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  1. It's well known that performance enhancing drugs are rampant in both pro and amateur athletics, especially but not exclusively at the elite international level. We also know that tests can be rigged to produce whatever results the testing agency wishes for. Kary Mullis taught us that with the PCR test: at a certain level of amplification, a positive result is guaranteed. Are the russians being made an example of? The Russian skater, Kamila Valieva, regarded as the best womens' figure skater of all time, "tested positive" for a banned substance. Oddly, the banned substance is very similar in effect to multiple other drugs which are not banned. So first it seems odd that only one of a class of similar drugs is banned. ROC was the result of supposedly systematic use of PED's but I have a hard time believing they're the only country involved. Is it possible they are being held to a different standard for drug testing? Perhaps a different schedule? More testing or even rigged or totally falsified results?
  2. Thanks for posting this. I listened to most of this podcast at an accelerated speed. It's a solid, basic overview of concepts we are all likely familiar with: the agenda of the controllers, their timeline, the corruption of their underlings, and the astonishing inability of most to resist these nefarious plans. A few criticisms -he is not very specific about who the controllers are, perhaps he digs deeper in other podcasts -he believes viruses are real, a la the widely circulated "bioweapon" theory -like most of this ilk, he is highly pessimistic about our odds of defeating the controllers, implying that the combination of global control, very long term timelines and the rather docile nature of most gives the controllers the upper hand -while I can't disagree with the analysis per se the very fact that he committed his life to conducting and sharing this type of research means that he believes there is some hope; again, perhaps he dives deeper into potential solutions in other podcasts
  3. California in the US, along with several other states, is lifting it's phony mask mandate yet again. Coincidentally, this announcement was made just days after CA governor Newsom was photographed indoors without a mask. Rather similar to Boris Johnson lifting restrictions after a story leaked about his hosting maskless parties indoors? It could be a coincidence, or are these coordinated stunts? After all, the media and politicians are completely controlled at this stage.
  4. I came across a thread a few days ago about a bloke looking for a job who finally found one. Can someone link it for me? Ive used the search function a few times and couldn't locate it. I was meaning to drop a word of congratulations but procrastinated and now can't find it. TIA!
  5. So, the alt-right/white nationalist narrative is valid up to a point but overly simplistic: they deliberately avoid any questions which could undermine their narrative in a heartbeat -who controls the jewish "elite?" -do the jewish elite actually identify as jews or is this yet another example of satanic inversion? -if the elites are disproportionately jewish, why do they slaughter their own people with endless fake vaccines? -why do the jews impose the same genocidal policies on their own people, and in far more intense fashion than anywhere else in the world? -if muslims are being weaponized in the west, then why doesn't the alt right (or what remains of it) mention or address the fact that --"jewish media" and "jewish controlled schools" are being weaponized against those same muslims once they arrive in the west? --the same media and propaganda not to mention the junk food is also being pushed into the middle east to destroy those cultures as well? There is very little evidence that world affairs are moving in the direction of jewish hegemony. There is overwhelming evidence that every aspect of humanity is being attacked in any and every way possible. As I have stated, too much of the alt right is fixated on the notion that christianity is actual historical narrative. Again, why would "white nationalists" or pro-european groups worship a jewish god?!? That question aside, is it beneficial practically speaking for europeans to worship a god who promotes pacifism, turning the other cheek, not concerning oneself with worldly affairs when their true reward is in the afterlife? Is it possible that white christian nationalists have been DELIBERATELY misled into believing the christ killer narrative as a diversion from the actual controllers of the world? Just food for thought.
  6. Another strikingly obvious piece of evidence that cannot be ignored is the fact that Israel is being used as a test site to push endless fake vaccinations. If the alt-right narrative were correct that jews rule the world, then they would making every effort to protect their own population at the expense of all others. In reality the situation is the exact opposite: jews are treated much more poorly and subject to far more oppression than just about anyone else in the world. This clearly leads to an alternative explanation: jews do not rule the world: however, many of the controllers pose as jews to shield themselves from criticism while they wage war against the entire human race, even those, and especially those, who actually do identify as jews. This is significant as the world jewish population is approximately 15 million, compared to well over a billion for the world european population.
  7. Jo Atwill addresses this issue squarely in Caesar's Messiah. It was released all the way book in 2012. Christianity is an invention of the roman empire with narratives designed to subdue the defiant jewish popuation/s within the empire. While that effort clearly was not successful long term, the institution of the roman catholic church did serve as a power base for the original creators of the religion and eventually was coopted by now well known saboteurs operating through secret societies as an instrument of control globally.
