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  1. Well their agenda is reducing the population, and now they can't use covid they're just going to let the poor freeze to death. Because they 'can't afford' to help those struggling right now due to the economic devastation caused by their proxy war in Ukraine. It's definitely part of the plan.
  2. I love this. Biological reality cannot be denied, no matter how hard the troons want it to be.
  3. Well I am still alive so there's definitely something about that to be said. I never believed it would kill me, and it has not. The doctors keep saying my case is 'impossible' (ie that I am still alive) so there's that. Our mind is certainly a powerful thing.
  4. I thought it was very strange that the news media said the injuries were 'unintentional' and after that only referred to an accident happening. What do you mean, unintentional? That's like, obvious if it's an accident? Something is fishy here. I screenshotted in case they change it. Link to the article: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/jul/15/ivana-trump-donald-trump-wife-death-cause
  5. Have you ever been in the Netherlands or another overpopulated country? The land is NOT empty. The land is overly full here..
  6. That's in essence a great idea but the problem is organic farming cannot substain all human life as it currently is, it would only be possible to feed 1% of all humans that live now that way. And guess who's going to starve to create such a world? Right, you and I.
  7. Yeah the Church of Rome matches the description of the Antichrist in revelations. So I am guessing Roman Catholic too. And rosacruseans are just a branch of Roman Catholicism so it fits in perfectly.
  8. For sure it's known that it causes clotting.
  9. I forgot to add: I have had the Pfizer vaxx.
  10. This guy has been saying this for years, thank Goodness he's ignored by most people. I hope he loses power soon.
  11. The fellow inmates of miss Maxwell already let us know she's a target, so it's a matter of time before hers runs out.
  12. Insanity. Even if you believe trans 'women' to be 'women' they can't experience menopause, absurd that they want to claim such things.
  13. I'm just home this week from being taken into the ICU with multiple blood clots. I unfortunately woke up to all this after getting vaxxed, and I have started taking the counter measures David Icke prescribes since about three weeks. Coincidence? I think not, I think it might have tried to kill me. I had a saddle embolus plus multiple PE's at the same time, and surviving that is unheard of. Yet here I am. I hope this sorted that out, and it will be the last time I dealt with these issues. I hope David's countermeasures have smoked the vaxx and this was it's last hurray. We won't know for sure of course, but I am here and I am healthy so I should be OK. Moral of the story: don't get vaxxed if you don't want dangerous blood clots. It's a know side effect. It almost killed me, and I am only 34. I posted this in the Virus thread too until someone notified me about this thread so here it is. Just want to use my experience as a warning to all.
  14. Actually in my case it was just faith in the system, as I had been vaxxed before as a child and (as far as I knew) that caused no harm. I have also got an extensive medical history, and have been saved by doctors multiple times so who was I not to believe them? Or so I thought. Doubts began to form when I saw that so much contrary evidence was held out of the press, and I saw with my own eyes how empty testing parking lots were etc. But at first, I had only good experiences with healthcare where I live so I just believed what I was told.. unfortunately. And yes, peer pressure too. Everyone I know is vaxxed.
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