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  1. Total fail. Why are you so afraid to explain your hopelessly wrong reality? Are you insecure? Worried people might ridicule you? It's so, so very simple. You cannot offer explanations for any observable reality. You can't even understand light paths even when given a simple diagram. Go on, give it a try, impress the forum instead of continually running away from obvious things: This is where you explain how the hell it fits in with a flat earth! 1. What is causing the Sun to be blocked on the Solar eclipse? 2. What is causing the Moon to be blocked on the Lunar eclipse? 3. How come they're still full size? 4. How come this Lunar eclipse is visible simultaneoulsy across the world? With the same face! I like the way you ignore the inconvenient irrefutable facts that blow your ridiculous claims apart.
  2. Yet again, ignoring the point and making a stunningly inept response. The balloon shows a tiny segment of the Earth, not all of it. Can you see the Sun in his image? The whole Earth according to you is in daylight! But the point ignored by all flat earthers is that it shows curvature.
  3. Behold the "death throes" of a flat earther. He completely avoided my entire post. I explained it, drew him a nice easy to understand picture and he makes the same claim. That is just complete fail. Look at the image. Image 1 shows the lower crescent illuminated, picture 2, Sun moves up, less of a crescent. Sun moves up, full eclipse. Top down fully debunked.
  4. Unbelievable! Try thinking for myself he says, as he copies someone else's inept flat earth claim! The refraction is just how both are visible from an elevated position and nothing to do with your failure to understand the illumination direction. You have absolutely zero spatial awareness. The Sun is rising! The Moon is going down. The Sun is rising faster than the Moon is setting. The Sun isn't just coming up over the horizon poking some downwards shadow! It is 93 million miles away and the Earth is already in front of the Moon. Anyway, it's incredibly difficult to illustrate this, but this image shows how it works: BTW: This is where you explain how the hell it fits in with a flat earth! 1. What is causing the Sun to be blocked on the Solar eclipse? 2. What is causing the Moon to be blocked on the Lunar eclipse? 3. How come they're still full size? 4. How come this Lunar eclipse is visible simultaneoulsy across the world? With the same face! I like the way you ignore the inconvenient irrefutable facts that blow your ridiculous claims apart.
  5. Ridiculous. You post a daft film that is 32 minutes full of total junk. when asked to explain it, you post another one even more full of junk 23 minutes long. You are also hijacking the thread with these constant biblical joke references. I just skipped most of it, just some flatearther saying "doesn't make any sense" and ignoring things that show it to be nothing but sense. Example. Curvature. 1. At sea level you won't be able to see it. The eye scans small areas anyway and puts the image together. With a camera wide angle lens you are going to get 60 degrees visible. About 5 miles across the horizon and the curvature is going to be 5 squared x 8 inches. 200 inches. 6 yards give or take. You simply cannot detect 6yds of drop across 8800 yards of span. 2. From an airplane window, the field of view is probably just about wide enough to detect faint curvature - but the window distorts light. From concorde just a little more - but same caveat. From the cockpit though. You can definitely see it and those who have ever gone into an airplane cockpit will know this. Seeing the Curvature of the Earth - Plane & Pilot Magazine (planeandpilotmag.com) 3. From a weather balloon height, we get this ridiculous counter claim where the curve levels and inverts when viewed across the centre and bottom of the lens. No amount of explanations will convince a flatearther of this. Now for crying out loud, learn something: Go to 30 seconds. Clearly visible is a segment of the Earth from space. It is round and it is most certainly NOT the whole Earth. If you shout "cgi" there is really no hope, you may as well stick your head in the sand as clearly no amount of evidence will suffice. You ignore it or make ridiculous reasons up to explain it. This one below shows how the lens distorts the image, curve, level, inverted - but not the point being made. The point is that we see a full rotation and a clear circle. A clear CIRCLE! Circles are round. Round means curved. How can you not see this?
  6. Amazing yes, accurate no. Weaveworld is quite an amazing book. So is War and Peace. Fiction. You keep refusing to acknowledge the deceptive ways this book was put together, how it pretty much bypasses women, how so, so many books were left out. Up to 50 Books Were Left Out of the Bible – Here’s Why | Unariun Wisdom You also keep failing to attempt to understand the numerous problems with the flat earth and fall back on this daft book instead. You just completely ignored my point about shadows in Lunar craters! That show quite clearly that the Moon is illuminated from an external light source. I wonder why @zArkdoesn't chime in here and correct you!
