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  1. I would like to hear where you stand on Internet Censorship, Freedom of Speech and Fundamental Democratic Rights. Many people are on this particular forum because they have been CENSORED and MUZZLED and DEPLATFORMED elsewhere. There are people here who have had their Youtube channels deleted. There are people here who have had their Facebook accounts locked. There are people here who have had their Tweets flagged and deleted or their BLOGS locked suddenly. MANY of us have been HARRASSED AND BELITTLED on other platforms - suddenly surrounded by PAID CORPORATE TROLLS, accused of KNOWING NOTHING, accused of POSTING THINGS "JUST TO STIR UP TROUBLE" or similar. You just DELIBERATELY used the expression "THE CONFUSION IN YOUR MIND" in adressing me. That is pure NLP FRAMING. Well done. Winning the debate by BLUNTLY ASSERTING THAT THE OTHER SIDE IS "MENTALLY SOMETHING OR THE OTHER". You haven't DEBATED ANYTHING SINCE YOU'VE JOINED here. All of of your posts are STRONG ASSERTIONS THAT SOMETHING ISN'T LIKE A, BUT RATHER LIKE B. Because YOU say so. You ACT LIKE A SCHOOLTEACHER TELLING LITTLE CHILDREN THAT THEY "KNOW NOTHING" Now to the Question: - Do you believe in Freedom of Speech Online? - Do you believe that people have the right to DISCUSS THE WORLD AS THEY SEE IT? - Or do you believe that FREE AND OPEN DISCUSSION is HARMFUL, and CERTAIN PEOPLE MUST BE SHUT UP, CENSORED AND DEPLATFORMED? And I'll say it one more time: MANY OF US ARE ON THIS PARTICULAR FORUM BECAUSE WE WERE NOT PERMITTED TO SPEAK FREELY ELSEWHERE.
  2. This is what someone just told me: "What the WEF is doing is a very calculated PSYOP. They are scared to death of losing their privileged position in the world to mass political movements which demand greater equality, greater accountability, greater transparency, tighter regulation of business practices and similar. So they something do something very simple. They put out deliberately outrageous statements designed to REALLY SCARE people, like "you will own nothing and be happy!". They then ensure that NONE of the major mainstream media outlets rail against the statements in any meaningful way. This makes many people think that the WEF is unbelievably POWERFUL, that this future is INEVITABLE and UNSTOPPABLE, and that they are COMPLETELY ALONE and NOT EVEN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA WILL COME TO THE THEIR RESCUE. In actual fact, this PSYOP shows how FEARFUL the elite are. They are so scared of the masses holding them accountable even a little bit that they choose a "let US go on the offensive before THEY do" strategy, and use really well designed SCARE TACTICS to PARALYZE PEOPLE INTO COMPLETE INACTION. The WEF doesn't give a damn about LGBT rights for example, but pushes LGBT at heterosexuals as MUCH as possible, because they know it makes them psychologically uncomfortable. The World Economic Forum itself is COMPLETELY DISPENSIBLE - nobody in the business world needs to fly to Switzerland to conduct their business. If the PSYOP goes wrong, the WEF will stop making outrageous statements and gradually fade into the background or.rebrand. Painting everyone who gets triggered by the WEF as white supremacists, racists, antisemites and such is also pure PSYOP. Again, they are going on the OFFENSIVE, before their CRITICS can build any critical mass. The WEF are deliberately creating the image of LARGE DRAGON which CANNOT BE STOPPED. The hundreds of expensive business jets landing in Switzerland at the same time is a pure SHOW OF FORCE. But they temselves are FEARFUL of the future, and the INTERNET in particular. So its all about 'They need to fear US more than we fear THEM'". Expect the WEF to make even more outrageous statements in the future, statements deliberately designed to DISTURB and PARALYZE the average person. There is no guarentee whatsoever that they will WIN IN ANY SIGNFICANT CAPACITY, they know this very well themselves, but they will keep PLAYING THE BIG BAD DRAGON for as long as they can. They will never ever let on that they themselves are also scared."
  3. The question on my mind: - Is this really just early stage experiments with mice? - Or are they already growing humans in vats, and slowly getting the public used to this stuff with mice, hamsters and similar?
