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  1. Has Fly been posting videos and photos to back up his claims? Yes he has. Have you treated them as if they are not there? Yes you have. Have you tried to stir mental illness into the soup? Yes you have. You do not help TIs by making them feel even lonelier than they already are.
  2. Out of likes, but yes, the simian... I mean similarity of course... is there.
  3. Brain... not... work... Where... I... am? Blue... all... blue...
  4. I found this strange disinformation video on youtube: I desperately need Marianna to guide me about its ethics. Could it be a threat to NATO Ms Spring?
  5. That's cause he's "hot". The water was brought to a boil and evaporated. It cooked the fish, too. LOL
  6. Everything is a coincidence in the 21st Century...
  7. Age is nothing but a number...
  8. Rivers are tricky to deal with Velma...
  9. The only thing missing is for GHADDAFI'S POLTERGEIST to have led the "Medium" to the river...
  11. You missed Kafka and Camus guys! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11764775/amp/Yes-Minister-flagged-beleaguered-counter-terror-Prevent-scheme.html
  12. Thank God you got involved Marianna! One of the TikTokers tried to EAT the bench Nicola sat on! Another tried to urinate on an investigating police officer! A 3rd refused to eat his bugz! A 4th claimed that there was Kerosene in Nicola's 6th BioNtech jab! If it wasn't for you and the BBQ... I mean BBC, we would all be DROWNING in a torrent of TERROR-INFORMATION! (Opens the envelope from Davos and starts counting the Benjamins)
  13. Believe ze fäkts. Eat ze bugz. Unplug ze soschial midiyah. You will know nothing, and IGNORANCE shall be your bliss. I have a great haircut. Davos has better ski slopes than ze Middle East. Fact: Saddam had sexual relations with Julian Assange before he attacked New York.
  14. Funny how every single case the person affected is depressed, unhappy, alcoholic, drug addicted, paranoid, erratic, mentally ill, sexually a predator/abuser or otherwise mentally impaired and confused. Always there were SIGNS/CONCERNS before the person CROAKS, usually by SUICIDE. Strangely the highly TRAINED Police never find anything indicating - cough - "FOUL PLAY". Also strangely the MSM journalists never seem to do ANY ACTUAL JOURNALISM. "Police say the famous singer SLIPPED IN HIS BATHTUB, bounced off the SINK, rolled down the STAIRS and was FOUND HANGING FROM A CEILING PIPE IN HIS GARAGE wearing only SOCKS AND A BELT, having URINATED ALL OVER HIMSELF FROM LIKELY ANTI-PSYCHOTIC DRUGS USE... And now to the SPORTS NEWS! 19 year old tennis prodigee Caitlyn Myers upset..."
  15. First off, yes the left and right in many countries now are controlled by the exact same Elites. Buuut - in terms of really sending the global public to sleep while Ag2030/Blue Beam/Fake 2nd Coming and so forth happens... ...who will do the dirty work in various countries - the right parties or the left ones? I personally believe that WOKE was deliberately designed to TERRIFY people over a certain age into TURNING AWAY FROM THE LEFT. So my money - largely - is on pretend-Conservatives who don't even like God doing the HEAVY LIFTING in the FINAL GREAT DECEPTION. Isn't the Left capable of doing this too? I don't think the Planners will use the Left in a PLOT which involves a false-Messiah appearing and pretending to "save" humanity...
  16. Clean energy would happen very quickly across the world if certain shitstains didn't SUPPRESS the tech and inventions that would achieve it: 1) Cheaper and more efficient solar panels 2) Cheaper and more efficient wind turbines 3) Cheaper and more efficent water turbines and wave power devices 4) Fusion Reactors which probably can already be built with today's tech 5) Unusual devices like Magnet Motors which have been badly suppressed and laughed at 6) Possibly Gravity Power which turns Earth's gravity waves into electricity 7) Nikola Tesla type Free Energy - e.g. pulling energy out of thin air or the ether You'll see the people in the above picture MEET AGAIN 10 years from now bleeting that "EFFORTS WEREN'T GOOD ENOUGH AND NOW GEOENGINEERING IS THE ONLY OPTION LEFT FOR HUMANITY!"
  17. "It looked like a giant rotating frying pan as it passed our left wing at a distance of a mere 10 feet. Then we saw egg shaped objects with disco lights on them suspended in the air in a V formation. And finally there was this rotating slab which kind of looked like a giant slice of toasted bread." "Whatever these things were, they were not using a propulsion system known to us currently. We believe it may have been extraterrestrials making fun of our breakfast habits." National security briefing at 5 pm. Ha ha ha ha!
