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  1. What is known: - The person who started the thread over on GLP says he went up the mountain one evening, lost 12 hours of time up there, has no idea what happened to him up there and experienced "strange personality changes" after the experience - Newspaper clippings show that many many aircraft have crashed at Hinch Mountain over the years, usually in December, some seemingly with the engine or electrics failing suddenly - Some nights uniformed U.S. Marshalls are up there, telling visitors who approach to "turn around and leave" - Very old Native American cave drawings in large caves under the mountain depict rituals, supernatural events and "the underworld" - There is some kind of radio tower or radio beacon on the mountain now, with a large CIRCLE around it GLP thread: https://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message5194611/pg1
  2. They are doing this for one reason: "We are SO POWERFUL, dear adults, that you cannot even protect your CHILDREN in school from us!" SCARE TACTIC. POWER PROJECTION. History won't be kind to these asshats.
  3. Any connection to the infamous "Tavistock Institute" and its social engineering deviousness?
  4. Great compilation imho: https://www.bitchute.com/video/7PCXINYxscQZ/
  5. I believe that private contractors are involved too.
  6. I think that FEAR may play into it. The current climate is murky in many ways. Some may be afraid to discuss things online.
  7. Can humanity currently lift heavy payloads into space without using a rocket?
  8. Autopilot literally means "self-driving", just as autopilot in planes makes the plane fully autonomous. Elon Musk is fully at fault if he calls what is "limited driver assist" a fucking "autopilot". Elon should stop bragging so much about his achievements and actually give a shit about what he is putting on the streets.
  9. Manu expats who have worked in Saudi Arabia describe the entire country as an "open air prison". Everything conceivable "forbidden" under Shariah law.
  10. Since when do the Saudis care about minutiae like wildlife and the environment? They don't even care about their own citizens' wellfare.
  11. Its being done in countries across the world. In each country its a different group or cult doing the gangstalking. But the technology and methods come from one center and are the same.
  12. Apparently Mohammed Bin Salman said privately "I want something as epic as the Pyramids in Egypt"... https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jul/27/saudis-unveil-eye-popping-plan-for-mirrored-skyscraper-eco-city
  13. In countries which have descended into serious fascism in the past, it was always police and soldiers who kept the general population subdued and docile. Above them was usually a Secret Police institution which ensured that orders were followed. Soldiers and police are trained so harshly that disobeying orders is a no no for most.
  14. Imho they are coached to act like "half-wits". If you appear naturally dim, nobody faults you for any catastrophies you cause. Cough... Dubya Bush... cough...
  15. Musk advertises low-level AI driving tech as "reliable Autopilot" to sell his electric golfcarts. The tech has problems and people occasionally get killed because of it. Any other entrepreneur would have had the shit sued out of him by now for pulling a stunt like this.
  16. My view on Climate Change: - They caused it deliberately - oil industry scientists knew in the 1980s that it was happening - They also stopped engineers and inventors from creating niceties like cheap, ultra-affordable solar cells and personal windturbines which are low cost and practical - They already have fusion energy working but pretend it is "20 year away" - Electrical Weather Control tech from the Military realm ensures that things only get worse - I've seen a crapton of news from Universities over the years that "X new means of generating clean energy' is being researched. - X strangely never ever makes it to market and the tech just disappears - I believe that if they really wanted to solve Climate Change they could do it in 5 to 8 years
  17. David, at a time when the Internet has become an ORGY OF CENSORSHIP you allow free speech and cogent discussion here. Thank you David and bless you!
  18. "Brad, is that a gun under your skirt, or are you just happy to see my poolboy?"
  19. Americans can't cope with the truth. It would destroy their nation. Reddit is very likely run out of Langley. "Keep them stupid. Keep them stupid."
  20. "Yes son, you can play with the other kids outside. But don't forget to wear your PROTECTIVE BUTTPLUG out there. Never know when one of those REHABILIDADOS comes around thr neighborhood."
  21. Elon-The-Ever-Responsible-Musk's halfbaked AI Autopilot kills again. Maybe test this shit properly next time before you advertise the crap out of it and have it drive on public roads, huh? https://www.google.com/amp/s/kslnewsradio.com/1972281/motorcyclist-dead-after-rear-end-collision-on-i-15/amp/
  22. Next she gets "killed" and is off to Antarctica to join Jeffrey under the glacier... https://www.thedailybeast.com/ghislaine-maxwell-transferred-to-swanky-florida-prison?source=articles&via=rss Convicted sex trafficker and all-around bad girl Ghislaine Maxwell has been transferred to the sprawling low security Tallahassee Federal Correctional Institution in Florida, according to the Federal Board of Prisons database. The facility, which features a tony brick entrance with white pillars and a lush green sports field, is where other famous criminals like Russian spy Maria Butina and “Jihad Jane” Colleen LaRose served their sentences. The transfer was first reported by the Daily Mail after the Federal Board of Prisons published the information.
  23. - Many of the people who are TIs are NOT IMPORTANT PEOPLE... neither rich nor well connected... certainly not powerful enough to foment a revolution or bring down a major corporation - By all acounts the technology was ALREADY HIGHLY DEVELOPED during the Cold War years. I find it doubtful that after DECADES of R&D they still need to "test in the real world". - So WHY are HUNDREDS of people around the world being RUINED with the technology and the gangstalking actors? POSSIBLE ANSWER: BECAUSE REALLY ELITE PEOPLE ARE PAYING TO WATCH THESE PEOPLE BEING TORTURED UNTIL THEY BREAK A SORT OF "YOUTUBE OF MISERY" WHERE A FEW MILLION DOLLARS LETS YOU WATCH IN REALTIME AS ORDINARY PEOPLE SUFFER AND DISINTEGRATE TIs think they are being "gangstalked by a local group of people". IN REALITY, THE ULTRA-PRIVILEGED SIT THOUSANDS OF MILES AWAY IN FRONT OF SATELLITE TERMINALS AND WATCH LIVE FEEDS OF THIS BARBARIC SHIT AS IF IT IS "ENTERTAINMENT"... MAKE SENSE TO ANYONE?
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