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  1. Dr. John Coleman writes in "The Committee of 300" that the whole hippire thing during Vietnam was a government Psyop. Here is their Age of Aquarius song from back then:
  2. The Globalists have made many mistakes on the road to their stupid "Agenda 2030". 1) They furiously threw their occult numbers and symbols around like nobody would notice 2) They forced WOKE/we-are-all-LGBT-now crap on panicked people in the middle of a pandemic 3) They tried to scare people with "moooslim terrorists" who apparently want to kill everybody they see 4) They made us watch while millions of innocents perished in their stupid geopolitical hegemony wars in the ME 5) They censored the FUCK out of what was supposed to be OUR Internet - WE are footing the bill for the Internet 6) They turned innocent youths into depressed Social Media crack addicts 7) They stole people's privacy and private data like they were sucking crude oil out of a well 8) They used incompetent frontmen and women who sound like idiots to anyone who has an undergraduate degree in anything 9) They went BATSHIT CRAZY with a bunch of no good dimwits in DAVOS telling us that God doesn't exist and that we have to eat mealworms and crickets from now on because THEY say so 10) They violated INTERNATIONAL LAW and INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS TREATIES over and over and over again 11) I won't even get into their recent UFOs/UAPs "we simply don't know what our cockpit cameras are picking up" stupidities But I think that their real Achilles hell is the shit quality of today's news reporting and "journalism": 1) Today's journalists come across as ignorant and uninformed 2) They swoon over obvious frontment like Gates and Musk 3) They don't report or investigate anything that is in the public interest 4) Everybody is a "Conspiracy Theorist" to these screen-blocking turds 5) They have no problem lying about the fact that they know exactly and in great detail what is really going on in the world 6) They have the actual nerve to call what they are doing "news journalism" - Ha ha ha, yes, and I'm Santa Claus! I think the gaping hole they left in news journalism the World over has become the Achilles heel of their entire plan. You see, if you cannot report honestly what is happening in the world then YOU are probably who is doing all this to the world in the first place. I honestly don'r see how news journalism will ever escape the death-spiral these idiots forced it into. After 2 consecutive decades of failing to report anything properly, who in their right mind will ever believe news outlets ranging from the New York Times to the Economist to the Guardian ever again? I think that THIS is where Agenda 2030 BREAKS completely. If you give us shit quality news and journalism then why the hell should we follow YOU into a future of YOUR design? Why should we follow PATHOLOGICAL LIARS into any kind of future?
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/mar/09/six-killed-and-others-wounded-in-hamburg-shooting Police from a special unit were by chance already near the scene when the shooting happened, local media reported. “Police officers happened to be near the crime scene because they were on their way back to their accommodation at the police headquarters in Alsterdorf,” Welt reported.
  4. I'm sure Elon could stick a Tesla to a Zeppelin and make it go real fast. Then he would shoot it into space. Then it would impact the moon and the moon would ring like a bell, just like back in the day.
  5. But who really owns the Pandemic-saving Zoom? Where are the servers? Who is watching? Why does it seemingly have little to no competition? Oh look - its a bunny!
  6. Sure. Lets expose it: 1) NATO/OTAN is likely behind the programme. 2) Well known arms and electronics manufacturers are making the equipment for it. 3) Well known banks are doing the money laundering to ensure there is no money-trail. 4) Every major news agency, newspaper and TV news station knows it is happening. 5) Every member of parliament, senator, congressman, political party member or lawmaker in the Western hemisphere knows it is happening. 6) The people handling the harrassment are intelligence agency employees payed with taxpayer money. 7) Implants are not involved in most cases. The technology can manipulate the target using plain old electrical phenomena that break no laws of physics. The programme is DEVELOPED, FUNDED AND FULLY APPROVED BY WESTERN GOVERNMENTS. They are FEEDING AN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE WITH THE DATA THEY ARE GATHERING THROUGH IT. The West sees the programme as THE FUTURE OF OFFENSIVE WARFARE AGAINST THOSE WEAKER THAN IT. That in turn is DEVELOPING COUNTRIES.
