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  1. I can explain pretty much anything you want on this subject. I'm a little bit taken aback that you come here for the explanation though, since any number of search engines would respond to that question with the full explanation. There is not any major deviation from this consensus. No point in using my own words when these are already perfect: Why Does the Earth Spin? - Universe Today I want to ask you a serious question. Astronomers all around the planet have viewed the outer planets spinning too, imaged them at various stages of spin and some have even created animated gifs. Larger observtories have made even more detailed versions. These include imaging the various Moons in orbit. How can you call them all liars? It is just not feasible at all. YOU could buy a telescope and do this yourself. Anyone can. The idea that people would lie about it whilst you can simply verify it yourself with a good telescope makes no sense at all.
  2. Clarification. By "night", I mean after sunset when the Sun is up to 5 degrees below the horizon (as per Moon's orbit above and below the ecliptic). The ISS was able to capture it with dark background by zooming in on that patch of sky, blocking out the nearby Sun. TBH I'm not sure it is even possible with post-Sunset level atmosphere from the surface.
  3. @zArkSpeaking of ignoring things. Ten to run away from: 1. Explain in your own words without gibberish video - why doesn't the Sun change size? 2. Explain in your own words without gibberish video - why is the Moon inverted in the South? Don't do the picture on the ceiling nonsense. That doesn't work when the Moon is rising. If you insist on the nonsense picture on the ceiling, explain why two places 10,000 miles apart on the same latitude see the same face simultaneously? 3. After your ludicrous claim that a solar eclipse is not the Moon, what the hell is it? 4. What causes a Lunar eclipse? 5. Explain how the Sun speed stays the same when it MUST be doing a larger circle in 24hrs on the unfeasible flat earth "map". 6. Explain PROPERLY what amateur radio enthusiasts are bouncing their signals off, if not the Moon, with a 2.4 second return time at light speed. 7. Explain how any object above eyeline that stays above eyeline can disappear BELOW eyeline, ie. the horizon. 8. Explain PROPERLY how boats disappear over the horizon. 9. Are you afraid to be wrong? 10. Why are you so fixated at all costs on the most ridiculous conspiracy theory of all time?
  4. Yes, really I can. The black bit is the Moon with only Earth light shining on it against the corona of the Sun! Quite clearly to anyone who has even the observational skills just above a blindman, we see the Moon during the daylight hours getting progressively smaller with a trajectory that clearly is moving towards the area where the eclipse occurs. Your ludicrous "proof" that the Moon, which is blocking the Sun is not there is that you can't see it with a camera set to expose for the eclipse. Well duh. We see the silhouette. Explain to the forum where half the Moon is? Explain to the forum wher 95% of the Moon has gone? Oh, of course. You're not going to properly answer this are you! With the camera set with exposure for the daytime Moon we get only the reflected bits showing up. During an eclipse none of the Moon is being reflected strong enough to show up. To expose for it would take quite a long exposure PLUS a camera with tracking capability to stop blurring as it slowly moves - I'm not even sure its bright enough to register during the day as it is less bright than the atmosphere. It can be done diring the night when there is no scatter from the Sun: That was taken from the ISS in orbit. It's lit by Earth shine barely visible during the night.
  5. Your cast for the crazy flat earth is in the unavoidable millions. The general concensus here and the Icke model for the system is compartmetalisation and just a few at the top of the pyramid! Where have YOU been for the last 25 years? The stuff I write is neither bizarre or intrinsically wrong. You are attempting once again to gain traction for your failures by aligning yourself to other conspiracies.
  6. Oh ffs. The "tektons"? What is this hogwash. Nobody created any model. It evolved through observation, experimentation and physical evidence. Stop trolling. You arer a flat earther. Facepalm x 1000. Yes it is. You are being deceptive now! You made the claim that they were trying to prove the curve. They weren't and you ignored this. Fisheye lenses are used to get more in the picture. They have not been used in any experiment to prove curvature. David Icke has NEVER claimed he was always right. He says he passes information on and we are to do with it what we wish. Being on his forum is not carte blanche to believe every word he utters. You are again diverting this thread away from your constant evasion and failure to respond to literally hundreds of posts/questions.
  7. I find it staggering that anyone could think so many people capable of lying so completely and for so long. Not to mention that your whole belief is total bollocks anyway. You can see the ISS, you can track the satellites, we can even see the satellites in geostationary orbit. How to See and Photograph Geosynchronous Satellites - Sky & Telescope - Sky & Telescope (skyandtelescope.org) Last week, I pointed my camera at a random spot in Aquarius along the the geosynchronous satellite belt, made a 3-minute exposure at f/2.8 and ISO 400, and then pressed the back screen button to check for anything interesting. Wow, wow, wow. There they were — not one, not two, but 11 pinpoint satellites in a row! I did the same a couple nights later, and although the stars had shifted to the west, the satellites stood in exactly the same place. I was hooked. From Earth, a satellite in geosychronous orbit appears to hover over one spot of the equator, matching Earth's rotation rate. To a ground observer, they appear almost motionless, but they're zipping along at 11,300 kph (7,000 mph) to keep up with Earth's spin. As of August 10, 2017, there were 447 active geosynchronous satellites in a ring around the planet with space remaining for about 1,400 more.
