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  1. Of the people you know... what percentage would you say is AWARE of where the world is going?
  2. We talk a lot about the elite and their megalomaniacal machinations here. What about hundreds of millions of ordinary people who see exactly what is going on and don't get off their asses and do something about it? With everything that is going on and nobody doing much of anything to counter it... can we still claim that "Humanity is good"?
  3. For those trying to figure out precisely how Musk fits into the greater scheme of things, the full interview:
  4. 25 inches of rainfall in 24 hours, without any Hurricane or other Superstorm being involved: https://us.cnn.com/2023/04/12/weather/florida-flash-flood-fort-lauderdale/index.html
  5. I have never seen the CIA declassify ANYTHING important enough to be CLASSIFIED in the first place. These guys keep their secrets close to their chest for decades. A technique which lets you actually travel across space and time would NEVER be declassified.
  6. Americans are taught from childhood to uphold and protect a VERY extreme form of Supercapitalism that basically robs the rest of the world blind. As a result they see "Commies" everywhere they look. Person I don't like = Commie. I've never seen Assange promoting Communism. Just an activist taking on great power.
  7. Fired at 7:23am - the famous 23 again. 7 + 2 + 3 = 12 = Judas the 12th Disciple https://www.cnn.com/2023/04/12/asia/north-korea-missile-japan-intl-hnk/index.html
  8. Hackers typically do not use VPNs - they are owned by a handful of companies who report to power. Instead they compromise vulnerable computers owned by individuals or companies, and tunnel through those to their final target. "He forgot to turn on his VPN and his IP was found on..." I'm sorry but a capable hacker simply will NOT trust ANY VPN provider. He'll compromise random unprotected WINDOWS machines on the Internet and use those to DISGUISE his real location and IP address.
  9. Did you try to rotate David anti clockwise as Mr H suggested? That's when the Pineal gland fires...
  10. All of a sudden - surpriiiiise - China has its very own ChatGPT AI ready to go. Hmmm. All of this wouldn't have been meticulously planned since the 1980s, with set DATES where everybody suddenly "launches" would it? David was RIGHT. Agenda. Preplanned. No coincidences: https://www.dw.com/en/chinese-tech-giant-releases-chatgpt-rival/a-65275609
  11. Five Eyes originally referred to 5 Cold War countries which have installed extensive radar, signals surveillance, radio surveillance equipment. Buuuuut... ...America/NATO has placed the SAME SIGINT EQUIPMENT in maybe a DOZEN or more other countries as well. " E I G H T E EN E Y E S " 5 Eyes is very 1970s.
  12. Guglielmo Marconi STOLE 27 of Nikola Tesla's patents to "invent" Radio. Thief. Tesla took him to court over patent infringement. Tesla LOST. JP Morgan - owner of Titanic - was Tesla's nemesis. HMMMMMM...
  13. ...sex... with your AI controlled toaster...
  14. Its the story of Jesus for conservatives: 1) Trump is accused of silly things 2) He "dies on the cross" 3) Then he is resurrected and a saviour And then the war against Iran can begin
  15. In the 21st Century you will be a tit and you will be happy!
  16. One of the victims has something tattooed on her chest. Can't make it out but is that AQUARIO? "Age of Aquarius"? 2
  17. Maybe this tongue sucking is some game little kids play in Tibet or something. Or the Dalai is simply old and his decisionmaking is impaired by age. One would have to know more about Tibetan culture to decide what kind of gesture this was.
  18. A lot of people smoke cigarettes to alleviate stress, frustration, boredom and anxiety. With cigarettes banned, consumption of anxiety-relieving pharma products like anti-depressants and anti-psychotics will skyrocket. Many of these are poorly formulated and have undesirable side-effects on the mind ranging from manic euphoria (being way too happy for absolutely no reason) to becoming too calm in situations that require alertness, to full blown psychosis type mental breakdowns. Unless someone suffers from chronic depression-anxiety type mood disorders these medications are fucking dangerous and capable of actually DISTORTING someone's normal personality and cognition. Also, different minds respond very differently to standart dosages of these medications so doctors prescribing this shit very often get the dosage wrong initially - too high - and end up with patients suffering very bad side-effects. Cigarettes are dangerous with long term use. But smoking does not distort your thinking, perception and cognition the way Pharma shit like anti-depressants do.
  19. An interesting thing about Titanic the movie is that they show the main characters in a Jesus pose with outstretched arms in key scenes. Wouldn't surprise me if that has some occult meaning to them.
  20. Americans are doing worse in verbal reasoning, mathematical reasoning and letter and number series than a decade ago: https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/a43469569/american-iq-scores-decline-reverse-flynn-effect/ Study: https://reader.elsevier.com/reader/sd/pii/S0160289623000156?token=9C5850D1AD3208980A21E25105FA893ECC130F5D59CC22015A20C28CCA2089D6A38232D60B29BAAD36422AC1F5D5C7B1&originRegion=us-east-1&originCreation=20230309220435
  21. It is just you. The world has never been saner. Humanity's future is bright, and with wonderfully upright men like Bill Gates and Elon Musk in charge nothing can ever go wrong. (Calls the black clinic next door to ask the price of extra large silicon boob implants for men)
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