  4. A car is NOT a plane. A car is continuously surrounded by both stationary and fast moving and direction changing obstacles it may collide with easily ans frequently, causing potential injury or death. The average person DOES assume that a 'autopilot' fully flies a plane much like a human pilot. And no, Elon Musk, who is just a charismatic frontman for a small army of global investors, is not being truthful or responsible by naming a "limited driving assist system" an "autopilot". If I sold you a snowboard with "autopilot" and you smacked into a rock or tree with it, you would be complaining to every news reporter within earshot that my "misnamed autopilot' left you "grieveously injured". No need to get upset though - Elon Musk is so important to U.S. Investors that he has FULL LEGAL IMMUNITY. He would have to nuke a city full of nuns and orphans before anyone manages to drag him into court and get a cent of compensation out of it.
  5. - Henceforth, all toilets in Spain may only be flushed on Thursdays between 13:00 and 13:30 hours, and no more than once - Only one washing machine may operate per city street, and only in the Spring months - All newspapers must fit on 1 sheet of recycled A4 paper folded in half - The Pamplona Bull Run will henceforth substitute cats on rollerskates for bulls, and nobody may run faster than 8km/h - Catalans can henceforth only use paper planes for air travel and the flights must be headed South always - Female tourists who sunbathe topless may only expose one half of one breast to the sun at any one time - Car owners must drive in such a way that at most 2 tires of the car have prolonged contact with the road - Internet cafes may only seat 2 customers at a time, and the computers must be of a handcranked type - Any Spaniard who needs to ride a train must be prepared to push the train along the tracks for the entirety of the journey - Any Spaniard caught reading David Icke's forum or Rense.com will be punished by having to sit through repeated viewings of a 10 hour video recording of the Paris Fashion Show 2021 - Any tourist caught using sunscreen within Spain's borders will be punished by having to be Spain's goalkeeper at the 2022 Qatar World Cup
  6. https://endtimeheadlines.org/2022/08/scientists-have-created-the-worlds-first-lab-grown-synthetic-embryo/ Scientists have created the world’s first lab-grown “synthetic embryo,” a groundbreaking moment in science that has reignited a fierce ethical debate. Led by molecular geneticist Joseph Hanna, a team of researchers at Israel’s Wizemann Institute of Science managed to create a synthetic mouse “embryo” in a lab without fertilized eggs or a uterus, potentially allowing us to get a glimpse of what happens in the early stages of human pregnancy as well. This new embryo model, as detailed in the team’s paper published this week in the journal Cell, was able to mimic all the makings of an early body, “including precursors of heart, blood, brain and other organs” as well as “the ‘support’ cells like those found in the placenta and other tissues required to establish and maintain a pregnancy,” as University of Melbourne stem cell researcher Megan Munsie, who was not involved in the research, wrote in a piece for The Conversation. The research could have major implications. “This is a crucial stage: in humans, many pregnancies are lost around this stage, and we don’t really know why,” Munsie wrote. “Having models provides a way to better understand what can go wrong, and possibly insights into what we may be able to do about it.”
  7. If you asked people around the world 30 years ago what they think of the West you would have heard this: "I would love to move to the West and live there. You can earn really good money there. The cities are beautifully laid out and clean. Public transport is fantastic. Medical care is the best in the World. There is real democracy and you can really think and live freely there. The schools and universities are excellent. They have the best, most advanced technologies in the world. They make the best movies and art in the world. There are sooo many good companies and other work and life opportunities in the West." The West's reputation today: "People in the West have gone completely crazy. They elect terrible leaders. They start wars and kill people all over the world. They tell you what you can and cannot say on the internet. Their movies and TV shows are full of LGBT propaganda. Their news media lies about everything and calls anyone they want a terrorist. They spy on people's private messages and other business from thousands of miles away. Their banks and large companies behave like pigs and destroy other peoples' livelihoods and economies. They may have created the COVID pandemic on purpose and they want to create some strange New World Order where everyone is some kind of slave and is always told what to do by the rich people. Many of their elite seem to be Freemasons or secret satanists or similar who hate God and his religions." When the NWO comes to their countries, are these people going to say "Please come into our country and ruin everything we have built over generations? Gates, Schwab and others may have MISCALCULATED a teeny tiny bit methinks...
  8. Neuroweapons can electrically increase someone's heartrate from a distance to the point where the heart craps out completely within minutes in older adults. This man probably felt his heart beat faster and faster all of a sudden, panicked, thought "what the fuck is this?", and did not make it out of his hotel room in time. Clean kill. Autopsy will show a heart attack that happened for no discernible reason.
  9. Whether one believes in God or not, the Power Elite's actions very closely mirror what scripture predicts. And it is very obvious that they DESPISE God, his creations and his "rules" and "ethics". If scripture is right, what they are trying to do will bring about their own downfall. One final war between good and evil.