  7. It would be more beneficial if you explained why that load of gibberish was so convincing for you? Would you like me to post 100 videos that none of you can answer?
  8. In this instance I am responding to images that I thought were of a waning Moon - I apologise for my misread error. I did not realise these were eclipse images( now addressed below). I find it a little disturbing though how you can suggest I and others are making up things that anyone anywhere can verify. Flat earthers refuse to answer literally dozens of questions/explanations that are devastating to their crazy claim. They refuse at every single point to concede they are wrong. The game is up and very few on this forum, thankfully, are falling down this mad rabbit hole. It fits perfectly - it is caused by something you pretend not to understand - atmospheric refraction. The Selehelion example is the rarest of rare and is only viewable from a very elevated position with unblocked views to both horizons. Your example explains the crescent pattern - The Sun is rising and the Moon is setting. BTW: This is where you explain how the hell it fits in with a flat earth! 1. What is causing the Sun to be blocked on the Solar eclipse? 2. What is causing the Moon to be blocked on the Lunar eclipse? 3. How come they're still full size? 4. How come this Lunar eclipse is visible simultaneoulsy across the world? With the same face! Selenelion: The Phenomenon Where Both the Sun and Moon Are Visible During a Total Lunar Eclipse – FlatEarth.ws A selenelion occurs during a lunar eclipse when the sun and moon are observed above the horizon. Atmospheric refraction bends light rays and lifts the image of the sun, and the moon typically up to 0.6°, so both can appear above the horizon. Flat-Earthers assert that a selenelion should not be possible if Earth is a sphere due to the fact during a lunar eclipse, the sun and moon are 180° apart. In reality, a selenelion is possible because Earth’s atmosphere refracts light. During a total lunar eclipse, the position of the Sun, Earth, and Moon is in a straight line. In such a configuration, both the Sun and Moon should not be visible at the same time during a lunar eclipse from an observer on Earth. However, Earth’s atmosphere refracts light. As a result, the actual position of the moon is up to about 0.5° lower than where it appears. And the same thing happens with the sun at the opposite point in the sky. It is the reason that observing both objects in the sky at the same time during a total lunar eclipse is possible. This phenomenon is called ‘selenelion’ or ‘selenehelion.’ While not impossible, it is a rare phenomenon, and can only happen at a specific place and time during the progression of a total lunar eclipse.
  9. Man. Especially as you are quoting Man writing his crappy pretend-god-dictated-to-me hogwash. I see, as you seem always to do, you make a claim and fail to explain all the terminal flaws with it.
  10. Good job I wasn't eating there, I think I would have splattered it all over my screen. That is as absurd a claim as I have seen here. Can you explain the phases, why they are upside down in Australia and why they are identical opposite sides of the world etc. That would be great. You could also tell the forum why scientists everywhere are too dumb to see this, yet you have discovered it. You could also explain why the craters have shadows that always point in the direction of the Sun's rays and finally what the power supply is. Please provide a serious response.
  11. Well my conclusions are singular. It's water vapour and thanks for the advice on re-reading the thread, but no, I saw no evidence first time around. Just speculation and pictures. Pedigree.
  12. Oh and this doesn't affect the elite? My chums appear to know more than yours, but thanks anyway. Your proof of chemtrails appears to be "oh look, I took some pictures" and "oh look the water vapour isn't dispersing". It's a little less than conclusive and hovering close to nonsense.
  13. In the Northern hemisphere the Moon wanes on one side and opposite in the Southern hemisphere. At the equator the Sun sets directly BELOW it so that explains those images. How can you not know this? We know you can't explain it, but thinking common knowledge as odd is the odd thing.
