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  1. Perhaps the gland has been studied extensively, then the findings were suppressed? If it serves any purpose in things like neuroweapon mind control then any scientific findings to do with it would be classified and kept from the public. There may be far more known about the brain than neuroscientists can openly talk about. The biggest problem in academia is that going against orthodoxy can screw up the rest of your career, and you may be smeared as a kook.
  2. Hollywood always fucks up Biopics, historical events, historical figures and even battle scenes - apparently real medieval battles revolved all around men fighting in disciplined and carefully choregraphed formations, whereas in Hollywood films people hack away at each other with swords and axes in a completely anarchic chaos. The worst may be this film, whose 2 elderly subjects rejected the film and recently died in a cab crash on the way to NYC (the cab hit a highway barrier and both flew through the windscreen and died, nothing happened to the driver):
  3. These people can cause serious trouble for anyone. A doctor who speaks out for example can be dragged in front of a medical panel and have his/her license suspended or revoked. So people may pay a high price for speaking out.
  4. 2 thoughts spring to mind: - The Dalai Lama has mild early onset dementia and thought this was "demonstrating divine closeness and warmth" to a boy or somesuch - Its some kind of giant cultural difference between Tibet and the West where this is a "humility gesture" of the Highest religious authority LOWERING himself to the level of a small boy or something If the Dalai Lama were a bona fide Pedophile I suspect he would do this AWAY from cameras, and not IN FRONT of the press There is also the Richard Gere Hollywood angle. As soon as Gere started backing the Dalai Lama and Tibet his career was destroyed and RUMOURS were spread worldwide that Gere is a promiscuous HOMOSEXUAL. Something does not add up here. And what does China want from backward Tibet in the first place?
  5. In a CORRUPT world, NOTHING will be investigated seriously. Only if the relatives of the deceased can gather solid evidence and go to court something may happen. That takes lots of money and years of legal struggle.
  6. I looked into it a long time ago, and you may be right that they opposed the FED. Either way, they died on a ship owned by James Pierpoint Morgan who also destroyed Nikola Tesla to protect the newly created Oil Industry. The fact that James Cameron's epic "Titanic" never touches on the death of Astor and friend - who were very important men in America - suggests that YES THEY ARE COVERING IT UP.
  7. (originally posted in GD but belongs here too) Someone has gathered and scanned tons of books, news articles, govt docs and similar texts of interest from the last 300 years and put them online: (note: SEARCH function provided, PDF download links are UNDER the viewer that loads) https://therabbithole.wiki/ Lots of topics we discuss are represented in these old books, news clippings and such.
  8. Could we find anothrr planet to populate them with? Elon, can you make rockets faster please?
  9. I'm glad all of you found it useful. The creator of the website posted the link on GodlikeProductions yesterday. I reposted it here because the content looked useful. The creator said that he will keep adding new books from time to time.
  10. Yes. This was discussed here before. JP Morgan owned the company that built and operated the Titanic. He invited rivals to sail on the maiden voyage. Then he made an excuse about "having urgent business to attend to" and did not board his own ship. The heads of 3 powerful American business families died when the ship sank. They were supposed to be co-founders of the Federal Reserve or FED if I am not mistaken. With them out of the way, FED fell into the hands of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and their allies.
  11. Someone has gathered and scanned tons of books, news articles, govt docs and similar texts of interest from the last 300 years and put them online: (note: PDF download links are UNDER the viewer that loads) https://therabbithole.wiki/ Lots of topics we discuss are represented in these old books, news clippings and such.
  12. Are those cisgendered Viking-SpaceNazis?
  13. Music vid: - 33rd Street Station focused on right a the start - 222 grafitti next to Nick Jonas - Hand with SWALLOW tattoo focused on (= free as a bird = Do what thou willt) - the station then shown is probably 33rd Street
  14. TOP GUN 2: - Maverick wears a GRU-33 helmet - In the final scene below, the Ammo counter shows only 33 bullets left - Probably other 33s hidden in this trashy movie as well
  15. Sunak worked at THELEME CAPITAL. That's Crowley. LOL.
  16. I would like to know what others think about this. It seems to me that in the world we live in, power simply says "Be stupid!". And everyone thinks "As long as I act stupid as mandated, I will fit well into society and I will be OK." This creates a rapid race to the bottom for EVERYONE. And rather quickly just being a bit INTELLIGENT about things becomes a SIN in society. Stupid Media. Stupid Education. Stupid Voting. Stupid Trends. Stupid Entertainment. Stupid Academic Discourse. Stupid "Experts". Stupid Laws. Stupid Economies. Stupid Wars. And 73 Stupid Pseudogenders of course.
  17. Moar leaks: https://www.voanews.com/a/latest-in-ukraine-new-batch-of-us-classified-war-documents-leaked/7040396.html
  18. Clearly you don't appreciate the beauty, talent and high art on display at the Eurovision song contest my dear Sir. Are you suffering a loss of taste? If so, you might want to get tested for Covid.
  19. Its them landmines I tell ya. Poor sportsmen. Steppin' on them every week...
  20. The average person's idea of beauty is so standardized these days that all they have to do is feed the AI a few thousands images and designs the average person perceives as "beautiful". Then they let some maverick designers create a bold new "beautiful". And then they bastardize that too by feeding the "new beautiful" into the AI.
  21. Countries and especially NATO have Biological Warfare units to deal with this stuff. In case an adversary uses a biological weapon - and these do exist and various countries have them. In a pandemic - strangely - the counter-Biowarfare units seem to disappear and be forgotten. The reason I posted the above is that again their obsession with pre-Christ Egypt seems to have overpowered their senses. So they appear to once again try to return to the reign of the old Egyptian Pharaohs.
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