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  1. It was probably well known that occultists - not "Jews" per se - had a plan for world domination that would span a long period of time and involve complex deceptions. A plan involving thousands of operatives in dozens of countries is rather DIFFICULT to keep completely secret for decades or centuries. Also novelists tend to be smart, educated thinking people who understand how wayward minds think and who - upon hearing that there MAY be a plan of this sort - may simply have filled in the blanks and unknowns. Again we are talking about OCCULTISTS with megalomaniacal plans for the world who were either hiding behind Judaism to signal virtue or shield themselves, or hiding amongst a larger population of ordinary Jews who had no idea what they are up to. Perhaps the Jews of the time were pissing the wrong people off by becoming too powerful in money matters and it was politically convenient to re-cast the occultist conspiracy as a larger Jewish conspiracy. If you want to get super-conspiratorial, the occultists themselves may have smeared the Jews with a partly made up conspiracy. All eyes would be on all sorts of Jews while the occultist conspirators - well out of the public eye - worked on their own world dominations plans. To know the full truth, we would need the ability to travel back in time to that period and to carefully observe what possibly hundreds of individuals with various agendas were doing at the time. Anyone can write a history book or an account of a certain time and place. I could write a book claiming that Voodoo practitioners from the Caribbean "poisoned the minds of early Silicon Valley entrepreneurs" and conspired to cause today's PRIVACY CATASTROPHE. Laughable today, but someone 200 years from now may rediscover the book and think "this author knew things!".
  2. Its supposed to protect him when he falls from grace. Ha ha ha!
  3. The F22 Raptors have been firing Sidewinders again: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-64605447 US President Joe Biden ordered a fighter jet to shoot down an unidentified "high-altitude object" off Alaska on Friday, the White House says. Spokesman John Kirby said the unmanned object was "the size of a small car" and posed a "reasonable threat" to civilian aviation. The object's purpose and origin was unclear, Mr Kirby said. It comes a week after the American military destroyed a Chinese balloon over US territorial waters. Speaking at the White House on Friday, Mr Kirby said the debris field of the object shot down on Friday was "much, much smaller" than the balloon shot down last Saturday off the coast of South Carolina. He said that the object was flying at 40,000ft (12,000m) over the northern coast of Alaska. It had already flown across Alaska at a speed of 20 to 40mph (64km/h) and was out over the sea travelling towards the North Pole, when it was shot down. Commercial airlines can fly as high as 45,000ft. Helicopters and transport aircraft have been deployed to collect debris from the frozen waters of the Beaufort Sea. "We do not know who owns it, whether it's state owned or corporate owned or privately owned," Mr Kirby said. The object was first spotted on Thursday night, though officials did not specify a time. He said two fighter jets had approached the object and assessed there was nobody on board, and this information was available to Mr Biden when he made his decision. "We're going to remain vigilant about our airspace," Mr Kirby asserted. "The president takes his obligations to protect our national security interests as paramount." According to ABC News, the object seemed to have no propulsion. It seemed to be floating, "cylindrical and silver-ish grey", reports the network's chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz, citing an unnamed US official. Pentagon press secretary Brigadier General Pat Ryder said the object was "not similar in size or shape" to last week's Chinese balloon. He confirmed that an F-22 jet had shot down the object with a sidewinder missile at 13:45 EST (18:45 GMT) on Friday. The warplane was scrambled from Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage. Gen Ryder said a significant amount of debris had been recovered so far. It was being loaded on to vessels and taken to "labs for subsequent analysis", he added. Officials said they had not yet determined whether the object was involved in surveillance, and Mr Kirby corrected a reporter who referred to it as a balloon. He did not specify where exactly the object was shot down, but the Federal Aviation Administration said it had closed about 10 sq miles of US airspace airspace above Deadhorse, northern Alaska, before the F-22 fired. The site is about 130 miles from the border of Canada, whose Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Twitter he had been briefed on the "object that violated American airspace" and "supported the decision to take action". No other objects of a threatening nature have been identified above the US at this time, according to the White House. Mr Kirby said the object did not appear to have the manoeuvrable capability of the Chinese balloon and seemed to be "virtually at the whim of the wind". Hours after the US shot down the balloon last Saturday, Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin called his Chinese counterpart via their special crisis line. But Chinese Defence Minister Wei Fenghe declined to pick up, according to the Pentagon. Chinese officials on Friday accused the US of "political manipulation and hype". In an interview on Thursday, President Biden defended his handling of the Chinese balloon, maintaining that it was not "a major breach". Late on Friday, five Chinese companies and one research institute were added to the US government's trade blacklist. Organisations were placed on the list for their alleged support of Chinese military aerospace programmes - including airships and balloons - the US Commerce Department announced.
  4. Same year as the American Declaration of Independence...
  5. Thank God the AMAZING Scandinavians are IMMUNE to the TERRIBLE MISINFORMATION assaulting DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM! Anyone want a good misinformation-laugh? ROFL! https://osis.bg/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/HowItStarted_MediaLiteracyIndex2022_ENG_.pdf Poor RED countries! LOL!