  7. Elton is busy saving Taiwan. He'll be singing via Zoom.
  8. America changes tune - "it did come from a Chinese lab".
  9. I'm at the point where I am no longer merely disappointed with MSM but feel that they are traitors to humanity as a whole. Journalism is normally about defending the rights of the weak, the sick, the poor, the underprivileged, the unrepresented against the powerful, privileged and entitled. That is simply not what these 21st Century pseudo-journalists are doing. These are arrogant, entitled, deceitful and highly paid CORPORATE DRONES who are presenting shit-on-toast as though it is "journalism". A real journalist sleuths, and digs, and hunts for clues, and questions and tries to connect dots when there is a matter that could impact society as a whole. Today's extra-special FAILURISTS - not journalists - do not seem to take their job seriously at all. "I'll say and write what POWER likes and earn my promised 250K a year paycheck + special bonuses when I LIE ABOMINALLY to the general public." What happens when citizen journalists and non-aligned activists and intellectuals attempt to fill the gaping news analysis VACUUM left by these profit- and comfort-hungry FAILURISTS? "AAAAAH! AAAAAH! FALSE NEWS! DISINFORMATION! CONSPIRACY THEORIES!" F off, droneborgs... Maybe we should call these people the CLOGGED PIPE MEDIA rather than MAINSTREAM MEDIA as THERE ISN'T MUCH COMING OUT THE END OF THIS RUSTY OLD PIPE. Regular people get fired when they don't do their jobs properly. This bunch APPEARS TO GET PAID MORE WHEN IT DOES LESS.
  10. I am glad that I wasn't aborted as a foetus. So I'll defend to the death the right of other foetuses to be born, to learn, to live, to grow up, to love and to bear children of their own. "Thou Shalt Not Kill"
  11. Imagine the potential for political memes. There are a few more generators like this online. They all dream up new images from millions of images founf online.
  12. (no registration or email required) Just describe in words what image you want. e.g. "Giant blue chicken riding motorbike on Paris rooftops" The potential for mischief and meme generation is enormous... https://stablediffusionweb.com/#demo
  13. Imagine TikTok and Facebook are affected Civilization would instantly collapse!
  14. "With III Wars" ??? They need WW3?
  15. Because the modern world has left no room for real idealists, altruists, empaths, skeptics, contrarians, reformers or revolutionaries. Power keeps broadcasting this message: "The system works great and if you disagree with it you are the next Osama Bin Laden." Over and over the system reinforces the notion that what is in place is GREAT, and if YOU don't understand that there is something wrong with YOU, not the system. The UN must be a great place for having coffee and cookies though. Jokes aside, people with psychopathic traits often seek out positions of high power. And once they are up there they tend to enshrine their own wishes and worldview in - on the surface - respectable seeming organizations, institutions and frameworks.
  16. As a metrosexual man, keeping my skin moisturized at all times is very, very important to me. (Smears some Nivea on his face) It is modern cosmetics that make the difference between a civilized urban gentleman and an animal. (Begins to shave his legs with a Gillette Venus razor) One should always look as beautiful in society as possible. (Calls the number of the Botox doctor)
  17. Strange how power always wins big when fear/death is involved. "May you live in interesting times." and all that.
  18. Andrey Botikov is dead: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11817825/Russian-scientist-created-Covid-vaccine-strangled-death-belt-apartment.html
  19. NIVEA is probably derived from NAIVE as well.
  20. Summary: - Oklahoma Police Officer Terry Yeakey saves 3 people from the rubble of the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building that has just been bombed (1995 - 168 people are killed and hundreds more injured) - He sees something in the rubble that deeply disturbs him and tells his wife "They are lying. It did not happen as they are saying." before the day is over. - Yeakey starts investigating the bombing clandestinely and on his own, often disappearing to do sleuthing - In the final days before his "suicide in the woods", Yeakey tells his ex-wife he "knows too much", appears to take out insurance so "her and the kids are taken care of", tries to pass his ex-wife a VCR tape, then disappears and commits "suicide" in a very strange manner https://edition.cnn.com/interactive/2023/03/us/oklahoma-city-bombing-yeakey-death-cec-cnnphotos/
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