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  1. The past data from 50, 60, 70 years back is important. Did 1 in 6 people have fertility problems 50 years ago?
  2. Don't know if anyone has noticed: - Everyone has the same AI Chatbots at the same time - Everyone has the same quadcopter drones at the same time - Everyone has the same 4K/8K TVs at the same time - Everyone has the same Game Consoles at the same time - Everyone has the same VR/AR Glasses at the same time - Everyone has the same Wind Turbines at the same time - Everyone has the same Smartphones at the same time - Everyone has the same Laptops at the same time - Everyone has the same AI Image Generators at the same time Normally, there should be tons of disruptive and unexpected innovation which bucks these trends from different countries and different minds. But where is it - everybody is doing similar shit at the exact time it seems? Are there no innovators left who operate OUTSIDE corporate "Megatrends"? Inventors who do things earlier than the industry SHEEP? Have they all been killed? Have they all been defunded? Are the creative geniuses of the world being harrassed or blackmailed? Only 10% of PATENTS actually make it to market statistically. So 90% of ALL new patented inventions are so SHITE that they get ignored? Huh? And why does everyone BIG always have the SAME product READY TO SELL when a TREND starts? Who tells 20 big companies in different countries WHEN WHAT TREND is coming? Isn't this COLLUSION, CARTEL BEHAVIOUR and INSIDER TRADING if the companies are PUBLICLY TRADED? Bill: "Geoff, in 2026 XYZ trend is going to be big!" Geoff: "Thanks Bill. I better start buying stock in ABC companies then!" In the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s there were MAVERICK inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs who tried NEW things. Since 9/11 there has been a dramatic reduction in companies throwing unusual left-field ideas on the market. Who is directing this GLOBAL SYMPHONY OF SAMENESS?
  3. There are indeed people who suffer from infertility. But one-in-six??? Is that recent or are they MASSAGING past numbers??? 1-in-6 seems waaay too high to me...
  4. That doesn't mean it cannot be done. Do you see Nikola Tesla in my avatar? He talked a lot about "New laws of physics" in his later years. He was found dead in his hotel room wearing only socks. Donald Trump's uncle was tasked with evaluating whether Tesla left any "sexy" inventions behind. He wrote a phony report that Tesla "left behind nothing of import". Hmmm - so why are TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PAGES OF HIS LAB NOTES AND DOCUMENTS MISSING? A man with over 700 patents to his name left behind NOTHING...
  5. If I remember correctly he said that no photos, CCTV images or other hard evidence of actual killed or wounded people was released. Also the private security firm at the Arena BLOCKED all outside entry into the foyer about 10 minutes before the blast. Also the flash/fireworks seen going off in the foyer does NOT match the type of explosive that was puportedly used. Then there is that screaming weirdo who filmed himself on his smartphone claiming that something terrible has happened and he "can't find his daughter" - everyone else around him is calm and they even make fun of his screaming... Why doesn't he call his daughter instead of filming himself?
  6. Absolutely nothing. Scandinavia has cooperated with NATO for decades. They have been part of NATO since the Cold War. Puppet theatre for the idiot newswatcher.
  7. 1) Why is Marianna Spring handling all this - she is barely 27, shows little sign of intelligence, has no relevant degree (studied French and Russian at Oxford... very James Bond...) and where is the REST of the BBC??? Only "M" knows how to handle ZE DIZIIINFORMATIONZZZ? 2) Did Marianna eat her bugz today, so Master Noseswab doesn't spank her over his knee? 3) Is she being highly paid to f*ck up a few CONSPEEERACY TERRTISTS only to pull a DISAPPEARING ACT 3 years later, and live off the FAT of what she was paid? 4) Why does this woman ACT AGHAST THAT PEOPLE WHO AREN'T LIARS ARE EXCERCISING THEIR GOD-GIVEN RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH? VERBOTEN ZAT YES? 5) Why do they keep prattling on and on about Richard being THE SON OF A CHICKENFARMER - the correspondents on BBC International look like they FELL OUT OF THE BACK OF A WAREHOUSE TRUCK... 6) Why did Arianna Grande make her blasphemous GOD IS A WOMAN music video? 7) DISNEY was involved - is Marianna Spring a Skywalker? The female JEDI who swings her purple lightsaber at CONSBEERACY TERRISTS FROM ZE NEW ORDER? Will she get a role in the next 3RD RATE STAR WARS SPINOFF MOVIE? MASTER YODEL: USE ZE FORZE MARIANNA!!! SWINGZ ZE ZABER!!! CHOP ZE BUGZ HARD!!! LOL
  8. 1) The video is 33 seconds long 2) The cameraman walks down the staircase backward at astonishing speed without falling or slamming into the wall near the exit (a feat Hollywood camera operators pull off by having a 2nd person facing forward and guiding the backwards walking camera operator afaik) 3) Daria is completely obscured by a hoodie and a very large face mask - no way to tell if it is her 4) Daria is holding something, is not being held by the arm by police, and there is something casual about the way both she and the policeman in front of her walk 5) She is led to an unmarked white sedan with snow on its roof, suggesting that it did not come from a Police garage 6) She just bombed a cafe with 30 people in it - where outside her house are the other police units, the SWAT type special police 7) Where is the BOMB SQUAD - the Russians don't have one???
