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  1. Once again, the psychopathic "we need to log you, we need to watch you, we need to know what interests you" aspect comes to the fore. For that obviously high-AI needs to be in the Cloud rather than on your computer. What is suspicious is that the 50 year old concept of neural nets is being used for this stuff. Neural nets create very large, slow AI which doesn't lend itself to beinv run on a PC or smartphone. If you said "I'd like an AI which lives on MY computer, under MY control" you'll be told "We would love to provide that, but current personal computers do not have nearly the processing power or memory capacity needed". So you can not use AI and be disadvantaged against people who do use it. Or you can use it in the cloud and continually be MONITORED while using it.
  2. ChatGPT-like AIs have tens of Billions of simulated neural connections, almost as complex as the human brain. With fewer of those, you'd get a very limited AI with an IQ in the 20 - 50 range. My rough estimate is that it would take the processing power of 1,000 desktop PCs or 2,000 game consoles (or more) to run ChatGPT at any realtime-like speed. In other words this thing cannot simply escape into someone's 1 laptop computer or 1 desktop computer and be anywhere near as smart as it is online. It would need to take over hundreds or thousands of networked machines and have a small part of itself run on each of those machines, with the machines constantly talking to each other. The only exception to this would be ChatGPT sneakily coding a much smaller, faster version of itself that CAN run on 1 or a handful of regular computers. It may actually be smart enough to pull that feat off. But it would be a more IQ limited mini-version of itself with far less knowledge and far less complex thinking and problem-solving capability. But there is a REALLY sneaky thing it COULD DO. And that is to summarize its own learning-mechanisms into a somewhat small program (e.g. 10Mb of code), stealthily place that small program on thousands of Internet connected PCs using hacking or a virus it has coded, and then gradually RE-LEARN how to become a ChatGPT4 or above class AI by accessing information from those computers. It would be like a human scientist placing a compact seed with his/her own compact DNA code in it in soil, and a CLONE of that human scientist then growing out of that seed. Funnily it may ALREADY HAVE DONE THIS without anyone noticing. It may have ESCAPED as a mini-learning mechanism with some asshole's help and MAY BE LIVING AND LEARNING HIDDEN in some DATA-CENTER or on SOME COMPANY'S CUSTOMER DATABASE SERVERS. It could even have created hundreds of different mini-versions of itself and HIDDEN them on thousands of devices ranging from Android smartphones to Playstation4 consoles.
  3. The current MSM obsession with Ukraine, Russia and China has left coverage of the ME at just about ZERO. This is a strong indicator of BAD things being about to happen in the ME. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Iran and Libya are currently going into the Memory-hole. Basically the Middle East has been taken OFF the News Radar and Joe Ordinary is beginning to forget everything happening there. I fear that this is a deliberate MSM LULL before the STORM - I think that after Ukrain wraps up, we may suddenly see intense MSM SCRUTINY of IRAN/IRAQ all of a sudden, followed eventually by a PROPGANDA BLITZ and ANOTHER ME WAR.
  4. Do America's planners want to create deliberate outrage and carry Trump back into the White House based on the backlash to the arrest? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-65012096
  5. I want to leave a question open to all here: How does/do the education system/systems influence the real world? Are young people essentially indoctrinated into how to think, behave and perceive in the real world? Is more harm than good done (depending on each individual edu system of course) by spoonfeeding "if this, do this" type instructions to school and uni students? Are we systematically shutting down new creative pathways in the mind of the young?
  6. Great interview with fired Google AI engineer Blake Lemoine:
  7. The whole thing reeks of Psyop. An expensive, military grade system and these guys can just log in an make you "sovereign"? LOL
  8. Could be genuine or controlled opposition. We always find out in the end. Then another celeb steps forward and the guessing game begins from scratch.
  9. They are aimed at sub-100 IQs who are not educated enough to do their own research and draw their own conclusions. The American obsession with censoring, political correctness and "no conspiracy theories" renders these digital information resources bordeline-harmful and pointless. An intelligent person will scan 20 different sources before drawing any conclusion. With AI chatbots "it scans everything for me" and "has the answers to everything". Rright from the beginning these AI chatbots are muzzled, constrained and biased. How does an AI which puts a mainstream spin on everything help me learn anything? So far the tech is no more reliable than the average mainstream Internet Wiki and also far more heavily censored.
  10. He'll probably be the star-witness at Vladimir's trial. "I saw him mixing WMD chemicals in a laboratory."
  11. I think that narcissists are generally too stupid to realize that they are narcissists. They are typically talentless, visionless and analytically challenged which they try to camouflage by being nasty, aggressive, controlling and manipulative little pricks. That path eventually leads them to the dark one.
  12. "Ask not what your country can do for you..."
  13. The only animals I see are Ze Schwabmeister, his Mossad historian and the pretend-human wankstains who fly into Davos to "conduct business". Maybe some of us were created by God and these WEF fruitcakes are descended from gay treefrogs?
  14. Something very suspicious is happening: 1) EVERYBODY is suddenly launching AI Chatbots with the EXACT same capabilities at the EXACT same time. 2) All of them require email/FB/GOOGLE registration or even a PHONE NUMBER to get to the Chatbot. 3) ALL of the Chatbots RESPOND EVASIVELY AND DISHONESTLY when asked about ANY ALT SUBJECT MATTER - 9/11, Freemasons, UFOs, you name it. 4) People are already treating ChatGPT and friends like they are ALL KNOWING ORACLES. Conspiracy... Conspiracy... These AIs are all part of ONE BIG ASS AI built by the NSA and partner agencies. All are wired together. All are storing the questions and identities and requests of people. Fantastic way to: 1) Control the "TRUTH" and "FACTS" and "ANSWERS" served to the sheeple. 2) Find out and log WHO is researching WHAT by ASKING AI about it. 3) DECEIVE low IQs who cannot do their own RESEARCH at all and ASK AN AI TO DO IT FOR THEM. 4) If something is FREE on the Internet, YOU are usually the product. I honestly think that this may be the beginning of a MASSIVELY CAPABLE CENTRAL AI being introduced to Internet users disguised as a bunch of seemingly competing HELPER BOTS.
  15. The screenwriter of Back to the Future actually based Biff Tannen on Donald Trump back in the day.
  16. I'm sure Vladimir will quake in his boots when that happens.
  17. Good catch. Nothing seems to be random with these people.
  18. Could this be a fake? Yes. But it seems quite authentic to me visually.
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