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  1. 84 rolls, thus the Apocalypse must be managed lest we devolve into tribal bog-roll barbarism.
  2. I understand that if we continue procreating at the current rate and if we don't take reproduction seriously we will unleash the four horsemen. Famine, war, disease and death. But it seems that the global powers, many that they are (WHO, CDC, TLC, CFR, BB, TI ect) have decided to manage the curses of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse and implement them in a controlled manner that they may attain its final outcome, being mass depopulation of the weak without loosing control and suffering a post-apocalyptical world (see MadMax.) So famine requires food shortages, war requires Russia and NATO, disease requires biolabs to poison us with Bat Flu and Monkey Spots and if these didnt manage to kill you then death requires a good end of life care program courtesy of the our health services. Thus these calamities are all created for as man now has dominion over nature he must now do natures dirty work, but dont tell the peasants because theyll all freak and ruin everything... How much bog roll did you hoard?
  3. I'm pretty sure that most people are already tracked via cell phones. It's not as controlled and powerful as a lawfully implemented national (then international) government sanctioned Track & Trace program would be. However, most of these types programs governments seek to run are usually alrwady in place in some form, in an albeit less consolidated and certainly less transparent form. It's these existing programs that they seek to recreate on a large scale where real power is formed. They've attacked and terrorized their own peoples across the world, those whom they had sworn to protect and serve and in doing so have created such insecurity and danger within nations that the people through their fear and intimidation have sold their liberties and freedoms for a security that would never exist for much like the protection money paid by shopkeepers to the gangs that attacked them, we are selling our rights and freedoms to the very gang that terrorized us and in doing so have fallen for the oldest trick in the globalization playbook. Create the problem, offer the solution and exchange their freedom for security. Only an informed, willing and intelligent people can maintain their freedom for in this brave new world slaves deserve to be enslaved, fools deserve to be fooled and the dead should bury their dead. Only those who are free by virtue of their spirit and mind, those who truly know what freedom is and truly know how to be free, those who truly value freedom that they are willing to fight and die for it, those who's hearts beat with the words 'give me liberty or give me death', these are the free men that shall never be enslaved. Like Zulu warriors, their are those who are free and those who are not. There are those who are willing to die for freedom and those who are willing to be enslaved (in various degrees) that they don't have to risk their lives and may even be rewarded a gilded cage should they support and help the process of the enslavement of their fellow peoples. Things this time round will be a lot more technical, hands off and bureaucratic. However it's the same old story. Communism for the lower working class and capitalism for the upper ruling class and all commodities and liberties controlled, recorded with each person identified, tracked and controlled by a system of points, rewards and sanctions that can effect ones food, travel and money. We will all be tagged and everything digital will be controlled. The only freedom will be ones mind. Thus I suggest a global implementation of the teachings of the ancient mysteries and the initiation of our Priests and Kings that good men may have the power to counteract and fight the evil that such an all powerful throne would inevitably attract, even one that seemingly may have been made for the antichrist. An all seeing, all knowing and all powerful throne that globalization with its individual identification, tracking, scoring and monitoring would be the power of God, over man, upon the Earth. A throne indeed, yet who or what will be crowned its King ?
  4. Huh, and I thought you where female. So did you find your erections or are they still lost?
  5. Its better than 'nit-picking'. Point being, instead of doling out drugs and in most cases treating symptoms, they should adnonish peoples shit lifestyles, healthy people do not get sick and if you do, you where not really healthy, whether or not you had symptoms and certainly not if you had a heart attack for which drugs would then certainly be required because no healthy person has a heart attack.... Unless you took the vaccine but then you would be unhealthy so... That general enough for you?
  6. Doctors basically work for big pharma. Take away their pharmacopia and see how useful a physician they really are.
  7. When ever I imagine Police drones, I envision Half-Life 2.
  8. 'And Satan will turn the world upside down' The five elements, with life force now below the four base elements. Nature inverted or death.
  9. They vaccinated William Shakespeare first. Know them by their deeds.
  10. Thy spirit be made flesh and thy will be done.
  11. Under love, free will under love ie. do no harm. What greater good are they sacrificing the present for?
  12. My question is, what great will before God, assumed the right and authority to cast such plague upon mankind and globally depopulate by disease and sickness. Adolf Hitler wrote in Mien Kampf 'Today I met with the antichrist, he was cruel and intrepid and he terrified me'. It is not plagues I fear, but the will of the man that cast them.
  13. A healthy mind preserves a healthy body and a healthy body invites not disease into itself.
  14. It is fear and although we find fear in the ignorant contemptible, it is non the less understandable, thus we should find compassion without dishonouring our good knowledge, as we seek and shall soon fight for the middle ground, oh ye peacemakers and warriors for good.
  15. US limits use of Johnson & Johnson vaccine over rare blood clots The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has restricted the use of Johnson & Johnson's COVID vaccine for adults due to the risk of a rare blood clotting syndrome. The J&J shot is authorised for those aged 18 and above and is one of the three COVID-19 jabs cleared for use in the United States. The agency said the J&J shot could be administered in cases where authorised or approved vaccines were not accessible or if an individual was less keen on using the other two shots. The FDA said its analysis had determined that the risk of thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome after the administration of the shot warrants limiting of the authorisation. J&J has not yet responded to requests for comment.
  16. Do you think most liberals across the western world took the full course of Covax injections.... One can only hope.
  17. Maybe one has to be dumb, to catch Covid?
  18. Here's an idea. After fighting guerilla wars across the world for the past 80 odd years, have the CIA taken over a political party that they can operate on American soil to forward their global agenda. Are Democrats run by the CIA? Their operation and psych warfare is top noch CIA style trade craft, exactly how they'd overthrow foreign governments and install their puppet rulers. Why not. Wouldn't the global elite run a Coup on America itself? America doesn't rule democracy, global democracy will also rule America.
  19. There are many machines that condense water from the moisture in air such as dehumidifiers but also stone structures called air traps or air wells. . If you meant making water from the oxygen and hydrogen in air then many chemical reactions create water such as normal combustion of fire in air but molecular water from atoms would always consume more energy than would ever be efficient. Osmotic Power is an interesting area of research. Two solutions, A being salt water and B being fresh water are separated by a membrane. He states "only water molecules can pass the semipermeable membrane. As a result of the osmotic pressure difference between both solutions, the water from solution B thus will diffuse through the membrane in order to dilute solution A". The pressure drives the turbines and power the generator that produces the electrical energy.
  20. The Biden Administration has created a new agency. The department of Homeland Security's Disinformation Governance Board claims it will focus on homeland disinformation in order to censor disinformation related to Russia and Ukraine.... and much, much more! DHS is committed to adapting and responding to the climate emergency. https://www.dhs.gov
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