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  1. The horizontal video at the bottom looks like someone knew the drone is going to fly into the frame and was waiting for it. Also Russia says the drone was "destroyed" by them. Why would it be destroyed just meters from the target?
  2. 9/11 gave us Ground Zero. COVID and before it AIDS gave us Patient Zero. But who is Decisionmaker Zero who pulled the trigger and gave the green light to what is unfolding today? David has often talked about an interlocking web of conspirator organizations, and at the center of it all sits the "Spider". Who is the Spider that made the decision to turn our world upside down? I do not believe that men like Gates, Schwab, Musk, Soros are important enough or even wealthy enough to be the "Spider". I think that they are simply frontmen who distract us from the real decisionmaker in power. Even the Rockellers/Rothschilds/Black Nobility may have been fronts for someone much higher up. If you are religious, the Spider is none other than Lucifer himself. If you are more New Age, the Spider is an extraterrestrial intellect who is not from our planet. If you don't believe in this stuff, the Spider is simply a vicious human psychopath at the top of the world with a lust for lies, killing and oppression. If you fear technology the most, the Spider may be an astoundingly intelligent Artifical Intelligence system controlling the actions of the Elite. If you fear Pharma the most, the Spider may be an incredibly potent drug which over time has driven the Elite completely insane. Who is the Spider? Who came up with the original plan and idea for all this?
  3. Real attack or false-flag Psyop? How the hell did 2 drones get past Moscow's air defenses? And just how stranger is the world going to become until some fricking sanity sanity is restored? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-65471904
  4. I used to find the idea of aliens being involved in all this very far fetched. I subscribed to the more plausible idea that what we are seeing is good old human lack of ethics and depravity at work. The bizarre behaviour of the Elite lately however is VERY difficult to explain. We are either witnessing a mass outbreak of mental illness among the elite. Or yes, they have entered into some kind of alliance with an extraterrestrial or demonic intelligence that does not particularly value us humans.
  5. The people who run the world are so power hungry that deception is the only really potent WEAPON they have. They cannot tell us what their real intention is. They cannot take their masks off. They have no way to JUSTIFY their crazy actions, their corrupted values, their seemingly infinite URGES. Deception is their ONLY option. Endtimes prophecy tells us that humanity will face GREAT deceptions. Some people will be wrongly accused. Some people will be smeared as evil. Some people will be KILLED - like the people who actually died in false flag attacks. Everything will be inverted. Everything will be upside down. Everything will be heartbreakingly difficult. But we know EXACTLY how INVERSION works. And we are smart enough to realize when and how we are being LIED to in most cases.
  6. Yesterday I asked myself "What is the core strategy these Elites are pursuing?" And it occurred to me that 90% of what they are doing is about FRUSTRATING and DEMORALIZING people like us. They asked themselves "What kind of World do our enemies FEAR living in the MOST?" And they boneheadely began pushing US towards the World which WE want to LIVE IN THE LEAST. I believe that they resorted to Woke/LGBTQ propaganda purely because homosexuality psychologically DISTURBS heterosexuals on a DEEP PRIMAL LEVEL. I believe that Central Bank Digital Currency and PRIVACY DESTRUCTION is PURELY about MAKING US FEEL WATCHED 24/7. I believe that MSM media making "normies" live in a TOTALLY DIFFERENT REALITY from the awake is done MOSTLY to make people like us feel ALONE and OUTNUMBERED in our own societies. I believe that they DELIBERATELY leave a trail of CLUES behind when there is a FALSE FLAG type event - but normies being completely UNABLE to pick up on these clues is once again DESIGNED TO MAKE US FEEL LIKE A SMALL MINORITY. Do they REALLY believe that numbers like 33, 18, 23, 216 have OCCULT POWER? Or is this another PSYOP to make us feel like we are SURROUNDED by Satanists/Freemasons/Illuminati elites? Is any of this OCCULT DRIVEN or are they CREATING BIZARRE RABBIT HOLES for us to OCCUPY ourselves with? The Elite are living their lives to the FULLEST extent - mansions, private jets, cocktail parties, country clubs, business gatherings, political schmoozing. We on the other hand are ENCOURAGED to be CONSTANTLY ENGAGED in the DARK CONSPIRACY RABBIT HOLES they PUKE INTO THE WORLD EVERY WEEK. Do they SUICIDE some celebrities because they are ACTUALLY dangerous to them? Or do they do it PURELY to SCARE and BEFUDDLE us into BELIEVING that the world CAN NO LONGER BE TURNED AROUND OR SAVED? Perhaps they are SCARING us about CLIMATE CHANGE, even though they know exactly how to build Fusion Reactors and other "Clean Energy" sources. FEAR. UNCERTAINTY. DISINFORMATION. Supposed journalists SCARE US by NOT DOING THEIR JOB AT ALL ANYMORE. Politicians SCARE US by ACTING LIKE THEY DON'T GIVE TWO SHITS ABOUT US ANYMORE. "You are ALONE!" "You are OUTNUMBERED!" "You are OSTRACIZED!" "You are a NUTJOB in the eyes of your countrymen!" "You are IN THE COURTS!" "You are UNDER SURVEILLANCE!" "You are GEOFENCED and SOCIAL CREDITED!" S C A R E T A C T I C S F R U S T R A T I O N F E A R D E P R E S S I O N A L I E N A T I ON E X C L U S I O N C A P I T U L A T I O N
  7. Tesla spent decades in the United States, working on his "humanitarian goals". The U.S. government gave him the cold shoulder throughout his life - he wrote many letters to the U.S. government asking for assistance in fulfilling his goals. Without the Oil Excuse, Washington would be unable to sell its future interventions in the Middle East to the American public. I suspect that the real Rockefeller/Rothschild goal was to CONTROL JERUSALEM. Oil addiction was necessary to be able to barge into the Middle East over and over. And of course the Holocaust was needed in order to sell the creation of Israel to the World. Poor Tesla - he became the victim of shitheads who had "100 year plans for the World".