  6. I believe that God may have had 3 main options for fixing the injustices in the world of men: 1) Appear himself as a fearsome Thunder-God like presence and bash the bad guys' heads in 2) Use his powers to alter the minds of men to the degree that everyone essentially turns into "loving robots" of sorts 3) Lead by example by walking the earth in human form for 33 years in the shape of a man who wholly embodies love, healing, decency, morality and truth I wasn't around 2000 years ago but I believe that God may have chosen option 3) and played "the perfect man" to show men how to be TRULY GOOD. I believe that the Son of God aspect may have been the Father cleverly ensuring that the Powers That Be fly into a rage and gruesomely mock, torture and crucify "the Son of God". In other words God cleverly tricked the Powerful into thinking that VIOLENCE will rid them of "the Son of God". As far as the Rapture is concerned, nobody really knows what God will choose to do when the appropriate time comes I think. The only thing that is for certain is that God will likely once again bring about the downfall of evil, greedy, oppressive and power-hungry men, perhaps by playing a completely different trick on them this time?
  7. MIT says that Americans "are ready" to have IVF lab embryos "genetically tested" and "choose the ones most likely to succeed in college". I say America has gone off the STUPID-CLIFF and wants to drag the REST of the world into hell as well: https://www.technologyreview.com/2023/02/09/1068209/americans-test-embryos-college-chances-survey/
  8. What if God did not want to throw fireballs, lightning bolts or flood again and opted instead to play the "perfect man" in the form of Christ? To educate people by setting a concrete example of what a truly good man speaks, acts and reasons like? Would it be difficult for the creator of the Universe to play his own "son" in order to teach Power a lesson or two? And who will return in the 2nd Coming then? Will it be the "son" again or will the Father appear as himself this time and AGAIN force Power to its knees?
  9. Good men do not deny other peoples' suffering. That is a form of bearing false witness. Just wait until the existence and the international scope of this harrassment programme hits the mainstream consciousness. And people learn that taxpayer money from over a dozen countries was used to finance it. It will be the nail in Agenda 2030's coffin.
  10. - The Lost City is an underwater site where fluid venting from the seafloor has created skyscraper-like structures that are home to unique biological life - Scientists believe the site may hold clues to the origins of life not just on Earth but also on other worlds like Mars or Enceladus and Europa - An authority named ISA has strangely granted Poland underwater-mining rights for the area surrounding the Lost City - The site is the only one of its type which is currently known and may become destroyed by the mining activity around it https://www.sciencealert.com/theres-a-lost-city-deep-in-the-ocean-and-its-unlike-anything-weve-ever-seen
  11. 999 is God's number. They MUST avoid per their anti-religion. 777 is Christ.
  12. Nikola Tesla accidentally caused an earthquake in Manhattan in the early 1900s while working on ways to send power through the earth's crust using RESONANCE - vibrations essentially. Tesla wanted to send electrical power to peoples' homes without miles and miles of then very expensive cables and wires having to be installed, and he tried to do this by sending mini-tremors through the ground, which receivers at various buildings would turn back into electricity. The machine went out of control during a test, multiple neighborhoods near Tesla's Manhattan laboratory started shaking, and Tesla famously had to hit the machine repeatedly with a sledgehammer until it finally jammed and stopped. "Transmitting power through ground resonance" is listed in FBI documents as having been in the lab notes found after Tesla died. The scientist who evaluated these lab notes was Donald Trump's uncle.
