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  1. Its probably possible to make a solar panel yourself. But high-efficiency panels require high tech fabrication. I.e. unless some genius inventor figures out a way, you are probably not going to be able to make a 50% efficient panel with materials you can buy as an individual on the open market. I'm sure companies can do it if TPTB sanction it. An individual tinkerer? Only if you find some ingenious way which is new and can be pulled off with stuff you can order online.
  2. The United States military BANNED the commercialization of Solar panels above 20% efficiency for decades, claiming that "enemy nations may use them for war". Anyone who applied for a patent for a > 20% panel design had their patent classified and was prohibited from producing or commercializing the panels in any way. 50 - 60% efficiency should be possible in advanced photovoltaics. But nobody is currently allowed to go significantly over 20%. Government orders.
  3. "The earth is warming!" "The sea levels are rising!" "Cows are farting and belching Methane!" "Floods, droughts and icestorms!" "We need to drive EVs and eat bugs!" And yet ALL Solar Panels sold for top-Dollar have a s@@t efficiency of < 23%. Something doesn't quite add up here, does it? https://www.cnet.com/home/energy-and-utilities/most-efficient-solar-panels/ Most efficient solar panels Company Panel and capacity Efficiency rating Temperature coefficient Canadian Solar HiHero (445W) 22.80% -0.26% SunPower M Series (440W) 22.80% -0.29% REC Alpha Pure (430W) 22.30% -0.24% Jinko Solar Tiger Neo (445W) 22.27% -0.29% Panasonic Evervolt H/HK (410W) 22.20% -0.26% Trina Vertex S (435W) 21.80% -0.34% ZNShine Solar ZXM7-SHLD120 (465W) 21.55% -0.35% JA Solar JAM54S30 (420W) 21.50% -0.35% Silfab Elite (410W) 21.40% -0.38% Talesun Solar Feather (415W) 21.30% -0.35% LONGi Hi-MO 5m (420W) 21.30% -0.34% Qcells Q.PEAK Duo Black (410W) 20.90% -0.34% Solaria PowerX-400R (400W) 20.50% -0.36% Mission Solar Energy MSE PERC 66 (395W) 19.90% -0.37% Chint Power Systems AstroSmart (370W) 19.10% -0.38% Data accurate as of April 12, 2023.
  4. A Mandate Based Election System would allow you to elect INDIVIDUAL officials to SPECIFIC posts in government from across the entire spectrum of political parties and independents. So in the 2025 election you could say: - I want a candidate from the RIGHT as minister of Economy - I want a candidate from the LEFT in charge of Health - I want a candidate from the GREEN Party in charge of Environment - I want a candidate from the CENTER in charge of Education - I want a candidate from the INDEPENDENTS in charge of TRANSPORTATION - I want a candidate from the LEFT in charge of FOREIGN AFFAIRS It would be like an open buffet where you, as a fully realized adult, get to choose freely what to put on your plate. Instead, 100+ countries are run on a disfunctional old "Elect a Party" system which invariably leads to unsuitable people being left in charge of key Government positions. Why should anyone in the 21st Century be stuck with having to vote for a fucking party of the Left, the Right or the Center and have to live with the results for the next 3 to 5 years? 1 - Put 30 key government posts on the ballot 2 - Let the people freely choose WHO gets to fill EACH post 3 - The officials elected HAVE to carry out the will of the people UNDER PENALTY OF LAW Adieu to this BULLSHIT system where you have to choose between FAKE parties of the Left, Right and Center. Only then can a country LEGITIMATELY call itself a "Democracy".
  5. Psychopaths love themselves. They are their own significant other. Everyone else is inferior. In no way worthy of love. Unless its another psychopath. Psycho-Pathology. Their mental illness is completely incurable. No psychopath has ever been cured. Their delusions are permanent. Nothing works - medication, electroconvulsive therapy, hypnosis. Perma-fucked minds forever fucking with other people. Most are dumb fucks who get ahead with trickery and cheating. Then they go to hell.
  6. Haven't had time to finish it myself either. But it looks interesting.
  7. The expression comes from the fact that in the Roman empire, all roads going anywhere radiated outward from the center, Rome. In modern parlance it means that "all options and actions inevitably lead to the same outcome". It occurred to me that this applies to news reporting and news coverage today as well. No matter what is reported, it leads us to Rome, to the CENTER of the Agenda. News which seems to originate in different towns and countries nevertheless leads us back to Rome. Independent media has built an alternate network of little criss-crossing paths connecting many people and places in a network structure. But if the CENTURIONS destroy those paths, all roads lead to Rome once more. So when you see dozens of news outlets reporting the same story from the same angle. Rome. All MSM NEWS leads to Rome.
