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  1. The BBC is crusading against "social media disinformation" again: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-64789737
  2. Oh jolly... products that return home if you can't pay... https://www.thedrive.com/news/future-fords-could-repossess-themselves-and-drive-away-if-you-miss-payments Future Fords Could Repossess Themselves and Drive Away if You Miss Payments Alternatively, the car could drive itself to a junkyard if it costs too much to repossess it. Yes, really. BYPETER HOLDERITH|PUBLISHED FEB 27, 2023 3:00 PM NEWS SHARE PETER HOLDERITHView Peter Holderith's Articles _baldtires Average car payments have been rising for a while. Although auto loan delinquency rates have been down since the height of the pandemic, Ford applied for a patent to make the repossession process go smoother. For the bank, that is. The patent document was submitted to the United States Patent Office in August 2021 but it was formally published Feb. 23. It's titled "Systems and Methods to Repossess a Vehicle." It describes several ways to make the life of somebody who has missed several car payments harder. It explicitly says the system, which could be installed on any future vehicle in the automaker's lineup with a data connection would be capable of "[disabling] a functionality of one or more components of the vehicle." Everything from the engine to the air conditioning. For vehicles with autonomous or semi-autonomous driving capability, the system could "move the vehicle from a first spot to a second spot that is more convenient for a tow truck to tow the vehicle... move the vehicle from the premises of the owner to a location such as, for example, the premises of the repossession agency," or, if the lending institution considers the "financial viability of executing a repossession procedure" to be unjustifiable, the vehicle could drive itself to the junkyard. Ford No other automakers have recently attempted to patent a similar system, and indeed the Ford patent doesn't reference any other legal document for the sake of clarifying its idea. All of this being said, patent documents, especially applications like this one, do not necessarily represent an automaker's intent to introduce the described feature, process, or technology to its vehicles. Ford might just be attempting to protect this idea for the sake of doing so. The document does go into a lot of detail as to how such a system might work, though. The first thing to know is that if your vehicle is connected to the internet in any way, this system could theoretically work on it. The application likewise describes a "repossession computer" that could be installed on future cars to make this system function smoothly, but it also states no extra hardware necessarily needs to be installed on the vehicle for it to function. "In some embodiments, the vehicle computer may be configured to perform some, or all, functions of the repossession system computer." Basically, if your car has an infotainment system already set up to receive something like over-the-air updates, this could probably work without physical modifications. There would be several warnings from the vehicle before the system initiated a formal repossession. If these warnings were ignored, the car could begin to lose functionality ahead of a repo. The first lost functions would be minor inconveniences like "cruise control, automated window controls, automated seat controls, and some components of the infotainment system (radio, global positioning system (GPS), MP3 player, etc.)" The next level is more serious, and includes the loss of things like "the air conditioning system, a remote key fob, and an automated door lock/unlock system." Likewise, an "incessant and unpleasant sound" may be turned on "every time the owner is present in the vehicle." If all of that is endured by the car's owner and payment still has not been received, they could get locked out of their car. The patent application states that "the repossession system computer may disable the door lock mechanism, thereby placing the vehicle in a lockout condition and preventing a person from entering a cabin of the vehicle." There are several caveats to go with this, such as locking out the owner only on weekends or allowing for vehicle use in emergency situations. Indeed, the patent explicitly notes that if somebody is suffering from something like a heart attack—it uses the heart attack situation several times in the document—then the car could be unlocked. It says the vehicle's onboard camera could be used alongside a "neural network" to determine if the emergency situation is legitimate. Ford A repo will still eventually take place, though, and this is where it's explained that autonomous or semi-autonomous cars might make this process easier for the bank. First of all, it says the vehicle will use its onboard sensors to detect whether or not it's in a garage. If it isn't, then the car could, without the owner being aware, repossess itself or drive somewhere nearby to avoid a confrontation with the repossessor. I will quote Ford's patent document explicitly for the sake of clarity here: "In some cases, the vehicle can be a semi-autonomous vehicle and the repossession system computer may cooperate with the vehicle computer in the semi-autonomous vehicle to autonomously move the vehicle from a first spot to a second spot that is more convenient for a tow truck to tow the vehicle. The first spot may, for example, be located inside the property line of the owner (a garage or a driveway, for example) and the second spot may be outside the property line (a public road, for example). In some other cases, the vehicle can be an autonomous vehicle and the repossession system computer may cooperate with the vehicle computer to autonomously move the vehicle from the premises of the owner to a location such as, for example, the premises of the repossession agency, the premises of the lending institution, an impound pound, or any other pre-designated location."
