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    Vertical growing Cabbage, Turnips and Strawberries is one solution. Eggs and Fish are the best self grown methods for Protein & Fat. Aquaponics is difficult for those who don't have a 3d printer but with mutual collaboration things can be doable.
  2. I remember David Icke showing the dead sheep/awake reptilian 1 eye symbolism back in the early 2000s. Its a reference towards human beings being a bio-engineered race and a mock to the masses who are unaware that half of their self is unconscious. Housing is always going to be expensive around areas of commerce because older people need to get a return on their investments. Real estate is one of those things. There are arguments that housing shouldn't be used for speculation/returns but Pensioners aren't exactly going to put their life savings into stocks and cryptos at all time highs. That is dangerous in the current economy. I believe the best course of action for both parties, (renters+investors) is to move to under valued areas and build business there. most built up towns and cities are nothing more than work camps aimed at extracting life energy out of people. building your own business the frontiers of society is the way to go.
  3. Been a Prepper+Truther since 9/11, done my rounds in the usual places and decided to make a account on in the David Icke community. I'm not a very social person but with all the new preppers & truthers on the scene its got a lot harder to find the old crowd. I'm very autistic and like my own company but with the changing environment even the most burly of cavemen has to compromise some where. In short I'd like to make some friends, not get involved in too much of the anti-establishment resistance (not that I obey it anyway), but generally meet some great people, get some drinks, do some activities and hope the Government just falls apart in the coming economic depression of their own making. I have a twitter account on my profile if anyone wants to audit me and what I've been up to in the past 2 years. Im brett anyway, pleased to meet you.
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