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  1. Im not sure i follow who exactly in life have a problem with the reality of hermaphroditism? .
  2. Ithink this post calls for a plan of action. we should have a strong link with videos, article by dr’s, ect a solid document to make any doubters realize the truth. This stuff is already super good https://www.saveusnow.org.uk/covid-vaccine-scientific-proof-lethal/
  3. As a paramedic, this is horrifying honestly, if this was my patient id be myself asking to the doc wat is this how can she just be vaccinated and this happend and this is not taken seriously. yesterday i saw a vaccination clinic and it took everything in me to not snap out and get inside and scream at the staff. They know they are administering poison. They know i wonder what would happen? What would the cops do actually?
  4. 99.9999 survival rate maybe lets just repeat this non stop to those brain dead sheep
  5. I know ive finally acheive my goal to save my mother. She wont take more shots. ive literally had to put ourr relationship on the line, told her “ look, i will treat you like i had a drug addicted mother. I would not let you self destruct, i would not stay in contact with you if you were shooting heroine. Ill treat you the same way, if you want more of those shots, you will not ever see me again” that started a fruitful understanding that im afraid for her. She then allowed me to show her some of the obvious scams, the masks, the changing message of the vax efficacy, the unreported vaers, increase all age mortality, ect. she caved in. i literally had to do tons of theatre to try to make my point accross it worked though… for my mom. My aunts and rest of the family i just cant do anything to protect them im afraid. Its a awful feeling. but the worst part is…how can we go on? How can such a important aspect of what happened go silenced? I wont be silenced. I will be chastised by at least half of my peers. Weird times coming
  6. They all look the same as well if its a woman with a mask: shell be fat or fattish, ugly, old or of the woke kind : ugly hair, ugly clothe, smurf look if its a man, hes got the pants up to his belly with a belt on, a polo, glasses on: basically a maladjusted shy nerd or the pedophile look i knew society was filled with sheep, but that was cute before. Now its sheep that support the gouv? My enemy
  7. I started screaming to them when i drive: covid is over i also started to literally ask the shop why they keep up their plexiglass its time for people to start calling them out, point them out, laugh at them publicly
  8. I just cant put my mind around the fact some people believe this when watching this that woman looks psychotic/possessed/insane
  9. Yeah…. building 7 just building 7 is enough for any real inquisitive mind to unplug
  10. Having been a kid here, i would have tried to trip her. can you imagine her falling face first on the hard pavement? then as he/she/it tries to catch me id have run screeming stop the groomer stop the groomer!
  11. As if what our eye can see is reality. op, I suspect your schizophrenic
  12. The ignorant dr are just that ignorant i guess. Those who quit only did the moral thing. but i know personally doctors and pharmacist who are kinda aware of some sketchy stuff going on, still continuing to vaccinate people. I How can you not be able to tell your patient of potential risks of the vaccine is beyond what i can comprend. Its selfishness time a million bordering cruelty. Traitors.
  13. the entire medical personal can get fucked, bunch of traitors that clearly showed what we all knew, Doctors are only in it for the money (and prestige and all sorts of Ego Delusions)
  14. Sheeps know the truth they just cannot admit it I trust that the truth will prevail, if not well ill die and see u next life who cares really they are taking away our farmers, our energy supply, our health and our homes eventually everyone will get it by then tptb hopes enough scared migrants has been imported so it will tame the bloodline. It wont work. Revolution is inevitable
  15. this honestly, no real person i meet believe the MSM crap anymore they all have serious doubt yet youd look at reddit comments and think everyone is on board with the MSM fucking BOTS and internet will destroy our civilisation
  16. I alwyas found my mom a bit stupid so cannot be certain
  17. Its true but it only affect the skin. In french its called vasoconstriction peripherique. Its a defense mechanism of the body when faced with cold temperature. It leaves the main arteries and flow to the major organs completely unnaffected
  18. As a paramedic, i have some formation about biology and medecine. they pretend this ” Cold water shock causes blood vessels in the skin to contract, which increases the resistance of blood flow inside the body. As a result, heart rate also increases, which makes it harder for the heart to pump blood around the body. “ theres straight Lies. When submerged in a cold shower, vasoconstriction is applied to the skin. We call this superficial vasoconstriction; its a normal tool the body use when faced with cold condition to make sure the blood pressure is not affceted. The heart and organs wont at all be affected by a cold shower, its impossible. Now, if we talk about ice cold water? Even then its bs since when somebody’s has too fast heart beat its a trick to submerge their face in cold water as it cause bradycardia and will lower blood pressure. too add to this, i think if someone fall in a cold lake and face hypothermia, it cause bradycardia, literally the opposite to what they claim Hypothermia genrally cannot cause heart attack, only cardiac arrest caused by a lowering of body functions. The heart when too much cold is detected reduce its heart beat. its complete fabricated lies
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