  8. Hilariously the permanently airborne energy transfer network (drones, satellites) will NOT use Tesla's revolutionary wireless electricity transfer idea, but shoot high power LASERS all over space and through the atmosphere to transmit power. Even more hilariously, those LASERS are probably so powerful that they will be able to FRY just about anything on the ground anywhere in the world whenever America feels like it. As an extra-special bonus, America STILL pretends after 100 fricking years that they just cannot figure out how Nikola Tesla's wireless electricity idea can be realized and that they have to shoot high-power lasers all around the globe for this instead. (Its a globe-spanning LASER WEAPON disguised as a flying power grid) https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/research/a43713837/darpa-power-military-outposts-wireless-laser-energy/
  9. Murdoch is a false conservative who had the brilliant idea of selling more newspapers simply by putting lots of pictures of 18 year old topless girls in them. He sells the faithful vaguely Christian-conservative sounding crap, and pushes them as faaar to the CORPORATE/MILITARIST RIGHT as possible. All of his 100+ newspapers supported the murderous Iraq/Afghanistan wars. It made this Aussie deepstate-puppet rich beyond anyone's wildest dreams. He's false as a penny.
  10. Hell hath no fury like a news anchor fired?
  11. Maybe he is waiting for the Elite to really let their own masks fall before the INTERVENTION happens? Perhaps these crackheads need to show their true face to the World, so that people willingly and voluntarily embrace the ways of the Father when he ACTS? It seems to be working - every day, with every new misstep, the mask worn by the Elite slips a little bit lower. They are having increasing problems maintaining their wholesome image because they are PATHOLOGICALLY OBSESSED WITH BECOMING THE "HUMAN GODS OF THIS WORLD".
  12. 4 horsemen: 1 - EU 2 - America 3 - Russia 4 - China Through corrupting the leadership of all 4 they hope to ENSLAVE THE REST. 100+ countries will get to choose whose BITCH they want to be - America's? EU's? China's? IMHO ALL 4 FORM AN "EMPIRE ON WHICH THE SUN NEVER SETS". In theory THERE IS NO PLAUSIBLE WAY TO ESCAPE THIS MUCH POWER. But Revelations tells us that precisely THIS would happen and that humanity will be saved from these degenerates through GOD STEPPING ONTO THE BATTLEFIELD AND BODYSLAMMING THE "MIGHTY". As for those who saw what is happening and did not even protest against what is happening... ...my guess is that they will end up at the BOTTOM of the new hierarchy of power the Father mandates when the dark ones have been thrown off their self-built pedestals. All this may be humanity's FINAL TEST - who stood up fearlessly for the rights of man, and who took the knee and sucked power's tiny d**k instead...
  13. Elite people tend to be risk-averse. Forever afraid of losing their money, losing their good public image, losing their manifold privileges in life, losing their freedom, losing their jet-setting lifestyle. Something is assuring them that none of these bad outcomes can happen to them anymore. They are currently behaving like a horde of bloodhungry barbarians plundering a village full of women, children and elderly people. Mark my words, this current crop of VIPs does NOT believe that the general public can harm them or hold them to account anymore. This is the typical behaviour of someone who has gotten hold of a weapon so powerful that none dare fight or challenge him anymore. WHAT is the weapon though? I also think that all of this spells out LUCIFER. But what is the WEAPON they are wielding that makes them feel so INVULNERABLE? The METAVERSE perhaps?