  9. - This pro-war blogger is giving a speech in a cafe - An activist woman walks in and hands him a bust of himself with 450 grams of TNT in it - Kaboom... - Strangely the long haired activist suddenly has short hair after her arrest? WTF story of the day??? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11932295/Vladlen-Tatarsky-video-Chillinig-moment-Daria-Trepova-hands-explosives-pro-Putin-blogger.html?ito=native_share_article-top
  10. Gates in oily sauce? Yummy.
  11. They can't exactly admit to what they did can they? "We blew up the World Trade Center Towers." "We financed most terror groups in the last 50 years." "We barged into the Middle East explicitly to cause millions of deaths and untold wounded." "We staged the bombing at the Manchester Arena." "When future bad shit happens, 9 times out of 10 it will be US that makes it happen." Oh no no no... ITS THEM DISASTER TROLLING CONSPIRACY TERRISTS THAT ARE THE PROBLEM! THEY ARE TROLLING US! FOR WE ENEMIES OF HUMANITY... ARE THE DISASTER THAT IS BEING TROLLED!
  12. Should we start an Outbreeding movement? We could have a dating app for it and shit... "Out, for a better genepool for all!" Ha ha
  13. I personally doubt that any major Telco company will employ someone who has himself depicted like this. May be approaching you to pass false information to you or such. May also have been instructed to befriend you and then bear false witness against you. Perhaps it would be prudent not to tempt fate on this one.
  14. This strongly suggests that Richard did get close to at least some of the truth. Somebody is nervous about the truth. Very very nervous. If there was nothing there then the fricking BBC wouldn't mobilize like this. Ms Spring is NOT CONVINCING in the slightest. She doesn't give two shits about the victims. If she did care she would go through Richard's work POINT BY POINT and try to ascertain whether there is SOMETHING there. This isn't journalism. BBC have discredited themselves.
  15. 3 problems: 1) The Republicans and News Corporation slaughtered millions of innocents in the ME 2) Trump's strange affection for Israel 3) The Dems and Republicans are almost one party in their crappy foreign policy Is Trump as bad as people make him out to be? No he isn't. But he may become exactly that if he goes to war with Iran. Another murderer of millions. Just note this: America's foreign policy rarely changes with Presidents or parties. America is just as likely to go to war under the Democrats AND the Republicans. The Dems have gone off a cliff with their Woke shit and abortion crazyness. But the Republicans are seriously fucked up as well. They are America's corporate party and quite heartless in their economic doctrines. Neither party is particularlg great. As for Trump, wait till Iran gets going. He may end up becoming the next GW Bush and I'm sure his son in law will relish it. As for him being Moses - Trump doesn't look too religious to me. Worst man in the world? No. A saint or prophet? Also no. Maybe someone like JFK could change things. If he or she doesn't get assassinated of course...
  16. Anyone else think that: 1) One set of events happens objectively 2) MSM/Agitprop reports the exact opposite 3) A conflict/cognitive dissonance occurs in people's minds because their intuition tells them one thing and controlled MSM another 4) If the inversion is well crafted falsehoods win the "what is true?" contest 5) The more this happens, the more the public's correct intuition gets destroyed 6) You cannot act sensibly in the face of something you perceive upside down 7) Inversion destroys your agency ?
  17. If you want my honest opinion: 1) America/NATO always uses DUOPOLIES to control both sides - AMD vs INTEL, Microsoft vs Apple, Android vs iOS, Democrats vs Republicans 2) There is always a Red Team and a Blue Team in a manufactured RIVALRY of 2 parties 3) Now they are doing America-EU vs Russia-China 4) Weak countries HAVE to choose a SIDE whether they like it or not 5) Syria, Iran and so forth KNOW that the whole thing is FAKE 6) They still HAVE to align with a side 7) They probably align with the LESSER EVIL which best serves their interests
  18. 1) At the time anyone who went after 9/11 was trashed as a "fantasist" by 100 different news outlets 2) Nobody ever LEAKED anything from the inside about 9/11 - Wikileaks had no documents or videos it could publish about it 3) Millions were dying in Iraq/Afghanistan, so Assange probably thought "rather than get discredited with 9/11, we'll focus on the bigger and murderous Middle East wars" 4) A leaks site needs something LEAKED - real and never before seen photos, documents, audio, video from a whistleblower on the inside - and those were not available for 9/11
  19. Wikileaks leaked the "Masonic Cipher". Why would the CIA want that leaked? Its a book leaked from a Masonic lodge which details all the very strange indoctrination rituals happening in those lodges. Why would CIA want that in the open?
  20. John Pilger said years ago "If the UK exradites Assange to Amerixa it is over for him. He will die." His defense team has stated numerous times that he is in very poor health.
  21. So there is no way an electric field in air can prevent the propellant in a bullet from undergoing the reaction that pushes the bullet through the barrel? Electricity cannot affect chemistry at all? I'm not so sure about that...
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