248392.html
  13. 1) Around 80% of people are such sheepish conformists that they will accept the "new way" with open or semi-open arms 2) There are a hundred technological means to CRUSH the 20% which "step out of line" 3) This may indeed go as far NUKING THE FREE WILL of the 20% who "CANNOT BE REASONED WITH" with advanced tech 4) The people at the very top have a track record of NOT being able to resist temptation
  14. My experience in the past is that many people are completely apathetic to most world problems. If you tried to create a movment to help the world's hungry for example, you may find that 5 or so people show up. So where did this strange "WOKE ARMY" of screaming, shouting cancellers come from? What is so great about this boneheaded Woke thing? How the hell did so many people wind up joining Woke, and why is it so important to them?
  16. Fast food outlets like BurgerKing and McD's kill hundreds of thousands of people a year with their fatty junkfood. But that's not a threat to society. Its them heavily armed CONSPIRACY THEORISTS thems be DA THREAT TO DA SOCIETY. The CTers are like AL QAIDA, but WORSE. They have WEB BROWSERS OF MASS DESTRUCTION! Yes yes... In fact IT WAS PROBABLY CONSPIRACY THEORISTS WHO FLEW THOSE AIRLINERS INTO THE WTC TOWERS 20 YEARS AG.
  17. ...if they actually want to leave the serfs alive... With humanoid robots and AI, the high elite may not need Billions of serfs to stick around. I hope I am wrong about this.
  18. I have seen a lot of DUMB CRAP on Youtube. Tom has somehow managed to TAKE THE DUMB TO A WHOLE OTHER LEVEL:
  19. BIOLOGY 101: Women CANNOT hate men, because neither exist and there is only ONE gender to begin with: HUWOMAN We are all HUWOMAN in gender and our PRONOUNS are: Same/Shit/Different/Day Now there are of course BIRTHING Huwomen and NON BIRTHING Huwomen. Babies come out of some HUWOMEN and other HUWOMEN sometimes have BEARDS on their faces. Babies do NOT come out of the HUWOMEN who have beards, and they also have flatter chests and tend to fart more loudly. Now we come to the matter of SPECIES versus GENDER versus FUNCTIONALITY. The SPECIES is: HOMO CATASTROPHIENS The GENDER is: HUWOMAN The FUNCTIONALITY is: BIRTHING or NON BIRTHING Before the 22nd Century, ignorant biologists mistakenly thought THERE WERE 2 GENDERS. Modern science however has PROVEN that THERE IS ONLY 1 GENDER: HUWOMAN Also, nothing can go faster than the speed of light, not even a Black Hole. The same ignorant biologists called the species: HOMO SAPIENS But today WE KNOW THAT WHAT COMES OUT OF HOMO CATASTROPHIENS ISN'T SAP AT ALL. For centuries, THE DISPROVEN THEORY THAT THERE ARE 2 GENDERS RUINED AND DIVIDED HUWOMAN CIVILIZATION. BIRTHING AND NON BIRTHING HUWOMEN USED SEPARATE BATHROOMS FOR EXAMPLE, AND WORE DIFFERENT LOOKING GARMENTS. In our modern 22nd Century, EVERYBODY SHITS TOGETHER AND WEARS THE SAME GARMENTS. Of course some garments like BRAS have to be ADJUSTED to TAKE THE FLATTER CHESTS OF NON BIRTHING HUWOMEN INTO ACCOUNT...
  20. I would answer, but I was so ashamed by my anti-science stance that I cancelled myself using a Euthanasia pod in Switzerland. My last words were: "Mommy! Hold me mommy!" Ha ha ha ha!
  21. Article: https://expose-news.com/2022/12/18/weve-entered-into-a-new-world-order-blackrock-chairman/ Also - Central Bank Digital Currencies:
  22. That's in a lot of WW2 movies as well. But this man argues that when people reach out to God in a non-emergency situation they - somehow - actually "want their mommies". Huh?
  23. I'm starting a beauty trend for balding men on TikTok right now where you wipe your [email protected]@ with toiletpaper made from environmentally friendly hemp, then stick it onto your bald spot and sit in the sun for the next 5 hours. I'm going to make so much money! Ha ha ha ha!
  24. There could be a DNA code in the jabs or in some of the jabs which TURNS a part of the body into some kind of BIOLOGICAL CIRCUIT which DOES SOMETHING THEY WANT. But even in this case THERE WOULD BE SIGNIFICANT RISK OF SOMEONE/LABORATORY FINDING IT AND BLOWING THE WHISTLE. Everything is SPECULATION UNTIL A MAJOR LAB OR UNIVERSITY CONFIRMS IT.
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