  8. The European population is the largest it's ever been in world history. The depopulation agenda is afoot everywhere. The satanic pope is pushing birth control, feminism, and the trans agenda throughout central and south america as well as the west. Traditional islamic families are being destroyed both in the west and in the middle east as western media undermines their belief systems and practices. African leaders who resist the fake covid agenda are being taken out. Bill Gates has openly stated his concerns about the growing sub saharan african population. His agenda in that region of the world is quite clear. East Asian birth rates are at record lows. The evidence clearly demonstrates that the depopulation agenda is afoot in every continent and nation.
  9. Someone on the forum had mentioned that Andrew Anglin had been a regular poster on the old DI forum. I didn't really believe it as their views clearly don't align on so many levels to put it mildly. Not a bad thing of course, just very surprising. However, he's just admitted that he's followed DI's work for decades now, so it's pretty clear that he was. Anglin actually started a thread on DI's work and he's clearly experienced a lot of cognitive dissonance with regards to David's work especially his views on Christianity and of course, "viruses." Everyone has their line in the sand of course, their sacred cows so to speak, regardless of the evidence. Trigger warning: the predictable racial slurs and insults are present in full force in the following thread. If you dare: https://gameruprising.to/index.php?threads/ladies-and-gentlemen-david-icke.34166/
  10. I was reading a book by an author who is an avowed Christian, clearly doing his best to live a principled, Godly life. In his intro, he mentions the many people who helped and inspired him, as well as friends and family. He spoke graciously of how kind and wonderful, hard working and principled they all were. He also celebrated the lives of friends and family he knew who had recently passed. Here's the rub. It's likely that some significant percentage of those kind souls were not christian. That means that according to Christian teaching if they had not accepted Jesus Christ as lord and savior, they were all going to hell. For eternity. Again, I mention mythvision. They had an interesting episode where they pointed out that this christian conception of hell, popularly understood, posits infinite punishment for a finite crime. And it's very difficult perhaps even impossible to claim that not accepting jesus as lord/savior constitutes a crime of any sort. There are still millions unfamiliar with Christianity. Other millions are not literate and do not have access to books or electronic media devices. What about the people who are familiar but still live principled lives where they are kind and gracious and strive to make a meaningful contribution but have not accepted jesus christ as lord/savior? Hell. In other words, they are not committing any crime or sin. They are merely non-believers. Therefore, leading a morally upright life is not important at all. All one need do is accept Jesus Christ as lord/savior. From that point on, one can in theory commit an endless list of sins as long as they ask forgiveness? Whereas a person who is perpetually kind and loving but does not accept jesus as lord/savior is condemned to eternal hell. Again, the christian God "allows" sin of all kinds in theory, as long as you submit and ask for forgiveness. Ultimately, the key principle of christianity appears to be submission.
  11. I'm not familiar with which religion uses the term quintessence, however: -an "unknowable quintessence" cannot possibly be referred to as a father, much less an all father, since by definition we don't know who or what this quintessence is, much less how it operates -if we were to speculate about a creator, couldn't this being just as logically or even more logically be referred to as a mother, since mothers give birth? -why even use terms like father and mother at all, since they are clearly references to biological acts (sexual reproduction) in the material realm, and are not spiritual concepts -even the term "manifestations" is a huge leap. The unknowable is just that: we don't know what this being produces or how. We are merely speculating rather than "knowing" correct? -I suppose you could get around this logical limitation by saying as you do that God creates all. Then you return the logical problems already discussed above, where an all loving all knowing spiritually pure God creates the fallen angel immediately responsible for all evil, foresees it, allows it and never does anything to prevent it. Not to mention the christian God is documented as a being which brings about calamity and destruction and suffering on a mass scale. Anthropomorphizing is a very common strategy, what other alternatives do we have for understanding the spiritual realm really, but it means that just about every attempt to do so will inevitably lead back to humans describing ourselves rather than a God. It's a rather strange and perhaps inevitable paradox that the more we attempt to describe the other, the transcendent, the quintessence, the more detailed an elaboration we inevitably produce of ourselves!
  12. So then we return to fundamental definitions and distinctions. Who or what is God? Clearly, there is some fundamental difference man = finite knowledge and capability God = infinite knowledge and capability infinite knowledge by definition means any and all actions, thoughts and feelings of all finite beings is known in advance, hence, the calvinist doctrine of predestination. What WE in our finite timeline, perspective and knowledge, perceive our own actions as the product of our free will. But GOD in his (how can God be a he if he is infinite rather than tied to a specific sex/gender identity?) infinite wisdom (literally, not figuratively) knows exactly what we will think, feel and of course, do. God's infinitude means that what we perceive as "free" and open ended choice is actually pre-determined, even pre-destined. In essence, our perception of free will is simply an error (i.e., limitation) in perception given our inability to perceive the infinite timeline perspective of God. What we PERCEIVE as choice is merely predestination we are unable to comprehend from a God's eye view. So, the question is since you reject a definition of God as omnipotent, then God is by definition limited and finite in power and knowledge. A reasonable proposition, but then the question is HOW limited is God in knowledge and capability? How can we figure out the limits of God's power and knowledge? Since you reject the notions of omnipotence and omniscience, then how is God any different from man, since both are finite in knowledge and capability? Sure, you could argue that God is MORE knowledgeable and capable than humans, but then you could just as easily argue, with overwhelming evidence, that since there is enormous inequality AMONG various humans and human groups in knowledge and capability then this principle of inequality could be used to justify the claim that some people are GODS! Aren't these the types of claims that led to the abuses of the Roman Empire? Of the specious claims of Divine Right of kings? Or even of the wacky claims of the entertainment industry that we should worship celebrities as if they were gods?
