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  1. The symbolism is quite concerning is it possible he`s unaware yeh but its still concerning , not everybody is aware of these ghouls symbology , on the other hand apart from his heroic stance on not taking this satanic serum he hasn`t exactly been favoured by establishment unlike good boys like Nadal or Murray as for Federer I cant believe he would have took it , but all I`ve heard from him is tumbleweeds rolling by
  2. People need to be aware that the most dangerous disease our species has and have and will face is the puppet masters who control the medical world through the likes of the W.H.O. , F.D.A. ,N.H.S. etc,etc, its not Nurses and Doctors that run the N.H.S. its beaurocrats and their masters , gates,clinton,fauci, and behind these ghouls are the untouchables the unmentionables THE rockefellers
  3. Like all beings there`s good there`s bad and everything in between , there is millions of satanist`s among billions of non satanist`s
  4. Do a bit of research into Apple cider vinegar , go on pootube you`ll find it quite easily , just find out or dont
  5. No doubt the ghouls are terrified of the people waking up , royal wedings wont cut it anymore , how about a war
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