  8. This is truly pathetic. You are deliberately and totally misrepresenting what I typed. You continue to evade a barrage of problems with your useless dark ages belief. The masons did not create ANY model. I have no interest in debating their involvement in politics. I hate politics. .....nothing. I've not come across a poster who is so evasive, diversionary and who has such trouble understanding other people's minor points. Somebody who doggedly holds on to side issues rather than face the major ones! We've already taken note that you have no clue what sky dishes do, now we can surmise that you have no clue how satellite data is collected. The list of things you have no clue on, outweighs that which you do.
  9. Gobblydegook. I said "Vehicles that can be tracked as they orbit by anyone with a radio receiver tuned to the download frequency. " Anyone with a receiver can pick up data transmissions from any number of satellites if they aim them at the sky point where the satellite is orbiting and have equipment that moves as they do. It is bugger all to do with GPS. Your response isn't even correct for any question. You are just spouting a very uninformed opinion that ignores all evidence. No idea what you are talking about and neither do you. That statement is completely wrong. what3words app | Find, share and navigate to precise locations | what3words Works perfectly, GPS. Satellites. In orbit. Around the planet.
  10. Oh dear, here we go again with yet more side tracking diversion. 1. Felix pictures. Source for the right hand image please. Looks like the deceptive meme maker has stretched the image. 2. Pure deception from your flat earth buddies - nowhere was this proof of curvature and flights that DON'T use a fisheye lens have the same curvature: Now, explain yet another problem you have. When these balloon flights go up, many show that the Earth is a huge circle. That is, translated, where the hell is the rest of the bloody flat Earth?
  11. Go read my post again! I said YOU were attempting to lump your failed claim into the realm of their influence to gain some credibility for it! I don't wish to enter into any discussion about their influence, irrelevant. Irrelevant hogwash. Once again you make posts that are failing to answer tough questions and make more crazy claims. The Archers have more relevance. Hahaha. Now we have immortal aliens entering the discussion. You can't make this baloney up. Well, YOU can obviously For what? What are you talking about? And how the hell dare you accuse me of avoidance? You are the ongoing expert at this.
  12. It's just a big joke that even prior to an event you have the built in excuse. So people are actively fabricating images to hide that the Earth is flat and they are all staying quiet about it. People who work for a space agancy that has put hundreds of people in space and thousands of vehicles. Vehicles that can be tracked as they orbit by anyone with a radio receiver tuned to the download frequency. Receiving Satellite Transmissions - DIY Space Projects DIY Space Projects These people who receive the satellite transmissions also bounce signals off of the Moon, daily, all around the world.
  13. I am fully aware that it is impossible to convince a flat earther that they are hopelessly wrong, because they just place their head back in the sand and ignore the whole barrage of provable evidence. @zArkAbout the Sun size, the Sun speed, the Sun setting and rising, its distance to the horizon using trigonometry, its impossibility to get lower than about 20 degrees on a flat Earth, its impossible illumination pattern. Same with the Moon, plus the added problem of its face being inverted in the South and being identical simultaneously to two points 10,000 miles apart at the same latitude. Why are you afraid to answer? It speaks volumes about you as a poster rather than your failed claim. It's just not impressive. You're just making noise now, reasserting and evading.
  14. I don't care whether you agree or not. It is irrelevant in the extreme. You posit the issue of motivation but lack the sense to determine the gargantuan unfeasibility of it all. Baloney. What you are attempting to do is to ellicit support by attributing junk claims that have no evidence and ignore reality, to something that many believe to be true - the influence of masons on society. The idea that thousands of years of science and millions and millions of people are all stupid or lying - whilst containing a secret on this reasonless joke conspiracy - is so far beyond absurd that any normal person considering it would throw it out as garbage. Some do. I claim it is a money making venture for quite a few, feeding off the truly gullible who lack any ability to change their mind once made, or to understand things that they have never bothered educating themselves about. Irelevant, but the idea itself has a partial merit. Even so, the main issue doesn't involve a few hours of human history, it involves the entire planet over thousands of years. Not even close to being comparable. Facepalms x 1000 Money makers. You fell into the rabbit hole and rather than fight your way out, you are denying you are in one and seeking to drag others in!
  15. There are no words, no evidence, no explanations, nothing that can get through to somebody like you who has the craziest and untenable views on reality. You can't answer a single thing and your explanations for the things you do finally comment on, are some of the daftest on this planet.
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