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  1. Excess death up by 20% how do you explain that?
  2. what are you talking about? excess death is highest of all time lol, just Macnamera post destroy what you say here.
  3. I may have mis understood you Excess death mortality is up 7-20% between age 18-65. Ofc its the jabs
  4. "hallucinations" one thing psychedelics drugs showed me clearly is that life as we know it is a hallucination. reality is a hallucination. its illusionary. our human body dont have the capacity to truly see reality. our sense are too limited for our survival sake I have seen hell and heavens, and everything in between. Hindu gods are real Hell and heaven is real law of cause and effect is real peace of heart is real
  5. 61 years old, if its sudden death, is absolutely relevent to this discussion the death average for a rich male is likely mid 85
  6. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1725466/teacher-dies-suddenly-kells-infant-school-cumbria https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11668919/Model-Jeremy-Ruehlemann-dead-27-fashion-designer-Christian-Siriano-calls-One-Muses.html
  7. As if anything will happen hope is the opium for the masses
  8. Is there a place on david icke to discuss legal and reputable sources for detoxing methods and also importantly how to obtain both, HCQ (hydroxychloriquine) and Ivermectin?
  9. Here in Canada, id say a good 50% of the vaccinated start to have doubts about the official Covid narrative. About 10% of the population id estimate to be completely unaware We won? Time to brace for next "crisis" we are fucked live from Q sponsored by Q-tips
  10. Covid vaccine made me see the real evils in our world
  11. Its all bullshit the first hot unvaccinated men that show interest and that girls will be wearing a megadeth t shirt and maga hats
  12. Nothing will happen from that australia whatever it is parlement speech these are all useless. You cannot beat the corrupt system (that only works because of corruption) by using corrupt laws and corrupt courts from the same system. so really, whats the point of all these? wth is going on here… https://twitter.com/DiedSuddenly_/status/1615864742391975936?s=20&t=fr8ngu1CQDrR-569xhba5Q
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