  10. 3 possible explanations: 1 - Its a drug they are taking 2 - Its a bodily response to neurotech control and manipulation of the brain 3 - Something metaphysical is at work I suspect that it may be 1 AND 2 - medicine coupled with neurotech
  12. Scripture predicted that this would happen, and that the Father - God - himself will have to intervene in the world of men to make things right again.
  13. Imagine what would happen to the young ones if the Internet went down across the globe for a week. "The Mass Nervous Breakdown Heard Around The Globe".
  14. Interesting question: where precisely do those 3 get all that "news" from? Who or what has "eyes on the whole world" on a 24/7 basis? Who always knows - somehow - what is happening in 190 different countries?
  15. I don't think there has ever been a time of greater deceptions, corruption and outright lies than the last 2 decades. That has happened locally before. But never on a truly global scale.
  16. One small observation to add to yours': - Intelligence agencies frequently run the "corporate" media. We see various media company brands or media owning business families. Behind the scenes, operatives with 2 decades or more service in the intelligence and/or military realm put the actual "info packages" together and oversee their dissemination. - Almost all of the Top 30 news organizations in the world know each other well and increasingly seem to co-ordinate the dissemination of news and opinion. Joe Public thinks all these news channels and newspapers are "each doing their own reporting" on a story. That is not necessarily the case.
  17. The worst part of Stockholm Syndrome: - The Stockholmed person can no longer see through the lies of his/her oppressor and wants to hear more and more of them Normies are basically saying: - DON'T tell me the truth. DON'T make me question things. DON'T destroy my picture of reality and of society. LIE to me. LIE to me again and again. Truth and lies swap places.
  18. The more I watch what is happening in the world the more I see this strategy: - Hit them with one crisis after another - Drag them through one concocted drama after another - Scold and berate and belittle and marginalize them again and again - Scare them by denying again and again and again that what they see happening with their own eyes every day is "the truth" - Use educators to ruin what they prize and want to protect the most, namely their children - Confuse them sexually, morally, philosophically and theologically - Keep doing this and doing this and doing this and never ever give them a break from it - By the end, 90% of them will be so tired, depressed, rattled and weak that we can shape the world however we like - Now we lazy, talentless, self-loving, incompetent, Godless, undisciplined, narcissistic and unethical IDIOTS can finally do whatever we want
  19. American culture revolves around the strange notion that America can do no evil - its always other countries and cultures and people that do "bad things", while America is a great civilization which is above such things. Alex Jones ruins that narrative for them. So now Jones has to GO AWAY. That makes other naysayers like Jones go away as well, and America becomes a great country again. See how that works?
  20. Anyone want to bet 10 bucks that there will be at least 1 drone incident, but thank God the laser "prevented a greater disaster"? And then all sorts of directed energy weapons will be seen as "lifesaving technology"? https://edition.cnn.com/2022/08/03/sport/paris-olympics-lasers-france-spt-intl/index.html
  21. Interested to know who to follow or pay closer attention to in today's fragmented media landscape.
  22. These initiatives do not work because many companies which appear like they are competing hard against each other are actually one company or one industry - same investors, same shareholders. So if you boycott a specific brand or company and shop with another, your money still winds up in the same hands most of the time.
  23. John McAffee was suicided by Western Intelligence. Any time they do this to someone, they always spread absolutely attrocious "the person was a real real weirdo" stories afterwards. Read any of the news stories where an inventor or innovator died right before "making millions". Always the same boilerplate story about a "paranoid recluse" with "odd habits" who "couldn't trust anyone" bla bla bla bla... and then had a heart attack and died. Standard protocol - assassinate and smear to death afterwards. I sincerely doubt that McAffee had any women "shit in his mouth". The 3 ladies in question probably got USD 250K to 500K each for their 60 seconds on camera and never even knew McAffee. McAffee had DIRT on powerful people in the Computing Industry and Finance Industry. So now he is DEAD and a SHIT EATER...
  24. No no no no... a number of bearded men were killed... but upon closer inspection, they were not the Egyptian doctors who flew oil tankers... I mean passenger jets... into the World Trade Center towers. If you watched more BBC, CNN and Al-Jazeera and paid attention to your Facebook feed, you wouldn't be this dis-informed. Very important is that Building 7 collapsed because it was hit by falling debris which acted like a match that set a stack of printer paper on fire, which in turn caused the steel to melt. All this was done by this Egyptian doctor. He was also injecting Afghans with Saline solution instead of real Pfizer Covid jabs. Monstrous!
  25. There are actually people who go through law school and all that specifically to fuck up other innocent people. I've heard that the Mafia does this - it funds years of legal education for certain people in return for them shielding the Mafia in court cases.
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