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  1. What? The stars are real enough. Have you never been lucky enough to look through a big telescope - it is a wonderful moment to see the sky suddenly open up. Friends of mine have tracking telescopes and have taken really long exposures of the Milky Way galaxy. Andromeda is also a common target:- The Andromeda Galaxy | Images, Facts & Astrophotography Tips (astrobackyard.com)
  2. I think it sad that you feel patronised when somebody disagrees with your viewpoint. You have no evidence for your claims - you claim some mysterious unidentified group are doing some unspecified things when they do the impossible going back in time routine. That is the most ludicrous of all explanations. It isn't necessarily any dysfunction. There are many of these so called Mandela effects and each one can have numerous reasons for what has happened. An example being the Magic Mirror - there were two distinct versions one from the movie and one from written works. Dead simple. There are no missing paintings and songs are written for a whole variety of reasons. Nellie the elephant did not pack her own trunk and cannot talk. It seems that you have no concept of what the word impossible means. Besides, isn't it the number one claim on here that society/sheeple are living in that very state? Mass delusion is not actually being tabled as a reason for some of the effects. You haven't eliminated the impossible, or the implausible, or the unlikely, or dozens of side explanations. First on the list to eliminate as impossible is the idea that people are travelling back in time.
  3. A bit of a daft statement - made doubly worse by you proceeding to use a science experiment to support it! And you said science was fiction. Some of us have actually performed this experiment. It is from science that we now know the duality of light and it is not the act of observation that changes any outcome, it is the knowledge that we now know the path of the photons and thus the interference pattern can be measured as such. Basically it is the method in which you observe the outcome that changes the result. So what. They work just fine at the level where humans interact with forces. No, I attempted nothing of the sort. What I did was answer the post I quoted. Do you think it may just be a little pathetic to label science as fiction then use a science experiment to bolster that claim? Neither of your examples managed to help your claim - you attempted to limit science to two instances that you don't seem to understand. A simple question or request usually does the trick. Fifty exclamation marks just looks a bit weird. As for the video, I appear to have missed any response to it - is one going to be forthcoming? Most of the popular websites that host images didn't really get going until the turn of the century. Mobile phone cameras weren't around and although editing software was available it was nowhere near as commonplace as it is today. As for your "we all remember" claim - I just did a quick Q & A amongst a group of people I am with. Not ine of them had heard of it, neither had I and when pushed, everyone thought Wolf and Sheep mad far more sense.
  4. Which doesn't mean any of it is actually real. Postulating stuff for fun - why not. Believing it - nah it's science fiction. What one thing? There is no limit being imposed just the idea that the most obvious explanation tends to be the correct one. I can see that you don't quite get what Occam's Razor is. Imaginary people messing with time is the opposite of it. What was that 50+ exclamation marks? I am not avoiding anything here, I hadn't got a clue what you were talking about. No, because I had no idea what you were on about. However, after a quick google: The Lion and the Lamb (Mandela Effect Debunked) - YouTube
  5. What's the difference between people from Dubai and people from Abu Dhabi? People from Dubai don't like the Flintstones but people from Abu Dhabi do.
  6. Okay - not terribly relevant - perhaps if you had a snow event on a similar camera that would be more convincing. Looks like bullets and shells though and no other cameras have this 'snow'. It's also ever so slightly a side argument now, unless anybody is seriously suggesting that there is no fighting going on.
  7. Do you acknowledge that human errors exist in multi million pound films? Okay, so your argument was invalid. Now this actress who said she didn't wear them. I believe this comes from some screenprinted twitter translation. What leads you to conclude it must be correct? nb. I'm not saying she never said this btw. I'm also not discounting someone in the editing suite beng instructed to add them after filming. It's just a subject where the idea of Occam's razor very much stands out. The alternative explanations are just off the wall tbh.
  8. Phew, thank heavens. Snow eh - who would have thought it and on only one camera.
  9. That is not a valid argument. Budgets don't account for human error. I cannot categorically say one way or the other what occurred here, but I do know I recall her openiung scene wearing them. But, I don't recall seeing them later on in the movie. Did you click the link? Both versions are right and of course like everybody I recall Mirror Mirror. The point is that we aren't recalling this from the movie, but from what others wrote or said after it.
  10. You must be mixing me up with someone else. I haven't said anything like that. I think it's crazy Putin trying to put back the USSR. The motives for what is going on behind that well, I'm open to suggestions. It's genuinely happening though.
  11. You said you couldn't see anything then posted a series of cameras, one of which showing constant bullets and shells flying all over the place. Don't tell me you can't see that.
  12. You mean apart from all the tons of stuff going off on the camera bottom left?
  13. Bullshit back at you. Your memory is based on memories of someone else's mistake. The magic mirror quote is explained here: Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall – Debunking Mandela Effects Dolly DID have braces in the very first scene and not in any another. This represented a continuity error that was later fixed. Sheesh - or some parallel universe thingamajig is in place.
  14. This is true of every political event isn't it? The propaganda machine falls into place and misinformation is generated accordingly. The day after UK and Russia cancel each others flights: BA cancels flights after IT failure, says it was not a cyber attack | Reuters Not a cyber attack though.
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