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  1. Mark is uniquely qualified to write this as his amazing psychic powers allowed him to communicate with the dog's 3rd eye. From a Monastery in India Mark was able to monitor everything happening in past-time - he was looking backward in time - as his psychic sense-matrix is the most attuned in the world. Mark has previously unravelled the real mystery of the sinking of the Titanic - it had sunk after being attacked by a male giant squid that had mistaken the Titanic for a large dolphin. Mark's brilliant next book will detail how the World Trade Center collapsed after being hit by a flock of mad African seagulls which couldn't be arsed to fly around the towers. Mark is also able to channel Benito Mussolini's grandmother Bernadetta, who often aids him in getting to the real, unseen truth. ***** Five Star Review
  2. Can't... stop... laughing... at article... its just a fucking screen in front of your eyes...
  3. Terrorism? Check Internet Radicalization? Check Shitloads of Censorship Needed? Check https://deadline.com/2023/02/google-lawyer-warns-youtube-internet-will-be-horror-show-if-it-loses-landmark-supreme-court-case-against-family-isis-victim-1235266561/ The U.S. Supreme Court, hearing a case that could reshape the internet, considered on Tuesday whether Google bears liability for user-generated content when its algorithms recommend videos to users. In the case, Gonzalez vs, Google, the family of a terrorist attack victim contends that YouTube violated the federal Anti-Terrorism Act because its algorithm recommended ISIS videos to users, helping to spread their message. Nohemi Gonzalez was an American student killed in a 2015 ISIS attack in Paris, and his family’s lawsuit challenges the broad legal immunity that tech platforms enjoy for third party content posted on their sites. Getty Images Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, passed in 1996, protects platforms from legal action over user-generated content, and it also protects them if they choose to remove content. Section 230 has withstood court challenges for the past three decades even as the internet exploded. The attorney for Gonzalez’s family claimed that YouTube’s recommendations fall outside the scope of Section 230, as it is the algorithms, not the third party, that actively pick and choose where and how to present content. In this case, the attorney said, it enhanced the ISIS message. “Third parties that post on YouTube don’t direct their videos to specific users,” said the Gonzalez’s attorney Eric Schnapper. Instead, he said, those are choices made by the platform. Justice Neil Gorsuch said he was ‘”not sure any algorithm is neutral. Most these days are designed to maximize profit.” He and justices on the right and left all acknowledged the importance of the case, but also said they found it confusing – most used that exact word — and would prefer that Congress, which wrote the law, be the one to address changing it. Justice Elena Kagan said all other sectors including publishers have rules, and wondered why the internet gets “a pass.” But, she added, “We are a court. We really don’t know about these things. We are not the nine biggest experts on the internet. Isn’t this a case for Congress, not the court?” Congress has held hearings and repeatedly made noises about Section 230, which has become increasingly controversial as platforms and their power to influence society has grown exponentially. Even though there have been calls to alter or eliminate Section 230, legislation has gone nowhere. Internet firms swear that removing or limiting 230 protections would destroy the medium. Would it? Chief Justice John Roberts asked Google’s attorney Lisa Blatt. “Would Google collapse and the internet be destroyed if Google was prevented from posting what it knows is defamatory?” “Not Google,” she said, but other, smaller websites, yes. She said if the plaintiffs were victorious, the internet would become a zone of extremes – either The Truman Show, where things are moderated into nothing, or like “a horror show,” where nothing is. Blatt said some kind of curation and targeting has been intrinsic to the internet since its early days in the 1990s when people first started signing up for various subject-specific chat groups. Even then, “the internet was a mess. You had to organize it because it was massive.” Amazon has been targeting for years, she said, telling e-shoppers “if you bought this you might also like that.” European regulators have shown that it is possible to regulate the internet to some extent. Congress also has carved out exceptions. In 2018, it passed a law removing immunity from internet for content dealing with sex trafficking. That content swiftly disappeared, and the web is still standing. Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson got into it with Blatt about the Section 230 “good Samaritan” provision that shields internet providers from lawsuits if they remove offensive content. “Doesn’t that suggest Congress wanted internet companies to block offensive content?… The statute is like, ‘We want you to take these things down.” “I think a lot of things are offensive that other people think are entertainment,” said Blatt. SCOTUS is set to hear a separate but similar case involving Twitter on Wednesday.
  4. This man describes himself as a "real life magician" and some of the stuff he does does not look like tricks: (Watch a couple of his Youtube shorts and you'll see what I mean...) https://youtube.com/@xavier_mortimer Some of it is outright creepy.
  5. Well the forever anxious teenagers who constitute the Elite cannot sleep peacefully at night without knowing where you are, who you are with and what you are buying you see? People who have a brain and a personality can be dangerous. Its only when people live like they are canned produce that the Elite can feel truly safe. It takes great courage just to meet in Davos you see? One of the few moderately safe places left in this world full of DANGERS. People being able to go places and buy things without REGISTERING in the system? Well anything could happen if such DANGEROUS FREEDOMS are allowed... (laughs his ass off...)
