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  1. I agree totally. I could have typed this. I was sacked 4 months before the 1984 scam on absence grounds. I had too much absence for bereavement and illness relating to diabetes and mental health issues. Unison collaborated, the managerial class breached policies and proceedures. My colleagues identified me as the best officer in the team. Lockdown for me therefore started 4-5 months sooner. When the noose tightened during the '2 weeks to flatten the curve' to date, I have the same feelings of terror waiting to materialise: ban on medical attention (for what it's worth), no or little access to food, permanently out of work, normy friends isolating me and unfriending (no reference to FB here). Their cherry on the cake of terror here is not time passing faster each year though a feeling that time is now irrelavant, non sensual, worthless. Any gradual return of short periods of a second wind I use to attempt advances. My next level of positivness, however short, must be to make contact with the Freedom Network (FN). We need the FN, build it plus assist people facing evictions by providing housing advice on challenging evictions legally, negotiating the minimal repayments for tenants and peaceful mass blockage of bailiffs. I have the legal and practical knowledge and skills in these fields which I can provide for free or in exchange. I have experience in incubating fertile poultry eggs which provide protein foods and meat to those in our communities who require it. I have knowledge and experience in electrical installation and repairs. As I type these fields of achievements, I slip back into a negative being. I will force myself to contact the FN or any other group who truly want to go against the tide and produce/create our own economy. Some talk on a parallel economy, but I'm yet to see roots, let alone shoots of such. Or am I wrong? I hope so! Engaging in economic and social production and providing services for free or exchange in opposition to this fascist tide will resolve the deep trauma and mental health issues we discuss here. Media resistance as well as culture of a different kind is essential, however the economic and social aspects of this struggle is the cutting edge to the elites plans. Spring is around the corner and seeds of all the above mentioned need to be planted and activated. Will another year pass of only media resistance and none else? We need this activated before more people fall prey to hopelessness. Please pass details of hands on groups. I can't let more time pass and not engage in progress. Those of us in a state of depression require support which in turn will serve our people in resistance with production. Weekend breaks in sussex, isle of white etc talking, meditating and repeating again are ok I guess if thats as far as one can go and serves the 'truthers' position and prestige. One can meditate and wait for the 'next state of consciousness' with the likes of falon gong contras (each ones choice, not mine), but what about this existance/reality? We will need to wait and see regarding the next reality (or lack of?) of being. Don't allow this life, whatever one thinks, go to waste. David Icke uses the correct term of love. So will I. Much Love to all.
  2. I've recently had debates with family and friends in relation to the benefits of hypnosis in treating medical conditions. Knowing little myself I was surprised that positive positions were held by those in debate. However when it comes down to the actual practice, not one has had hypno therapy or is making an effort. What do you think? Hypno therapy beneficial for anxiety, smoking, addictions?
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