  13. I've heard the "explanation" of Jesus giving his life for our sins and regardless of how many times this claim is repeated, explained or elaborated upon, it's never made sense logically. 1. since Jesus is God, and hence immortal, he cannot actually die. Therefore, the loss of his physical body is not an actual death, but technically speaking, a mere transition from physical back to spiritual form. 2. the triumverate makes no sense to me either. What is the "holy spirit" and how is it different from "God" and the "Son"/Sun of God? Why is separating God into a trinity necessary in the first place? 3. Since God and the Son are ONE, how can the "Father" forsake the "Son?" 4. why is Christianity defined as monotheistic if there are at least 3 Gods? 5. assuming Jesus "died" why was this "death" necessary? Apparently, Jesus was "sacrificing" himself (after all, Jesus was/is/always will be all powerful and could have easily prevented his physical death) in order to prevent all of humanity from eternal damnation? a. if so, why would "God" demand a sacrifice? This sounds just like the satanic Gods who demand human sacrifices. b. why would God the all loving Father demand the sacrifice involving excruciating agony of his own Son? c. why would God even entertain the prospect of condemning the entire human population to eternal damnation if they/we are his children and he loves us unconditionally and he himself is Pure Love? There are so many logical fallacies and contradictions, and I've only touched upon a few here, it's easy to conclude that Christian narratives are a hopelessly jumbled mess invented in large part for purposes of political control (council of nicea?). Namely, Christianity folds in a laundry list of various overlapping as well as contradictory ancient "gods" and forms of worship, pagan, sun worship, various greek, roman and egyptian moral systems and so on. Making any logical sense of any of it is a hopeless exercise since it is essentially a mish mash and combination of previous forms of mysticism and spirituality inter-woven into an ugly, convoluted patchwork instead of a truly systematic attempt to understand spirituality and morality.
  14. There was a semi-interesting mythvision podcast on this exact topic (more or less) recently. They were oddly careful and coy about stating their conclusion. Instead of explicitly saying so, they continually implied that the G/od of the bible could not be what was claimed (pure love) since he either created the entity responsible for all evil, or was directly responsible for all evil since God's omniscience clearly allowed God to foresee all that would happen. Richard Carrier takes things a step further and states his conclusion more explicitly: he believes there is no God since none of the tenets is fulfilled: a. if God is all knowing, he should have known in advance that creating the angel who would fall and create evil was a mistake b. since God is omnipotent as well as omniscient, then he must be allowing evil acts to occur, since God is allowing this evil to occur (clearly an omnipotent God could end evil at any moment) negating the claim that God is pure love (after all, how could pure love allow for genocide, homicide, suicide on such a mass scale century after century) c. since God knew his actions would lead to evil and did not prevent it from happening, God is in fact responsible for all acts of evil d. therefore, the God of Christianity cannot possibly exist since by definition a God which is all powerful, all knowing and all loving could not possibly allow suffering on such a mass scale indefinitely. This is in addition to the problem of historicity. Not to mention the striking and obvious parallels to sun worship, as well as the historical parallels between the events in the bible and roman imperial conquest. Add to that the parallels between the old and new testament. Clearly, the God of the old testament is strikingly "human" in temperament, punishing his children, sending locusts, plagues, and doling out severe punishments such as plagues, pestilence, forced exile, demanding human sacrifice, etc. So, Carrier's logic leads him to conclude that since the christian God is illogical according to it's own premises, there is no God. I'm not sure if that logic holds since his entire argument is predicated on Christian and biblical premises, and there are certainly other ways of making the case for a God, if not a christian one specifically.
  15. No, I'm not talking about the beer. In the past 2 years, I've gained between 15 and 20 pounds. Oddly, I've been pretty physically active pretty much the entire time, exercising on at least a semi-regular basis throughout (weather allowing). Obviously, the culprit is over-eating. I've gotten a handle on that in the past week or so, I think I was just embarrassed by my lack of discipline on the matter. The key of course, is to maintain my healthy eating habits and remain vigilant on the matter. I think I can do this without much difficulty. The main thing for me is to avoid the excuse of "I've worked out, i deserve a big meal!" No, that "logic" hasn't panned out. I'm starting a thread to keep myself semi-accountable on the matter as quite frankly, I'm not really thrilled with my appearance with all of this additional weight. If anyone else is facing a similar challenge, feel free to reply!
