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  1. Your iPhone has been hacked by terrorists! Place it in your bathtub and call the bomb squad immediately. LMAO...
  2. During WWI and WWII people were much less dependant on each other. If you were in say America what happened in France, Japan or China did not affect you significantly at all. Today a real WW3 would wreak so much havoc that if you were to break your smartphone, laptop or TV you might not be able to FIND a new one to buy anywhere. China might unleash a computer virus which bricks hundreds of millions of PCs and Smartphones in the West. If you are able bodied you may be called up for duty and sent to die on a battlefield 10,000 kilometers away. Covid was bad. WW3 would be COLLAPSE.
  3. Something I have always wondered about is: 1) You are looking at the back of someone 2) They have their back turned to you and shouldn't be able to see you 3) Suddenly they feel that somebody is looking at them and turn around You can't really explain that with Newtonian Physics can you?
  4. I believe that these people have been working on MRNA based medicine for various ailments for a good 20 years or so. They were smart enough to know that many people will balk at the idea of having their DNA fucked with in any significant way. So the pandemic was THE marketing opportunity to claim "MRNA will save your life". This is even though Baylor College had a completely safe non-MRNA vaccine which - magically - nobody would fund or back. So now they want to make Trillions and more Trillions from MRNA "cures" for everything from Diabetes to Cholesterol to Vision Problems. Thus the Covid jab was a GIANT advertising billboard for "MRNA will cure ya". It is anybody's guess WHAT precisely will be in all those new MRNA "cures"...
  5. Perhaps WW3 will be a long series of smaller, separate wars rather than ONE BIG war? A real WW3 would ruin the interconnected World Economy.
  6. Interesting lecture found on Youtube. Anyone know anything about the Masonic aspect of this? Was Hall a 33rd degree?
  7. I'll be a poor pansexual trans cisgender man and woman from Laos with Heroin addiction, 2 peg legs and an inoperable hate crime bullet lodged in her and his they skull. Beat that!
  8. Satanists have a core practice they call "hiding your horns". They engage in all kinds of weird shit but hide their association with Satan. When asked, they may even claim to be devoted followers of one of the Abrahamic religions. Very few will ever admit what they really believe.
  9. My computer, software and data belong to me. Not some latte sipping soymen in California.
  10. I shall become a trans armwrestler competing in the womens' league. Nothing says I really value women quite like a few dislocated arms. But seriously, all these trans athletes should compete in their own "SUPER SPECIAL GENDER CONFUSED ATHLETICS LEAGUE"...
  11. Yes! Clearly AFGHANS hit the WTC from 10,700 kilometers away! With sharp ROCKS! Stone the Reverend! (LMAO at the STUPIDITY...)
  12. They are talking about "misinformation" and "deepfakes"? WTF does that even have to do with INTERPOL??? https://www.interpol.int/News-and-Events/News/2023/INTERPOL-Young-Global-Police-Leaders-Building-trust-in-an-age-of-disinformation-and-deepfakes
  13. Revelations speaks exactly of these days. Its probably not long before the rapture...
  14. If I understand him correctly SecureBoot also interferes with booting into Linux on newer machines. Microshit Winblows. I'd be surprised if Gates's minions are even doing the coding for Windows at all...
  15. The powerhouse of Wall Street wheeling and dealing is suddenly "not doing so well". They must think their readers are suckers... Or is that "Godman Sucks" in code??? https://www.economist.com/leaders/2023/01/26/the-humbling-of-goldman-sachs
  16. While they themselves eat expensive Japanese steaks and caviar...
  17. Someone from the NGO world told me that Universal Basic Income NGOs are being set up or have been set up in multiple countries. They seem to be set up and run by the usual suspects in those countries. They are being set up to lobby for and promote UBI introduction in those countries. The person who spoke to me on condition of anonimity said that the foundations already exist in countries outside the USA/EU zone. Schwab appears to want Universal Basic Income introduced across the world.
  18. Sun worship. They are trying to turn Earth into a SciFi B-movie film set.
  19. So the insurance companies want to KNOW that you OBEYED? Fuck off, Dr. Schwabenstein...
  20. Being an incorrigible misogynist this is my choice:
  21. I'm sure it was just an unexpected ball lightning strike. Can't stop those yoy know.
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