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  1. I don't want to specify anything about the source of this. A person who spoke to me was viciously assaulted by a group of elite people. First yelled at. Then lied to. Then coldy accused of having broken a law. Then yelled at again. Then prompted to do something for the group "or else". The person, who was badly shocked, described the behaviour of the group as "Completely psychologically abnormal. I have never seen anyone behave this aggressively and assertively in my entire career. They marched into the room then tried to break me psychologically and then tried to order me to do things for them." The person believes that this group of people was on something that day - a drug or some kind of medicine - which made them completely fearless and unafraid to behave this way. "They were behaving like they are Gods descended from Mount Olympus and I am some small ant who should be grateful to even be in their presence."
  2. The people running the world seem to believe that if we all think there is no God, then all they have to do is fight one guy with long hair and sandals when the second coming happens. Tora! Tora! Tora!
  3. Divide and conquer. The essence of all major religions is the same or very similar. It is the essence that matters, and not how you hold your hands while you pray, or what symbol is on the cover of your particular religious book or such. But by pitting one set of believers against another over small things - such as what day of the week is holy or not - the faithful can never come together. Islam, Christianity and Judaism are constantly pitted against each other, even though - correctly interpreted - they carry the same message. Also, a religion is separate from the actions and ignorance of its believers. If people misinterpret a religion and start to do bad things, this isn't the fault of God or scripture. If someone simply can't do Mathematics properly, that isn't the fault of the famous Mathematicians who invented important methods in Mathematics. Followers of various religions often get hung up on stupid little details and can't see the greater picture. The Koran for example tells its believers that Judaism and Christianity are from God and must be respected. But many Muslims have problems accepting Jesus as the son of God. They accept that he is a prophet of God, but have trouble accepting that a high being like God can have a son. Jews seem to have problems with Christianity. They seem to be anxious that Christianity may have been intended to replace their original religion. And in many cultures questionable interpretations of the culture's own religions have been set in stone as traditions that don't go away. Female circumcision for example is not sanctioned in any scripture anywhere, but some cultures think it is necessary. If I write a book of philosophy, the book is misinterpreted and society goes in a bad direction because of it, it isn't the fault of the philosopher, is it? God warns believers in all religions to understand his teachings properly. But some people simply cannot or will not do that. Radical interpretations of religions tend to veer so far away from the scripture that they are essentially completely different religions. Its no different from breaking a machine because you didn't read the maintenance manual with enough care.
  4. If you were to take of the world's religions and boil them down to one sentence it would probably be: "Do not let your bad urges become actions which damage others." Many people today see Religions as needlessly restrictive systems which crap on their freedoms. But they really boil down to: "You are a human, not a pig. Live up to that." Its a series of reminders that you are not an animal that is a slave to primitive instincts. Its stories designed to make people think hard about moral choices and their consequences. Its lessons in urge control. Its also a stern warning that if everyone does whatever the fuck they want, no matter how depraved, society will become a living hell, and continue to be a living hell. Religion being used for political gain, social engineering, mind control power over others is something else entirely. Who can forget GW Bush and Tony Blair claiming that they read the Bible together? Or Republican politicians claiming to believe in Jesus while they fail to regulate Wall Street and aggressively immoral corporations? Religion is misused as a shield that grants immunity against being judged badly by many. But real religion is God warning the believer not to be an asshole and being more than just a selfish, self-serving fuck. Real religion is God instructing the strong not to mistreat the weak. Real religion is God telling people to be upright, dependable and selfless, even if other paths lead to greater personal gain. Some people can be decent without any religious education. Others need to be educated and even frightened into being decent. And nothing is more dangerous than the idea that killing a human is essentially no different than killing a cow or chicken. People who worked for communist governments believed that and executed millions of innocents who had a right to live. If Klaus Schwab read the Bible he would know that he has no right to take people's privacy away. If CEOs believed in God they wouldn't promise things their products cannot deliver or fill the oceans with plastic. If Edison and JP Morgan had believed in God, they would have allowed Nikola Tesla to give the world wireless energy or free energy. If Hitler had believed in God WWII would not have happened and 60 million people wouldn't have died. Ayn Rand wouldn't have told Silicon Valley capitalists that there is virtue in them acting selfishly. Colonialism and slavery would not have happened. MSM journalists wouldn't distort the world in their reporting. Aleister Crowley might have been a decent father of two. These were ignorant men and women who saw the world upside down and damaged it. They didn't care what they were doing to the world. They did whatever they want and future generations paid the price. Religion is also broader than science in that it doesn't tell us that metaphysics and the "supernatural" simply do not exist. if you ask a Scientist whether Black Magic exists he or she will tell you that there is no such thing and also no scientific basis for it. And yet some of the most powerful people are throwing occult symbols and numbers around all the time. If this stuff does nothing then why do they bother with it at all? Sure, it may be them trying to scare and demoralize religious people with BS that does nothing. But why did this happen before in history? Hitler's SS killed hundreds of poor workers in an effort to finish building the occult Wewelsburg castle as quickly as possible. They went in there and performed all sorts of bizarre rituals while a war was raging. The Roman empire tried to kill John, the author of the Book of Revelations. Why do Freemasons bother with the fucking 33 if it means nothing? Why do members of the Bohemian Club do childish ceremonies in front of a stupid stone owl? Why does Disney put the word Magic in everything it creates for decades? And who created all the Satanic symbols like the Pentagram if it does nothing? Wouldn't the symbols have been forgotten over the centuries if it is just a shape that does nothing at all? What's the point of the LGBTQ agenda if it doesn't actually hurt God or if there is no God? Why are the very Elites trying to screw up the world throwing signs and symbols around that do nothing other than maybe scare some people? Why did Apple price its first computer at 666.66 USD if it could scare conservative buyers away and cause a scandal? Why do we attentive observers spot these signs and numbers all the time and MSM outlets avoid talking about them like the plague? Why is not one major world leader speaking out against confused youths mangling their bodies with gender reassignment surgery? If you think Religion is BS that does nothing then why fight it with opposite BS? Why would you put a stupid pyramid with an eye in it on the world's reserve currency if the symbol means nothing and does nothing? What does America have to do with fucking Egypt all the way over in Africa?
