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  1. I did not say topography won't affect the blast wave. I said mountains won't be a factor and meant the damage caused. I do understand that great big mountains in the way of shock waves will deflect them somewhat, but when the shockwaves are the size of a 550 kiloton missile then concentric circles (especially London with a high altitude detonation) are pretty much what will happen.
  2. You seem to think that there are places on Earth where such protection is likely. Since the blast is 2000+ feet up, your map is not even close to being accurate. However, if there are actually mountains in the way of a blast, protection from the blast is certainly a possibility for A and B. Fallout though becomes a massive problem. The blast will strike the edges of the mountain and spray it out all over the other side. This is a very strange argument where you seem to think that there are places to stand when a nuclear bomb goes off. No. Do you think there are places anywhere near you with Mountains over 2000+ feet either side? If they are domed elevations, this can potentially work against the protection. Do you think there will be just the one blast? Surely you don't. Even just one of their SS-25 weapons would devastate London. Hiroshima was 15 kilotons, an ss-25 is 550 kilotons - that is 37 times more destructive force for just one missile. If you think huddling up next to a Mountain is going to work, then best of luck to you. I'd rather be right underneath it. Nuke tests - I already said these are carried out mainly at sea level or below so I never made that claim. Mountains would stop the blast at low level.
  3. Z-Library. The world's largest ebook library. 10 million books ontheir system. tellinger: free download. Ebooks library. On-line books store on Z-Library (b-ok.cc)
  4. I stood still and contemplated the universe on two's day 22/02/2022 at 22:22 and 22 seconds. Nothing happened
  5. Russia have been planning this for years and the idea that sanctions are going to stop them is absurd. Nobody can do anything about this and they all know it. They can't use nukes and the west will most certainly not get involved in ground fighting. Watch, coming to an area near you - China will "reclaim" Taiwan and maybe that mad Kim Jong-un will invade South Korea.
  6. Tests are carried out at sea level, underground, or under the ocean. The actual weapons are deployed at altitude so mountains etc. will not be a factor. They are even more destructive when set off at a few thousand feet.
  7. Next on the list is interest rates and mortgage rises. One of the most disgusting things that ever occurs for anyone to endure (within modern society that is) is house repossession. I can only imagine how distraught a family would be getting ejected from their home because some scumbag bank had doubled their repayments! This whole artificial way to allow banks to increase payments is such bullshit. Payments should be fixed for term - loan companies always make money from it no matter what, but allowing them the means to rob somebody of their home is sick.
  8. I remember watching the film The Party quite some time ago, with Peter Sellers playing a bumbling Indian. It has moments that make you laugh out loud and of course it must fall into the same category as Rooney above. It's art and art must never fall prey to the adjustment bureau! I feel nauseated that these fumbling politically correct knobheads are dissecting life in such a way. Where do we draw the line? Harry Enfield taking the piss out of a Birmingham accent where he proclaims he has 'considerably more money than yow (you)' - maybe some offended brummies would like that removed or 'the scousers' because of the stereo-typing involved? It's the path to conformity, madness and boring blandness. Anyway, enjoy this clip, Sellers at his artistic best:-
  9. Is this the thing then? When the collective here denies climate change, then the people who wish to defend it must be abused accordingly? Isn't it enough to simply point out any flaws or evidence to counter their arguments? I find this constant negative mentality to be the total opposite of what David is about. She's just a young kid who was in the wrong/right place at the wrong/right time depending on your viewpoint.
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