  3. Now... the world is safe from offense... https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/news/james-bond-ian-fleming-books-rewritten-b2289747.html
  4. Insta-cancellation: https://www.cnn.com/2023/02/25/business/dilbert-comic-strip-racist-tirade/index.html New YorkCNN — Newspapers across the country dropped the “Dilbert” comic strip over the weekend after the creator of the satirical cartoon went on a racist tirade, calling Black Americans a “hate group” and suggesting that White people should “get the hell away” from them. The USA Today Network, which operates hundreds of newspapers, said it had pulled the plug on the long-running comic strip. The Washington Post and The Plain Dealer also in Cleveland said they would no longer carry the comic. The move came after Scott Adams, the cartoonist behind “Dilbert,” effectively encouraged segregation in a shocking rant on YouTube. His comments came in response to a poll from the conservative firm Rasmussen Reports that said 53% of Black Americans agreed with the statement, “It’s OK to be White.” The Anti-Defamation League has noted that the phrase emerged on the infamous message board 4chan in 2017 as a trolling campaign and has a “long history” in the white supremacist movement. “If nearly half of all Blacks are not OK with White people – according to this poll, not according to me, according to th is poll – that’s a hate group,” Adams said Wednesday on his YouTube show “Real Coffee with Scott Adams.” “I don’t want to have anything to do with them,” Adams added. “And I would say, based on the current way things are going, the best advice I would give to White people is to get the hell away from Black people, just get the f**k away … because there is no fixing this.” Adams has since said on Twitter that he was only “advising people to avoid hate” and suggested that the cancellation of his cartoon signals that free speech in America is under assault. Andrews McMeel Syndication, the company that distributes “Dilbert,” did not immediately respond to a CNN request for comment. The newspapers that have cut the comic strip have been clear with readers. “Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic strip, went on a racist rant this week … and we will no longer carry his comic strip in The Plain Dealer,” wrote Chris Quinn, editor of the paper. “This is not a difficult decision.” “We are not a home for those who espouse racism,” Quinn added. “We certainly do not want to provide them with financial support.” Gannett, which publishes the USA Today Network of newspapers, tweeted that it aims to “lead with inclusion and strive to maintain a respectful and equitable environment for the diverse communities we serve nationwide.” The Washington Post said it had also pulled the comic strip from the newspaper. “In light of Scott Adams’s recent statements promoting segregation, The Washington Post has ceased publication of the Dilbert comic strip,” it said.
  5. They are going to claim that the original scripture was wrong and the rapture was reference to man going into space with rockets.
  6. Will have to look that one up next. Serge Monast had his children taken away from him AFAIK.
  7. We are headed for a New World Order... ...but how will we dress when it gets here?
  8. History has shown time and time again that the general public in most countries unfortunately does next to nothing when Fascism starts to creep up on them. People very easily fall into "I don't want any trouble" or "What is coming is inevitable and can't be stopped" type thought patterns. The people behind all this crap have pulled this crap off in quite a number of countries. They are quite experienced at turning free societies into USSR style open air prisons. Their preferred method has always been Psyops, false events, fake news, agitprop and false witnesses. And there is always a large group of gullibles in society who actually believe that "things are going to be better this way". People often realize far too late that they have effectively become captives when the new system is fully operational.
  9. The tyranny you describe would be difficult to reverse once it is in place. Once you have 1984 style 24/7 surveillance in place... ...how do people come together and organize against it? They would always know where everyone is, with whom everyone is and also why people are meeting somewhere. Then its just a matter of detaining the strongest in character and all that's left is a disorganized movement of the frightened, with no discernible leaders.
  10. 10 years ago I would have regarded Blue Beam as "paranoid fantasy". I mean really? A fake ET invasion??? But the World has changed so badly that it seems possible now... The people at the top are acting so strangely that I am willing to believe that they COULD pull a crazy stunt like Blue Beam. They seem determined to break away from God. That seems to be their guiding obsession. Blue Beam or a comparable global event may be what they need to reach this goal. The demolition of the World religions. Replacement with a fake man-made Technocracy religion of some kind.
  11. "Should people have number plates?" That's when things get real interesting.
  12. Its Bill Clinton you have to worry about in those dreams. "I did not have sex with..."
  13. Nicole had accidentally wandered to the North Pole and was really happy when she saw the rescuers on the Husky sled???
  14. Sshhhh... old Apache proverb say: "Don't fire a rifle while the horse is shitting."
  15. I'm sure that thousands of people around the world drown in rivers, lakes, canals, pools, floodwater or the sea every year. Its only when you super-publicize in the MSM media that a river becomes becomes "special".
  16. If they did not want the story all over the Internet then why publicize it so much? The Psyop smell is strong with this one...
  17. This was a very popular movie when it came out. But WTF is that "CORONA ST" sign doing in the background from about 2 min 25 secs? And why the "Korean not Chinese!" dialogue?
  18. What if the train was derailed by the ghost of Yassir Arafat, which was trying to liberate Palestine-Ohio...
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