  18. The 5th guy in the picture should be imprisoned for what he's doing. Not only will he not bone Sam Smith in the rear end... ...he is discouraging the other ape-men from doing so too! Shame! Shame!
  19. https://www.commondreams.org/opinion/corporate-responsibility-reform Humanity Can No Longer Tolerate Corporations That Exist Almost Entirely to Make Money Society must make the necessary shift from a society that prioritizes wealth accumulation and economic growth to one that puts personal and societal well-being above profits. In most countries, it’s left up to business owners, CEOs and boards to decide what their purpose is, and all too often the choice is ultimately based on greed. In many countries — most notably the U.S. — corporations are considered “persons” under law, enjoying many of the same legal rights and responsibilities as “natural” persons. Judging by the way some corporations operate, you might conclude they’re not very good people. Defining corporations as “persons” simply means they have a legal identity separate from shareholders and owners. But what is the purpose of a business or corporation? If you look at sectors such as the fossil fuel industry, you might be led to believe the primary aim is to enrich shareholders and CEOs, and maybe create some employment, regardless of the costs to society. Generating profits and jobs is important in an economic system that relies on those principles, but they shouldn’t be the ultimate goals. The British Academy — the U.K.’s national institution for the humanities and social sciences — concluded from its research on the future of the corporation “that the purpose of business is to solve the problems of people and planet profitably, and not profit from causing problems.” In most countries, it’s left up to business owners, CEOs and boards to decide what their purpose is, and all too often the choice is ultimately based on greed. That’s why many countries, including France and the U.K., have started incorporating corporate purpose into legal frameworks. France amended its Civil Code in 2019 to include, “The company is managed in its corporate interest, while taking into account the social and environmental issues related to its activity.” It also introduced a measure, albeit not mandatory, for companies to articulate their reason for being in their “articles of association.” Although many Canadian companies have vision and mission statements, these often amount to little more than public relations and don’t spell out any legal duties or requirements. The Canada Business Corporations Act doesn’t require a statement of corporate purpose. It’s time to change that, for the good of society and the corporations themselves. Research shows companies with stated purposes that take into account their impacts on people and the planet often do better than those without. They attract loyal customers willing to advocate for and promote them. And the companies enjoy better reputations and are able to attract good employees who stay longer. A U.S. study found 60 per cent of Americans would “choose, switch, avoid or boycott a company based on its stand on social issues.” Another found that 66 per cent of people would switch from a product they normally buy to one from a purpose-driven company. The real bottom line, though, is that the world can no longer afford to support or sustain companies that exist almost entirely to make money. Humanity is reeling under numerous crises brought on by consumer-driven economics based on the fallacy of endless growth in a finite world — from biodiversity loss to gross inequality to climate disruption. A new David Suzuki Foundation report offers a way for Canada to correct course. “Bringing Corporate Purpose into the Mainstream: Directions for Canadian Law” recommends major changes to the Canada Business Corporations Act to ensure that large companies prioritize people and planet over profit. It’s part of a global movement to shift the focus of economic systems from money-driven consumerism to well-being. Among its recommendations, the report — by academics from the Faculty of Law at McGill University — calls for the act to be reformed to require corporate boards to have a statement of purpose, to extend the fiduciary duty of directors and officers to pursuing the purpose of the corporation in good faith with a view to its best interests, and to broaden those best interests to include impacts on the community in which it operates. “Part of transforming to a society that values our needs, relationships and the natural world is ensuring corporations are held accountable for their actions. Establishing a corporate purpose is one tool to help enable that shift,” said Tara Campbell, David Suzuki Foundation well-being economies specialist. These reforms won’t transform society by themselves, and would only apply to large corporations that operate under the act, but they’re an important step in the necessary shift from a society that prioritizes wealth accumulation and economic growth to one that puts personal and societal well-being above the pursuit of profit.
  20. What if the van is cover story and just so happened to be seen in the interview? Also: Nikola Tesla = Nikola the "Bully" He almost BLEW UP oil and gas before they even established themselves as a Trillion Dollar industry.
  21. Yellow = Sulphur = The ILLUMINATI Color used ALL OVER films, TV, advertising, music vids and also games. Why YELLOW?
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