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  1. This is a tricky topic to unpack. Some things to consider: 1. you will need to have assurance of the purity and quantity of the supplements in question. You can try labdoor or consumerlab or at least rely on certification such as USP to gauge which supplements actually provide what they claim to provide. 2. there is enormous variation in various researchers' claims on what level of supplementation is required to provide benefits. Take vitamin c for example. The mainstream medical literature claims 500mg to 1000 mg (1 gram) is more than sufficient. Some alternative researchers both with conventional medical training and not, claim at least 5 grams a day is required for positive benefits and upwards of 20 grams or more in times of acute stress or illness. Same with vitamin d. Most in the medical field claim 1,000 IU's a day is good enough, but others make far more radical claims and believe 14,000 to 20,000 IU's a day is optimal. I am not ready to make any recommendations on what to take or how much. I do however strongly encourage anyone to do preliminary research before taking any supplement.
  2. It looks like most of the forum members are Brits, which is fine. If you are in the UK, please feel free to list the cities which are now free of fake covid restrictions. Same for those elsewhere; what cities, countries, principalities, etc. are relatively free of the fake restrictions being foisted on far too many in far too many places! I understand the need to vent and complain and criticize but let's take some positive steps to identify liveable places for those of us who love freedom! Here in the states, FL and TX are free of any legal restrictions imposed by the state, but many of the larger corporations may have very different ideas...
  3. This is actually a great thread idea! List all of the cities, states, countries where covid restrictions are either non-existent, minimal or have been lifted. I may start the thread myself. In the meantime, on topic, you did not address the question: where are all of your sources documenting your claims about David Icke's predictions?
  4. What country/state/city are you in? For example, in the "free" red states of the USA, I see the following -in FL, a very large percentage are masking up even though they are not "required" to do so (no one is actually required but the state does not attempt any phony "mandates" either). -in TX, a large percentage of employees at private companies are "required" to wear masks or wear them voluntarily even if not required to do so. -throughout the US, I would say the vast majority of colleges and universities are "requiring" vaccines or at least "proof" of vaccination and are "requiring" indoor masking as well as quarantining for those testing "positive." There are likely smaller towns in the deep south, where resistance to any measures is very high, but even these towns often have "vaccination" rates around 30% or higher. In other words, even where opposition is strongest, there is still significant evidence of the impact of the fake virus agenda. There is nothing even remotely "normal" about day to day activity in almost all of the USA. Also, which videos and articles regarding David Icke's predictions do you cite? I see no mention of any particular lecture, video or article in your post.
  5. Another important question is: how many of the "vaxxed" actually are. There certainly is a huge percentage who have fake vax cards. In addition, there is a huge percentage who received a saline. If there are very significant percentages of both, it could very well be the case that there is nearly a 1 to 1 ratio of fake aka actual vaxxes and adverse reactions.
  6. Djokovic's deportation is almost certainly illegal. According to the immigration minister, the deportation is based upon: his “ongoing presence in Australia may foster… disregard for the precautionary requirements." Note the language--the immigration minister does not use the term LAW, and he does not say "required by LAW." Instead, he refers to "requirements." Their federal (supreme?) court ruled it was not in the "public interest" apparently to overturn the immigration minister's decision." So, basically, he was deported because he did violate any law of any kind. This law abidingness somehow "threatened" disregard for non existent laws.
  7. We have a year's worth of data so far: 20K deaths, 150K serious injuries, 1M adverse events in the US. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/20000-deaths-reported-to-vaers-following-covid-vaccines/ VAERS under reports by a factor of at least 20x, or as high as 45x or even 100x historically. https://www.christianitydaily.com/articles/14298/20211216/columbia-university-study-finds-vaers-deaths-undercounted-by-factor-of-20.htm https://vaersanalysis.info/2021/12/13/using-cms-whistleblower-data-to-approximate-the-under-reporting-factor-for-vaers/ https://welovetrump.com/2021/09/16/is-the-vaers-government-website-actually-under-reporting-vaxx-cases-by-100-times/ So, the more accurate range is: 400K to 2 million deaths, 3 million to 15 million serious injuries in the US in 1 year. These figures will almost certainly rise substantially as the number of shots increases per person per year.
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