  5. Apple users are not rational. Talk to any one of them and they rave for minutes about the new iPhone or Macbook or whatever. "Best device I have bought IN MY LIFE." Its like mass Stockholm syndrome. They do not consider money when it comes from Apple. Which is why this type of device was given to Apple to market. I sincerely doubt Apple developed this themselves. This thing may even be developed by a military contractor like Lockheed Martin or Northrop Grumman. Those guys demand a lot of money, so the 3500 USD price tag may come from them. Apple users are going to take out bank loans just to be able to get shafted with this thing by their mothership.
  6. There is a book called Vatican Ratline. In it, the author claims that decades ago when she was 10 years old, her and other girls her age were the first "grays" everyone saw. The little girls were dressed up to look convincingly like gray aliens, then paraded in front of important govt people on a lowly lit stage. She says that the weak and small looking body of grays is simply the underdeveloped body of her and other young girls in costume. Who knows what the truth is.
  7. Rival countries have spread disinfo about each other for centuries. Each side always has one or more information warfare offices to counter this stuff. What is new is supposedly democratic countries turning this warfare inwards at their own people. Also new is that this doesn't happen in one particular country, but appears to be spreading around the world. Also new is that the techniques used are exactly the SAME across these countries.
  8. The alien in the picture bottom right could easily be a 10 year old girl whose dead body has been immersed in water for days as an experiment and has bloated into this shape. A medical experiment on a human rather than an ET or somesuch.
  9. America has a long history of developing exotic aircraft in secret and declassifying them decades later. Roswell may have been a saucer shaped jet prototype being tested at night which crashed from technical failure or the pilot making a mistake. The U.S. military then sneakily spread stories that something not from this world had crashed in Roswell. This was to conceal the secret that America is able to engineer aircraft in very odd shapes which you wouldn't expect to fly particularly well. For example a rotorcraft which has the rotor inside rather than outside the hull may have been considered "classified" in those years and may have been saucer shaped. The American government has always kept its secrets close to its chest. And it has lied to its people a lot over the decades.
  10. It is said that a Vampire can only come into your house if you invite him in. You have to invite this thing in yourself. That takes seduction on the part of the manufacturer.
  11. That is actually a PR strategy. This thing is a privacy disaster waiting to happen. It tracks where your eyes are looking and captures your facial expression - its basically a camera constantly pointing at your face from an inch away. It sees and records the space you are in - home, office whatever. It tracks what your hands are doing. It records audio where you are and recognizes voice commands. And it is tethered to an Apple account, various streaming sites and your credit card. So people don't understand the real character of this privacy hand grenade the marketing has to be as generic and featureless as possible with a hypnotic voice almost lulling you to sleep. Apple users are so stupid and gullible about what Apple really is that 90% will buy this without giving a second thought to its ill effects. So Apple is the single best choice for ramming the Metaverse up people's ass without them even realizing it. Apple products cast a spell on their users which even a Sociologist would have difficulty explaining. Their relationship with this utterly restrictive electronics company appears to not be based on any kind of logic or reasoning. It is like Apple is one thing and its users see something completely else.
  12. In the promo video above it is all women using the glasses and looking delighted. The design is also more feminine than masculine. So against all expectations, this is predominantly aimed at female users sitting at home. Tech like VR is traditionally 90% male user driven in the beginning. They are flipping that and targeting the exact opposite dynamic. There must be some reasoning behind it. Its aimed at the most difficult demographic to reach with AI.
  13. VR headset sales were down 58% this year. The whole Metaverse idea was crumbling. So they told Apple to launch the big one. They are going to sell at least 50 million units between 2024 - 2027. And that is enough to get the 1st Gen Metaverse going before we hit 2030. We are going to be made jobless around 2030. And we are supposed to hang out in their stupid Metaverse all day.
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