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  1. The only animals I see are Ze Schwabmeister, his Mossad historian and the pretend-human wankstains who fly into Davos to "conduct business". Maybe some of us were created by God and these WEF fruitcakes are descended from gay treefrogs?
  2. Something very suspicious is happening: 1) EVERYBODY is suddenly launching AI Chatbots with the EXACT same capabilities at the EXACT same time. 2) All of them require email/FB/GOOGLE registration or even a PHONE NUMBER to get to the Chatbot. 3) ALL of the Chatbots RESPOND EVASIVELY AND DISHONESTLY when asked about ANY ALT SUBJECT MATTER - 9/11, Freemasons, UFOs, you name it. 4) People are already treating ChatGPT and friends like they are ALL KNOWING ORACLES. Conspiracy... Conspiracy... These AIs are all part of ONE BIG ASS AI built by the NSA and partner agencies. All are wired together. All are storing the questions and identities and requests of people. Fantastic way to: 1) Control the "TRUTH" and "FACTS" and "ANSWERS" served to the sheeple. 2) Find out and log WHO is researching WHAT by ASKING AI about it. 3) DECEIVE low IQs who cannot do their own RESEARCH at all and ASK AN AI TO DO IT FOR THEM. 4) If something is FREE on the Internet, YOU are usually the product. I honestly think that this may be the beginning of a MASSIVELY CAPABLE CENTRAL AI being introduced to Internet users disguised as a bunch of seemingly competing HELPER BOTS.
  3. The screenwriter of Back to the Future actually based Biff Tannen on Donald Trump back in the day.
  4. I'm sure Vladimir will quake in his boots when that happens.
  5. Good catch. Nothing seems to be random with these people.
  6. Could this be a fake? Yes. But it seems quite authentic to me visually.
  7. Or went flat on their faces when everyone started hating the surveillance? Can they keep all that private data safe?
  8. They should sell us news cartridges like inkjet cartridges. When your catridge runs out you have to refill it with money to get more of that nutricious truth-juice.
  9. Alvy Ray Smith helped invent Photoshop, digital video, 3D CGI, PIXAR, Augmented Reality, 3D game graphics, machine vision for self-driving cars and had a hand in pioneering pretty much anything computer graphics related. Then America's darling saviour Steve Jobs ended his career: https://www.wired.com/story/pixar-animation-alvy-ray-smith-pixel/
  10. The last time this happened it led to World War II and 50+ million deaths. Without propaganda, reptition and conditioning there would have been no WWII and no Cold War. The sheep on all sides followed their Dear Leaders into mass murder, unfathomable human suffering and the destruction of half of Europe. Oh look - its a butterfly!
  11. People who have no valid counter-arguments to being held accountable always resort to trying to demonize the accuser, the whistleblower, the leaker, the investigator, the truth-teller. The Jews apparently have NO counterarguments. Thus everyone who points a finger at them is A BAAAAAAD!!!@%$&# People 100 years from now will read history books about today and want to tear the pages out in frustration. "THE CENTURY THEY ALL WENT STUPID: LIES, THEFT, MURDER, OPPRESSION AND DECEIT IN THE EARLY 21ST CENTURY." 4,000 pages in 12 volumes...
  12. The market did fall. What if someone has even stronger AI? https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/chatgpt-stock-market-crash-march-prediction-rogue-chatbot-right-wrong-2023-3?amp
  13. In my humble opinion the world as MSM media portray it is less truthful reality and more fanciful virtual reality today. I.e. news reality seems more and more "distorted" and "managed" to me. People who are villains appear as idols or saviors, people who are good or victims appear "bad". There is a strong inversion trend in the air at all times. What do others think?
  14. This verse is a curse. Its in your head until you're dead.
  15. Apparently, this is the siren that will play:
  16. What if it is a mark on the spirit? As in if you roll over and let these people bulldoze your God given rights you have a "mark" on your spirit? Perhaps simply becoming an anxious weakling in the face of adversity "marks" you? Perhaps weakness of character is the "mark" that people receive? Cowardice in the face of evil marks you in other words?
  17. Knowing these people, they'll burn their gay mark into the outer rim of peoples' anuses... "Easy access"
  18. The commonly used term is the "militarization" of the Police. In the USA this took the form of American police officers being trained in ISRAEL by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). All countries that slide towards Fascism have had the process begin with changing of Police TRAINING.
  19. I'd love to know what others think about psychopath Emperor Domitian trying to boil the Apostle John to death, trying to poison him, then exiling him to Patmos when he just wouldn't die: https://www.persecutionblog.com/2006/09/boiled_in_oil_b.html
  20. Are they expecting trouble in Australia? And isn't this the job of the Police?
  21. Strange story today about 2017 spying being used to keep the last World Cup secure: https://www.timesofisrael.com/qatar-spied-on-top-swiss-prosecutor-probing-fifa-for-corruption-report/amp/
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