  14. You are the one in the hole. It's staggering that you can't even understand this fundamental thing. Your responses are just plain daft. Can you see a moving train? Or an F1 car? Can you see an airplane? Radar sees airplanes and satellites, it picks up ships. The radio waves bounce off the object and return to the receiver. You're busted and you know it (I sure hope you know it, because if you really and truly don't get this........wow). It's proven. Spaceflight has photographed the farside, We see the libration which works exactly with the elliptical orbit. Everything I claim has been proven, the sphere, the curve, the orbit no assumptions and no presumptions. Just cold hard facts that you arm wave away, don't understand or completely ignore. Perhaps you can explain how the Moon gets bigger and smaller? Then tell everyone why it doesn't do that when it miraculously sets on the impossible flat earth "model". Haha, well it's an analogy for starters and we have a precedent: can you or can you not see the bloody Moon? Light comes off it from the Sun in the same way as a radio wave. How can you not know this. I mean, it's basic, basic stuff. Facepalm. You can see the moving Moon. THAT is the same bit! If light reflects off a moving Moon, so does radio. It's how radar works. How can you not know this? This is not even in dispute. Or do you deny radar now! It goes and comes back 2.5 seconds later in every single case. The people doing it point their transmitters up in the sky at the Moon and back it comes, just like a laser, just like light being reflected. What you think ludicrous is practised thousands of times all around the world. You think you are right when you have such totally poor understanding of this basic thing and therefore they all must be wrong and mistaken. Hmmm, something is ludicrous here! Rubbish. It's a silhouette. Provably, anyone can watch the path of the Moon and see it waning. Provably anyone can see that in daylight the shadowed part of the Moon is too low in light to pass through the atmospheric scattering. Provably the Moon moves 13 degrees every day, every part of the sky, everywhere on Earth (oh, that's also impossible on the crazy flat earth!). So suddenly theis gradually disappearing Moon reaches the very point predicted and blocks out the Sun.
  15. Eye witness chums huh. Of what, dispersing contrails or ones that hang about? Yeah I've got loads of chums who say it's water vapour. What is the point of poisoning the air, please answer?
  16. I do say so and I cite clouds as proof. Some linger and some don't. Now tell me is that your only way to determine these "chemtrails" because it is not a valid method.
  17. It is a wave and the radio signal sent to the Moon is not some sort of split second blip. I suggest you read up on it. I claim as is proven that the Moon spins once per revolution, called tidally locking. The idea that you fail to understand is even more ludicrous. How can anybody fail to understand such simple things. Can you see this top? That is how electromagnetic spectrum waves behave. The top reflects light. The Moon reflects light whilst spinning and orbiting. Even on your crazy flat earth scenario it is still moving! Radio waves are reflected exactly the same way. How anyone can stand there denying the totally obvious. They do and it isn't impossible. Getting you to change your mind and understand the obvious is the impossible bit. Quite how you can call all those ham operators liars or stupid is beyond a joke. Just that one proven fact shows the Moon is 240,000 miles away.
  18. Completely false. A Contrail lingers or doesn't linger depending on temperature and humidity, just like clouds, which is what it effectively is.
  19. If you say so - perhaps you could explain how you can tell the difference. The idea that aircraft are posioning the world has no validity as the elite breath in the same air.
  20. Thought experiment. You've seen the weightless planes I assume. If you gently pushed somebody at one end of the plane, they would keep going until they hit the bulkhead. If the plane was a mile long they would probably stop from the air friction, but if it was a vacuum they would just keep going for ever. It's like any planet spinning including the Earth. Gravity will eventually get in the way, the Earth too will become tidally locked with the Sun. Earth's Rotation Is Slowing Down, And It Could Be Why We Have Oxygen For Life (sciencealert.com)
  21. Why would you think that? Electromagnetic spectrum waves simply reflect light or radio or x-rays or gamma etc. The Moon certainly doesn't need to stop its tidally locked rotation just for things to bounce off of it. All the planets viewable by telescope are spinning. The fact you can see them shows that light reflects off of them, just like radio waves. Do you understand this? If you don't, explain why you think the Moon needs to stop to reflect radio. Then again, you might like to explain how people all around the world are able to do it in the first place - and have done so for many, many years.
  22. Why are there so many contrails today? (physicscentral.com)
  23. For me the main solution is simple. Spread the information and create a tipping point - it's very important though to be as accurate as possible with the data/info.
  24. That is crazy money. He has reportedly 11 million listeners per episode, but what makes me suspicious about his motives is the thing about Spotify and Joni and co. Joe Rogan apologizes to Spotify amid Covid misinformation accusations (cnbc.com) "Podcaster Joe Rogan has apologized to Spotify, while also addressing the controversy around his podcast. Musicians Neil Young and Joni Mitchell recently boycotted the service for continuing to host “The Joe Rogan Experience,” which has been accused by medical professionals of spreading Covid misinformation. Both musicians have since pulled their music libraries from Spotify. “I want to thank Spotify for being so supportive during this time and I’m very sorry that this is happening to them and that they’re taking so much heat from it,” Rogan said Sunday. He also apologized to Young and Mitchell."
  25. There is a 4th option - they are in it for the money. There's loads of people making big money from this.
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