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  1. Well my conclusions are singular. It's water vapour and thanks for the advice on re-reading the thread, but no, I saw no evidence first time around. Just speculation and pictures. Pedigree.
  2. Oh and this doesn't affect the elite? My chums appear to know more than yours, but thanks anyway. Your proof of chemtrails appears to be "oh look, I took some pictures" and "oh look the water vapour isn't dispersing". It's a little less than conclusive and hovering close to nonsense.
  3. Eye witness chums huh. Of what, dispersing contrails or ones that hang about? Yeah I've got loads of chums who say it's water vapour. What is the point of poisoning the air, please answer?
  4. I do say so and I cite clouds as proof. Some linger and some don't. Now tell me is that your only way to determine these "chemtrails" because it is not a valid method.
  5. Completely false. A Contrail lingers or doesn't linger depending on temperature and humidity, just like clouds, which is what it effectively is.
  6. If you say so - perhaps you could explain how you can tell the difference. The idea that aircraft are posioning the world has no validity as the elite breath in the same air.
  7. Why are there so many contrails today? (physicscentral.com)
  8. For me the main solution is simple. Spread the information and create a tipping point - it's very important though to be as accurate as possible with the data/info.
  9. That is crazy money. He has reportedly 11 million listeners per episode, but what makes me suspicious about his motives is the thing about Spotify and Joni and co. Joe Rogan apologizes to Spotify amid Covid misinformation accusations (cnbc.com) "Podcaster Joe Rogan has apologized to Spotify, while also addressing the controversy around his podcast. Musicians Neil Young and Joni Mitchell recently boycotted the service for continuing to host “The Joe Rogan Experience,” which has been accused by medical professionals of spreading Covid misinformation. Both musicians have since pulled their music libraries from Spotify. “I want to thank Spotify for being so supportive during this time and I’m very sorry that this is happening to them and that they’re taking so much heat from it,” Rogan said Sunday. He also apologized to Young and Mitchell."
  10. There is a 4th option - they are in it for the money. There's loads of people making big money from this.
  11. Does this ever end! I mean how many more times do they come to the well cap in hand for sympathy money? In no world would I leave my kids unattended let alone in a foreign country.
  12. Always used tap water for flushing down the bog, seems even more appropriate now.
  13. I see the whole country getting royally screwed by the electricity and gas prices. Rishi Sunak defends response as energy bills soar - BBC News I pity anyone on a lower tariff that expires soon. They are going to get clobbered twice.
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