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  1. Check you batch numbers https://rumble.com/v230jdk-australian-covid-released.html
  2. I'm glad Also correction, the Shaolin Temple I study with is actually in Europe. Apologies
  3. Nah, my trainer is a life long Taekwondo world champion in her 60s and still extremely fit and flexible, head kicks and still winning tournaments. Granted I do 4 classes a week plus weight training, yoga, pilates and Qigong which all help in conditioning and strengthening the body for Taekwondo. I have gone from being a regular chick to being a very fit athletic middle aged weapon in the best health of my life. If you are willing to put the work in, be disciplined you will get the results you want. I can chase down, catch and take down my 6ft grandson and I am only a 5ft 55kg woman. The only thing I severely lack in in ground tactics. I only did maybe 2 year of Jui Jitsu a few years back. I really want to get more lethal with ground grappling, because at the moment, I am pretty fly with weapons, kicks, hand techniques, throws..... but if a big guy got me on the ground, I am in trouble. My club does Judo, so thinking I might start that this year.
  4. I took Taekwondo up in my early 40s. And now Just completed my first black belt test. I took a truck load of work, dedication, conditioning and now can kick lethal at head height. Which is pretty awesome for a chick of my vintage. But in honesty, head kicks look pretty, but if my life were on the line I would be sinking some powerful kick combos alot lower. If you put the work in, have the right mindset, anything is possible. And don't be affraid of getting hurt or injured. I always have some injury meh they heal.
  5. I currently do Taekwondo, Tuekoomoosol, Haidong Gumdo and Korean archery. I started in my early 40s with MMA and Shaolin Kempo. Also did a little Karate, but gave that away as it was messing with my Taekwondo which I compete in. I would recommend finding a reputable dojo that isn't just a fight club but also teaches the Eastern spiritual aspects as well. Martial Arts is meant to be a wholistic lifestyle choice. I study with a shaolin monk in the USA online too. I balance my training with Qigong which is like tai chi. A way of moving purposely in meditation helps you gain Mastery over the mind as well as promoting health. Learning to be a peaceful but lethal person has changed my life. A warriors mindset is essential for these times I feel. I wish you a good journey of knowledge and self discovery
  6. Considering you were married to a freemason and your father was one, I am surprised you are unaware of the womens branch of Freemasonry.
  7. https://rumble.com/v1mszqu-are-the-kids-ok.html
  8. Wow, I couldn't watch the video. Just reading was enough for me. The cruelty is astounding and inhuman. I can't fathom how these staff can go home and sleep at night knowing their vile treatment of humanity. This is not just toxic culture, it is sick. The truely mentally ill are the staff!
  9. Wonder what is really going on in this hospital, certainly not health based
  10. Looks like a gloss over of selective true events that continue today.
  11. One of the vaxed teens at training has something similar on his face. His parents and ge clearly think it is just acne. But it looks like sores all over his face. A quad vaxed friend has red patches all over her skin, a large number look like ringworm.
  12. What the hell!!! Is that some kind of pox?
  13. Definantly a mind controlled hit in my eyes. I found the whole event very disturbing. The speed she was travelling at, the way they wheeled her out like a corpse only for her to wake up and try and escape before roughly pushed down, to suddenly brain dead harvesting organs of a supposed drug addict. Something is certainly very very off. Anne also had a history of sexual abuse from her father and spoke of alien abduction. I think her mental issues stemmed from the walls of her mind controll compartments being broken down. Which lead to her " assassination"
  14. Wow very interesting. I hope they don't end up as lab rats.
  15. Not yet, I have only found it as a pay for veiw not free so far.
  16. That's so interesting! Will take a look at his question and answer thread shortly. I am pretty sure I have watched Close encounters of the 5th kind. But it was a long time ago now. Its also interesting that he mentions the chip in his heal. I have had my own unexplained stuff happening after I came across some information about 3 months back. I woke up one night to find 3 massive scratches down my back. Sent a photo to one of my conspiracy friends as I could not explain them. They went the full length of my rib cage. I am convinced a chip? may have been implanted up one nostril one night too. As I woke to a week long headache around my right eye, sore upper nostril, nose bleeds daily and eventually I blew a small hard clot out from that nostril. I could be wrong about this though, as I did develop daily nose bleeds after stupidly falling for the narrative and got vaxed. But those nosebleeds had cleared about 2- 3 months later. Could be aliens, but could also be some kind of health issue. But my gut tells me aliens. Who knows 100%, but it was weird and not the only weird shit to be happening to me this year. I have always been fascinated by alien conspiracies, you know the mainstream narrative kind where aliens may be out there and may visit us some day..... but this year I have come a new understanding after my mind blew open and I can see them, sense them and there is an insideous evil in this world and the reality we have all be institutionalised in is not the truth. Anyway thats my weird... and why I have no patience to bickering and rubbish diversions and instead feel a strong curiosity, hunger and drive to gain knowledge.
  17. Oh I will probably lurk around the rest of the site. Might poke my head in here from time to time. But I prefer to fill my time adding to my knowledge not getting bogged down in baseless heresay, evil vibes, and unnecessary bickering. Which happens alot on these forums I have noticed. Not my Jam. Btw I finished Disclosure, have passed it onto a few other friends the last woman who spoke with the amazing hair. I can't remember her name, but she is a teacher. She is inspiring, l was YES! to her words. Thank you for recommending the film.
  18. And this is why I don't participate much in public forums. Tommydrifter, I wish you well and hope you find the truth of what is controlling you. It's over and out from me.
  19. That quote is pure truth. I have heard before about nuclear weapons being disabled and that the aliens, not reptilians who I feel are behind the technology and use of nuclear weapons and war mongering, other alien species, are very concerned about our utilisation of nuclear weapons. It is good they cam disable weapons and I hope they continue to do so. There is a large percentage of humanity and life on this planet who are peaceful and not wanting war.
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