  8. He appears upright. But is he upright? Or is will his morals invert when he is president?
  9. Horrible stuff. But yes, it describes THEM perfectly. They are so untalented that they have to live this way.
  10. Whichever group/nationality/ethnicity/demographic is a threat to them gets an uncomfortable media spotlight shone on them. And its cyclical too. If there is a war with say Iran the MSM may go back to pointing at dangerous brown-skinned mooslims again. Whatever the fuck serves the agenda best at that time. Machiavellian pragmatists.
  11. Or they are deliberately throwing symbolism out there so we pick up on it and they can make FUN of us. The unethical can play the game in more ways than we ethics-bound souls can.
  12. Great documentary about many of the things we talk about here: https://rumble.com/v2r0atk-final-days-worldwide-premiere.html
  13. Just to clarify: 1) Ask the AIs to "find all websites where X is discussed" 2) Ignore its "value judgements" 3) Make use of the URL links it finds yourself
  14. These AIs are crippled by moderation bots. If you ask questions about certain things the mod bot FORCES a PRE-WRITTEN reply. Still useful for finding Internet URLs though.
  15. There are 23 dark stripes on the left and 23 dark stripes on the right.
  16. 23 stripes on each side of the deathmask and a magic spell engraved on it:
  17. Notice the countdown in the trailer: 8...7...6...5... Pause... 21 - 7 - 23.... 4... 3... 2... 1 So its 777 - 7 - 1923 AT 4 (Horsemen) 1923 is King Tut's year - Egypt
  18. There was also a dangerous fire which damaged the hull of the Titanic while it was still being built. By some accounts the fire damage was exactly where the iceberg tore the hull open and the hull was especially weak there. Shithead JP Morgan not boarding is a red flag. Too few lifeboats is another red flag - their cost must have been negligible compared to the overall cost of Titanic. The biggest red flag is that the 1st officer left the ship right before it departed and took the keys to the locked storage room where the binoculars were kept under lock with him. Titanic sailed with all of its binoculars locked away in a steel compartment nobody could open without the key, and this appears to be why the ICEBERG couldn't be spotted at a distance. There are too many "coincidences" to ignore imho. But power does not like old wounds being re-opened. There was also a rumor somewhere of ancient Egyptian artifacts being transported to the USA in the cargo hold of Titanic. Could be BS though.
  19. Since we do a lot of research here, this a new AI powered search engine with some quite interesting ChatGPT-like capabilities. These actually answer text questions with many relevant internet links cited in the results. Very good for quickly finding relevant internet sources for specific research subjects. (As always, use a VPN with this for better privacy) https://you.com/ Another good alternative is Perplexity: https://www.perplexity.ai/ If you switch on co-pilot at the top right your question is answered by the beefier ChatGPT-4.
  20. I asked myself today "What 3 core traits distinguish a real journalist from a corporate PR cowboy?". This list can be expanded of course: 1 - A real journalist does not see himself/herself as being above the public, separate from the public, or in a class superior to the public. A real journalist will see him/herself as a member of the greater public and will try hard to stay in touch with regular members of the public rather than writing stupid fairy tales from a glitzy press office while having essentially no contact with the "lower classes". 2 - A real journalist is professionally paranoid about power and authority, about what any new development may mean for the future of the greater public, will always question decisions handed down from the top, and will not dismiss, ignore or gloss over new developments, nor ever adopt a "lets wait and see" attitude on new developments. To give a practical example, a real journalist will neither ignore the negative aspects of a development like all-digital cash/CDBCs, nor gloss over the fact that the formulas for various Covid vaccines still have not been made public, nor dismiss perfectly plausible conspiracy theories as "crazy talk from the internet". He or she will instead thoroughly investigate any and all leads of this nature. 3 - A real journalist will criticize POWER rather than the weaker PUBLIC, will ask tough questions no matter who is sitting in the opposite chair, will dig deep into scandals and murky behaviour, and will never fawn over powerful figures like Billionaires or Heads of State. If you see a journalist sucking up to powerful people and companies, criticizing the public rather than people who cause problems for the public, and dismissing real issues being discussed among the public as "baseless doom and gloom nobody should really worry about", that is a journalist in name only. Comments or crits welcome.
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