  6. A country run by men with funky haircuts... ...and financing by great companies like Apple...
  7. Tony Blair backs it? What could possibly go wrong?
  8. Earth "rings like a bell for days" after each large quake apparently... https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-023-00496-1 NEWS 22 February 2023 Secrets of Earth’s inner core revealed by large quakes Seismic waves travel differently through innermost core than through outer section. Bianca Nogrady Twitter Facebook Email Seismic waves have helped researchers learn about the layers that comprise the Earth's solid centre.Credit: Maksym Yemelyanov/Alamy The reverberations from earthquakes as they bounce back and forth through the centre of Earth have revealed new details about the structure of the planet’s inner core, according to a study published in Nature Communications this week1. For several decades, evidence has been mounting to suggest that the planet’s solid inner core is made up of distinct layers2,3 but their properties have remained mysterious. To better understand the innercore’s structure, researchers used multiple seismometers to examine how seismic waves are distorted as they pass through the solid ball of iron nickel at Earth’s heart. “Earth oscillates like a bell after a large earthquake, and not just for hours, but days,” says co-author Hrvoje Tkalčić, a geophysicist at the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia. To detect these oscillations, researchers recorded the waveforms at close to the original site of the earthquake and at the antipode —the direct opposite position on the surface of Earth. This enabled them to look at the multiple journeys through Earth’s centre. “It’s like a ping-pong ball that’s bouncing back and forth,” says co-author Thanh-Son Pham, a postdoctoral fellow at the Australian National University. Each reverberation takes around twenty minutes to cross from one side of the planet to the other, and the seismometers recorded up to five bounces from a single event. Stacked measurements The original earthquakes each reached a magnitude of greater than six, but the waves got progressively weaker as they passed through Earth’s core. The researchers used a technique called ‘stacking’, in which they combined the waveforms from a single event to build a more detailed picture of the distortion from the innermost core. They found that the waves traveled differently through the innermost inner core — which they estimate to be around 650 kilometres thick — than through the outer part. Waves passing through the innermost part of the core slowed down in one direction, whereas waves passing through the outer layer slowed down in another direction. “It simply means that the iron crystals — iron, which is dominant in the inner core — is probably organized in a different way than in the outer shell of the inner core,” Tkalčić says. Geophysicist Vernon Cormier at the University of Connecticut in Storrs says that the study is important because it offers a measurement of Earth’s innermost section that was very difficult to achieve. “It requires finding seismic waves recorded at very long distance and that are fairly weak in amplitude, and then enhancing the amplitude so that you could measure the wave speed in the very deep interior of the Earth,” says Cormier. Although the technique is routinely used for minerals exploration, it is not commonly used in geophysics. The latest finding will help in understanding how Earth’s solid inner core formed — a process that is thought to have started somewhere between 600 million and 1.5 billion years ago — and what role that might have had in shaping the magnetic field.
  9. Constant repetition is known to rewire neurons.
  10. Somebody please explain this to me. People like Schwab, Bourla, Gates, Musk can say whatever they want, including things that are objectively very very BAD for humanity. But when we Internetlings respond to it we are BAD Internetlings??? Huh? The high-elite pays thousands of experts to monitor the world for them. But when a bunch of us non-powerful observers simply pool our observations somehow democracy and public order are threatened? Huh? The free speech rights of Billionaires are LIMITLESS but we little Internetlings are "dangerous conspiracy people on the Internet"??? Huh? I think they want "Disinformation Laws" in place purely so they can DOX us and intimidate us into SILENCE. That appears to be the role of Bad Actors like this strange Marianna Spring woman. Oh look - 33 little birds are sitting in one tree!
  11. Harietta Potterova should be the next star of the series. A young trans Russian who refused to fight in Ukraine.
  12. In almost all of them it is the left "unholy" eye that is black. "The eye that sees the world BLACK is the left". How very occult of them... (punches himself in the eye)
  13. Doesn't International Law guarantee free speech? As in you could sue the MSM for trying to overturn hard won free speech rights?
  14. He didn't want to get Cancer. Ukraine was safer.
  15. If you watch the video it is a fungus like shopping-skyscraper open on all sides inside with a round holographic projection dome around it. Basically nobody in their right mind wants to visit the Wahabi Kingdom so they are pulling Qatar/Dubai style tourist-stunts to attract foreign tourists.
  16. Someone living in a country outside the EU gave me an account of also constantly running into 666 type 'special plates' with real thug-looking men driving always. He found confidential shit out about someone important and the strange harrassment game began for him as well. Its a global thing by the looks of it. And it works - he was unnerved by men who are NOT locals constantly appearing to him in expensive cars with plates like 666 and 888.
  17. Wanna know what I think? TikTok is probably American developed and American run. "Opium den China" just fronts it. Makes the Chinese look hip and techy. Controlled opposition. "Mind Demolition". "We can't do anything about it because its 'from over there'."
  18. Is Soros having medical problems, or did he just confuse what line he's reading?
  19. 2 x 3 = 6 2 x 3 = 6 2 x 3 = 6 Foreshadowing much?
  20. 3 x 2 x 2 = 12 = Judas Iscariot
  21. After just 5 to 10 mins of Shorts, I feel like part of my brain has shorted. The rapid change of context every minute probably does your brain in. It doesn't help that 90% is stuff trying to be funny. What I hate most is the low intellectual level of the shorts I'm being served.
  22. Who is she? Please! I must know so I can annoy Marianna Spring with TikTok videos!
  23. First came the shadowbanning, view counter manipulation and crapped up recommendations algorithm. Then came the defenestration of everything political, critical and conspiracy. Now Youtube is being turned into TikTok with this new "YouTube Shorts" 60 seconds shit:
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