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  1. Fuel prices are going up for another reason I have not heard anyone speak of yet. They are basically forcing people to purchase worthless electric vehicles is another reason for increased fuel prices. Spend our money on these worthless little cars and then they kill us off. Makes sense to me Pulled up to the pump a few days ago and filled up my 3\4 ton truck with diesel fuel. Cost: $152.00. it used to cost me $50.00 to fill it up. I won't part with my truck as it is considered a collectors item and it's my baby. Only 112000 miles on it. Bought it new 25 years ago and is in top notch shape. It probably is no longer a collectors item as it used fuel and global cult idiots want us to use electric worthless cars. Oh by the way, all power companies in the US are owned by the global cult Rothschild's. They are the ones starting all the fires in the western US and they have admitted it. They burned people out of their homes, killed wildlife and much much more.
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