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  1. Do you really believe she takes any of that magic potion if the head of pfizer would`nt take it somehow I think she wont either
  2. One of the story`s was she freaked out Putin
  3. Do you think this parasite is missing the greek freak you know the freak who wanted to come back as a virus to depopulate , "corona" does that not mean crown , maybe the ghoul visited her and she caught it off him . You would have to be more than desperate to want that , coming near you
  4. Why do you think it took Bob Dylan over half a century to write about J.F.K. because if had wrote it in say 1964 he would never have seen 1965
  5. People dont seem to realise apart from the dehumanising aspect has any one talked about the health hazard of breathing carbon dioxide , I have never heard one the media whores ask that question
  6. False flags probably go back thousands of years , Richard Coeur de Lion who blamed the Jews for the crucifixtion was one way of wiping out your debt same strategy the french king used not too long afterwards against the templars
  7. We are not made in the image of God ( EL ) we are made in the image of THE Gods ( Elohim ) God you could not draw a circle round , the God`s you certainly could. In the Bible it is singular in the original Jewish scipture it is plural . God is not an old man with nipples in search of a barbar , this is mockery . You could come back from another dimension two seconds ago and you would`nt be able to describe it yet people think they can pigeon-hole God , dont think so , tell me what shape is infinity ?
  8. Dont know if you`ve seen footage of a professional basketball match where one of player`s score`s and when he puts the ball through the hoop his hand shifted and when he lands on the floor he put his hand behind his back trying to hide it , and this in a live game , with crowd and tv camera`s
  9. The first country to reach the moon was the Germans the Americans reached it no later than 1963 as for the NASA scam Kubrick made a film in 1968 in 1969 the apolo mission landed . hope that cleared things up for you , the reason Kubrick made the phoney film was in case the mission failed on reaching the moon accident or whatever then the accident would have to be coming home
  10. The reptilian rockefellers are in charge of corrupting the worlds health , and thats over a century now .
  11. I heard it is pretty special , also coloidal silver which you can buy on ebay ,but the gold thats a bit out there , one of the band Hawkwind was really into it. if you go on amazon you can get it maybe do a bit of research first
  12. Do you really believe a monarchy should rule any people in the world and this parasitic system is acceptable ,have you any Idea what they have done to children , babies , they are ghouls enough survivers of satanic masses will testify to that
  13. This is a Scottish skitter ( watery shit ) just like the other Scottish skitter brown of Dunblane infamy , just a coincidence on his watch , Robin Cook, Princess Diana , Dr David Kelly , War Cimes in the middle-east by the soon to be peace envoy to the middle-east etc,etc,etc, enough evidence to hang him a hundred times over ,and then some
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