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  1. If you really want to oppress a population you want to remove sources of comfort like smokes, alcohol, weed first. Enjoy your anti-depressants epidemic.
  2. There are so many weapons in Serbia that this is a drop in the ocean, but still... ...mass shootings again ??? https://www.rt.com/news/576340-serbia-weapons-mass-shootings/
  3. A challenge for this news section: Find just one MSM article which discusses what we commonly discuss here without ridiculing "conspiracies" or claiming "BS" in each paragraph? Surely there must be one MSM writer somewhere who dares write about the stuff we discuss here. No? None?
  4. Questions is: Is all this symbolism/numbers for shits and giggles? Or do these people REALLY believe in a QUEER anti-religion where this stuff is "Black Magick" and shit??? Eurovision is so poor artistically that every watches it to LAUGH about it.
  5. Someone who spent years analyzing the business structures in developing countries told me this: - In many developing countries totally unethical business families have a stranglehold on trade, manufacturing, media and politics - Many of them appear to have sold their souls to identity-unknown "sugardaddies" from the West as far back as the early 1970s - These business families were owners of boring and limited little businesses like cement, textiles and dairy production back then - Once they sold their Souls, they got so much free cash/credit from their new sugardaddies that they are the big bad business Titans of their countries today - In return for decades of free money and guaranteed business success these business families are systematically working against their own people, governments and national interests - They influence policymaking, journalism, media, news coverage, party politics, economic planning and even foreign policy in their countries - They do this on behalf of their sugarddadies continents away and guarantee that their business/family clan grows wealthier and wealthier - They feel no loyalty to their country or people whatsoever - They do as instructed and pocket another 300 million Dollars for it My guess is that these families will be the local future Lord governors of the New World Order in the countries they are situated in. They sold their souls for guaranteed money and power.
  6. When this guy is 40 and living under world fascism he is going to think back to this stupid video and kick himself for making it. I can't stand people who are really stupid and think that making fun of conspiracy theories is somehow smart. Idiot.
  7. Somebody REALLY REALLY BADLY wants GEN Z AS A WHOLE to be perceived as LOST/ENTITLED/ARROGANT/IRRESPONSIBLE: https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2023/04/21/gen-z-is-the-most-difficult-generation-in-the-workplace-poll/amp/
  8. Except that these guys always pretend to step down when their image gets f##@ed and KEEP running their companies.
  9. AIDS is so 1980s. If you don't get Monkeypox you're doing it wrong!
  10. They always try to scare people this lot. Because they are such pants shitting crybabies in character.
  11. There was a study somewhere that said that the average gay man has 12 different sexual partners a year. I hope they use condoms...
  12. At the point where > %50 of a populace is thoroughly brainwashed a nation is doomed for the next 20 years. You can forget about democracy, journalism, civil public discourse, fairness in business and everything else going forward. All countries that have descended into fascism, dictatorship, totalitarianism and similar CROSSED that %50+ line first. You will watch your country get worse and worse and %50+ of SHEEP will APPLAUD the descent into hell NO matter what happens. 10% - %20 of intelligent, AWAKE people simply CANNOT stem the tide when %50+ of IDIOTS mindlessly back a really EVIL government. The pattern in today's West exactly MATCHES what happened in countries like IRAN and others a few decades ago. When the people reach a certain POINT OF STUPIDITY AND IGNORANCE, the TOTALITARIANS simply swing into power and stay there for 2 or more DECADES. Other countries also thought "That cannot happen in our country. We are a culture that bla bla bla...therefore bla bla bla bla cannot happen here...". From COVID to CDBCs, what is on display is the EXACT same creeping authoritarianism that destroyed DEMOCRATIC RULE OF LAW in many other countries. And it is the SAME PLANNERS that did all those other countries in that are in charge in the West right now.
  13. A crapton of money is behind this, otherwise the paid presstitutes wouldn't push this stuff with such gleeful disregard for the wellbeing of greater society, and the core family unit that acts as its glue. Journalism used to be a serious fucking profession carried out by intelligent, thinking men and women. These people are gutter trash by the looks of it. Scripture does say thay in the End of Days the world will be a depraved mess. Then of course the Father brings the hammer down. Crack - crack - crack Like walnuts.
  14. How much are these people paid to write this stuff I wonder? Millions? Tens of millions? From serious critiques of the Iraq War to strangely woke queer agitprop... https://amp.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2023/may/13/i-kissed-a-boy-review-historic-gay-dating-show-is-a-queer-summer-treat
  15. They guy has 0 posts and visited Ally's profile yesterday. Probable a shitposting creep.
  16. If anyone still thinks Musk is "one of the good guys!" - this settles that methinks... What a faker. https://www.businesstoday.in/technology/news/story/neo-liberal-wokeist-twitters-possible-ceo-linda-yaccarino-faces-heat-for-wef-link-381030-2023-05-12
  17. Sometimes it is lone momma's basement dwellers who have no life and no friends who go around pissing other people off - anonymously. Sometimes it is companies trying to shut up Internet "pests" who criticize their business and such. Sometimes it is Govt agencies pretending to be "Internet users" who go around trying to drive select users off forums (I have had this done to me in the past elsewhere). Could be a 14 year old kid with problems playing "big bad white supremacist". I wouldn't take loons like this too seriously.
  18. The internet is full of paid trolls. They just tell them "attack this user" or "scare that user". Power does this to shut Internet users up. The guy probably doesn't care about issues like - his words - "niggers" and such. Just does what is ordered and gets his cash.
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