  14. All of us here are aware of the visible and heavily reported on news events - 9/11, Iraq, ISIS in Europe, Economics crises, Global Warming, Lolita Island, Pandemic, Net Zero bla bla bla. But the utterly feckless behaviour of the Global Elite recently suggests that something else completely DIFFERENT AND UNREPORTED has happened. Something has affected the Elite to the point where they behave like PIGS-high-on-cocaine towards us "commoners". There have always been corrupt politicians and businessmen and various scandals involving VIPs in high places. But right now it is as if an ENTIRE HERD OF VIPs is behaving in a "Nah nah nah - we can do whatever the fuck we want to you now!" fashion. Something unreported has happened that has sent a strong "Do what thou willt" signal to the Elite. And they VERY MUCH act as if NOTHING CAN HARM THEM AT ALL ANYMORE, NOW OR IN THE FUTURE. But WHAT precisely changed for them? Was it some kind of big COSMIC/METAPHYSICAL/THEOLOGICAL EVENT that sent them into ATTACK DOG mode? Did they FINISH BUILDING THE COLOSSAL COMPUTER needed to BRING 8 BILLION PEOPLE UNDER AI CONTROL? Have all the satellites needed for BLUE BEAM been succesfully place in orbit? Are they FOLLOWING SOME SECRET OCCULT PROPHECY WE DO NOT KNOW ABOUT and it is TELLING THEM THAT NOW IS THE TIME TO DO LESSER HUMANS IN? Is the BOOK OF REVELATIONS PROPHECY COMING TRUE - 666, Antichrist, the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? SOMETHING HAS CHANGED that is BEING KEPT OFF THE NEWS RADAR COMPLETELY. But WHAT IS IT that is making the ELITE ACT SO BLOODHUNGRY ALL OF A SUDDEN?
  15. You're fired: https://edition.cnn.com/2023/03/29/tech/chatgpt-ai-automation-jobs-impact-intl-hnk/index.html
  16. The PTB had to occupy Jerusalem. They think that Christ will re-appear in modern day Israel. And they want to fight him in Jerusalem (as if that is even possible). This is how fucked in the head the Elite is - they created a Rogue State and ruined the Palestinians' lives to KILL God's son. These people really have no sense of RIGHT AND WRONG... Shameless.
  17. Its interesting to count the number of letters in well known brandnames: The SIXers are interesting: Even: 2 - BP, GE, EA, HP, BT, FT and others 4 - Sony, VISA, LVMH, Meta, Vivo, ASUS, NIKE, HSBC, XBox, ACER, TIME, Bing and others 6 - Disney, PFIZER, SpaceX, PayPal, Boeing, Airbus, Amazon, VESTAS, Warner, OpenAI, Google, NVIDIA, Lloyds, ORACLE, Orange, HUMMER and others 8 - Vodafone, Monsanto, Mercedes, Facebook, Newsweek, UBISOFT, Raytheon, Motorola, NewsCorp, Citibank, NINTENDO, JPMorgan, McKinsey, PizzaHut and others Odd: 3 - AMD, ARM, BAE, CNN, UBS, BBC, DHL, GAP, BMW, AOC and others 5 - Apple, Tesla, INTEL, Shell, EXXON, DOLBY, UEBER and others 7 - Porsche, Moderna, Youtube, Ferrari, ChatGPT, Marconi, Twitter, Netflix, Android and others 9 - Microsoft, Instagram, Paramount, McDonalds, BlackRock, Economist and others
  18. In 5 years - linear continuation of today's downward trend. In 10 years - real fascism has gripped hold of much of the world. Arrests, kangaroo courts, social shaming, Chinese style social credit and geofencing. Dissidents killed. In 20 years - the prophecy in Revelations is fulfilled. None of the Elite survive it unscathed. Hell fills up with the souls of the ungodly. In 30 years - humanity enjoys a fairer and more beautiful world than at any time in its history. Kids shake their heads in disbelief when they read about today in school. The poor have inherited the earth. Humanity is free.
  19. I want to leave an open question here: What does the future look like 5, 10, 20 or 30 years (or further) from today? What are YOUR predictions?
  20. Ayn Rand's real name was Alissa Rosenbaum and her father was Jewish. Surprise surprise... https://www.atlassociety.org/post/eight-facts-about-ayn-rands-father
  21. "Lets pretend that these were NOT our actively used Military AIs as far back as 20 years ago, and that we are EXPLORING future use of them on the battlefield. The public are stupid. They will not suspect that we use ChatGPT 16 while they dick around with the now ancient version 4." https://www.vice.com/en/article/qjvb4x/palantir-demos-ai-to-fight-wars-but-says-it-will-be-totally-ethical-dont-worry-about-it
  22. Where are the thousands of other similar diaries that must have been written at the time? It would be difficult to fake or alter 100s of different diaries. Why did Anne Frank's specific diary become so famous if there were hundreds of others that must have been written about very similar experiences?
  23. You really think Gates and MS are SEPARATE all of a sudden? Founders of companies NEVER sever their ties with the "Family Business".
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