  13. Canaanite Religion - Raised Fist? Weather and War God Baal Raised Fist? Note: The word occult has its roots in the Latin occultus, meaning “hidden, secret, covert" The response below was written from a local priest in my area Note: Interconnected thinking is nothing more than an outline of thought. It's not some sort of secret way of thinking. Unfortunately the people who stumble onto this knowledge, erroneously believe that it helps them to miraculously open the mind to divine supernatural sources. Outline of thought - Wikipedia "In adult discourse the phrase "connect the dots" can be used as a metaphor to illustrate an ability (or inability) to associate one idea with another, to find the "big picture", or salient feature, in a mass of data." - Manville, Brook (10 October 2015). "Network Leaders Connect The Dots To Innovate". Forbes. Retrieved 5 December 2016. The Science of Interconnectedness: Cassandra Vieten at TEDxNapaValley - YouTube connect the dots - Google Search Chaos in the mind Is the Phonic Fallacy A Real Fallacy? (logicallyfallacious.com) Zakir Naik Proves That Allah Is a Mouse! (Song of Solomon 5:16) - YouTube Applying the outline of thought of visually interconnecting geometric shapes, notice how an ancient Greek Temple looks similar to a cage. Did the Greeks believe that these Temples would function as a type of containment unit which would temporarily hold captive the false spirits, daemons or gods? Aside from Ancient Greek Temples, can this (visual) association fallacy be applied to other places of worship? In ancient times when a pagan priest or priestess would summon or invoke the realm of the supernatural, were the rituals performed considered demonic and evil? Were Ancient Greek columns used as a Source of Power, such as a type of Renewable Energy Source? It's all a matter of perspective. For one person an Ancient Greek Temple looks like a prison. For someone else it might look like a Source of Power For someone who is blind, it really wouldn't matter. Notice how easily our physical senses can deceive us. Association fallacy - Wikipedia Examples Some syllogistic examples of guilt by association: John is a con artist. John has black hair. Therefore, all people with black hair are con artists. Lyle is a crooked salesman. Lyle proposes monorail. Therefore, monorail is folly. Jane is good at mathematics. Jane is dyslexic. Therefore, all dyslexic people are good at mathematics. Simon, Karl, Jared, and Brett are all friends of Josh, and they are all petty criminals. Jill is a friend of Josh who was present when he was committing a petty crime; therefore, Jill is a petty criminal. Clearly there are many extreme coincidences happening all around us, all the time, which for some, can appear to be metaphysical. But that doesn't suggest that these experiences come from a Divine Source. Supernatural perhaps, but from God, I'm not so sure about that. If a couple of primitive cultures which never came into contact, discovered how to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together, does this suggest a divine connection? If at some point in time, two or more cultures which never came into contact with each other, and were from different parts of the world, both developed a mathematical understanding of algebraic formulas, does this suggest a divine connection? Examining the photos of clergy below, because they're all dressed in the same color, does this imply they all believe in the same theology? Roman Catholic, Russian Orthodox and Tibetan Buddhists There have been some individuals who've experienced a condition psychologists refer to as apophenia. Apophenia Explained | Pareidolia, Confirmation Bias, & Other Pattern Errors - YouTube Apophenia - Wikipedia Being Amused by Apophenia | Psychology Today United Kingdom Association fallacy - Wikipedia As you know not all doctors or "so-called experts" have the final say on a matter. They're not always right. top-14-most-evil-doctors-of-the-last-two-centuries (physiciansweekly.com) 10 notorious doctors in history | MDLinx The Neuroscientist Who Discovered He Was a Psychopath | Science | Smithsonian Magazine What is the meaning of logos Spermatikos? In Stoicism the seminal reason (logos spermatikos) is the cosmic source of order; its aspects are fate, providence, and nature. ... The view becomes fused with Christian doctrine when logos is God's instrument in the development (redemption) of the world. "In Christology, the Logos (Greek: Λόγος, lit. ''Word", "Discourse", or "Reason'') is a name or title of Jesus Christ, seen as the pre-existent second person of the Trinity." Logos - Wikipedia John 1:1 Context 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 The same was in the beginning with God. 3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. 4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men. TO BE CONTINUED ... Sometimes good men raise it:
  14. Perhaps some kind of high tech earthquake-weapon was used and the stunt they pulled at the Grammys was some kind of Black-Magic-Celebration BS they felt they had to do?
  15. Surely you mean Amanda and Evan? It was Evan who ate the forbidden lemon after all... Ha ha.
  16. But why stop the wokeness there? Jesus Christ -> Jenna Christina Joseph and Mary -> Josephine and Martin Moses -> Madame Moira David and Goliath -> Davina and Mysogiath John of Patmos -> Julia of Ibiza The 10 Commandments -> The 6 Beach Beauty Tips Jerusalem -> Gemma's Hair Salon Ha ha ha ha!
  17. Kim Petras is supposed to have transitioned into a woman aged only 16. But she doesn't - hands, arms, neck - LOOK trans at all... Huh?
  18. Earthquake link? Grammy broadcast started 17 minutes before Turkey-Syria earthquake killed thousands...
  19. I know someone who was terrorized for years with these methods.
  20. You will need to sign in with a Google account for uncensored searching. Excuse to FORCE Google accounts on everybody??? https://www.theverge.com/2023/2/7/23589012/google-safesearch-blur-explicit-images-online-safety Google is introducing a new online safety feature to help users avoid inadvertently seeing graphically violent or pornographic images while using its search engine. Announced as part of the company’s Safer Internet Day event on Tuesday, the new default setting enabled for everyone will automatically blur explicit images that appear in search results, even for users that don’t have SafeSearch enabled. Google has confirmed to The Verge that, should they wish, signed-in users over 18 will be able to disable the blur setting entirely after it launches in “the coming months.” SafeSearch is already the default for signed-in users under the age of 18, as it helps to filter out explicit content such as pornography, violence, and gore when using Google to search for images, videos, and websites. When the blur feature launches, it will appear as a new item within the SafeSearch menu, alongside the option to disable SafeSearch entirely and a filter option to additionally hide explicit text and links. Disabling SafeSearch entirely provides the most relevant results without hiding any content.
  21. At 2:37 in the top video Sam Smith flashes the 666 with his LEFT (unholy) hand. Both are JAMES BOND song singers. Notice the HEBREW LETTERS on Madonna's shoulder:
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