  16. This is more of a practical example rather than any sort of theoretical treatise... I spent several hours a couple days out of town recently. On the first day, I didn't really bother with my appearance: scruffy stubble in particular. I felt like people were very nice, strong eye contact, lots of smiles, lots of people at least acknowledge me in a friendly way just passing by. On the second day, I was feeling rather cheerful from the previous day. I made an especial effort, shave, a subtle cologne. I thought I looked sharp(-er) and felt like it. Oddly, barely anyone acknowledged me. Almost no eye contact, no chit-chat, no smiles, I felt almost totally anonymous and invisible! Could just be random chance as these are relatively small samples, but I found it interesting that people were so much friendlier when I put so little effort into my appearance!
  17. I called several of the stores I was/am interested in visiting. To my surprise, several of the stores immediately stated that I was welcome to shop or visit no problem! A few others said I would not be served, using words like "mandatory" or "required" or even "law" but I called all of them on their bluff. They said I would not be served regardless. A bit of a mixed bag, but there's no realistic way of shopping at every store so this was a nice way of separating out the wheat from the chaff...
  18. I am curious as to the response of customers and store employees in a very left wing store in an ultra left wing city!
  19. Too tired for a full write up, but a lot of the extraordinary rise of the left fills a vacuum left by the precipitous decline of christianity in the west. Fauci/Biden/CDC are playing "god" vs the evil of corona.
  20. It's been an unusually mild winter with plenty of sun all day most days. I bought several sun hats with multiple brim sizes. Each of the hats includes a clip-on face cover and neck cover for complete sun protection. The face cover for the small brimmed hat is a little bit restrictive. However, the face cover for the wide brimmed hat doesn't restrict my breathing at all. I could wear it comfortably all day. I suppose there is a slight risk of breathing in cloth fibers, but the fit is not restrictive. I'm tempted to test this at not one, but several stores. I had a Karen go nutso when I wore a face shield once in a store once, so there are no guarantees. I've never worn a mask indoors during this entire scam, although I have used a face shield on a few occasions in an ahem, artful way. I have mixed feelings about this obviously. I think it would be fun as a lark and experiment for one. But, I don't want to compromise my principles either. I don't want to behave any differently than I would otherwise, although that has led to multiple confrontations in the past nearly two years. During that time I have never once seen a single other person stand their ground without a face mask, aside from myself of course. Interested in your thoughts and practices on this matter.
  21. We've all seen/heard/witnessed/experienced the horror stories to one degree or another. Crazy, deranged Karens threatening to kill people who oppose fake vaccinations. The freakouts, the blue hair, BLM protests swamped with women, etc. There is little doubt that at the extremes, you will find some very strange people, regardless of ideological stripe. The more liberals I encounter however, the more I doubt the claim that garden variety liberals and even those who identify as "communists" are bad people I recently visited a major college town and my interactions with the people there reminded me of just how kind liberals can be. This college town is further left than most leftist college towns, if you can imagine that. Without going into a lot of detail it has a storied history of protest, insurrection, social experimentation, etc. I had a number of brief, but polite exchanges with a number of the people there. Plenty of eye contact, a few random smiles, and some casual friendly chit chat. This was completely unlike my experiences recently in a suburban community where 95 to 99% of the residents are colder than ice, at best. I left feeling exhilarated. This is despite the fact that this particular town has been hit exceptionally hard by just about every facet of the wide ranging, deranged fake corona agenda. There are STILL "x"es designating social distancing spacing on multiple streets. There are masking signs on EVERY SINGLE BUILDING. Even the student organization tables were distanced. Add to that, this college town is in a busy urban center and there was litter, disposable masks and graffiti everywhere. So why such a positive vibe? Most all of my experiences, especially with younger adult liberals, is that they are good people trying to lead lives of integrity. They want to be kind, tolerant, and accepting towards most everyone. To a large extent, they show strong disdain for social hierarchies and want to treat all individuals and groups with dignity. So where did it all go wrong? To put it very simply, they are led through a brainwashing/propaganda tunnel from beginning to end. THEY DON'T KNOW ANY BETTER AND HAVE NO OTHER LENS WITH WHICH TO VIEW THE WORLD. To blame liberals for their world view is like blaming fish for swimming. These young adults have been inundated with liberal propaganda through every form of media and education from birth. It's so ironic that they try to be so hard to be accepting, tolerant and kind and yet these very noble intentions and goals are perverted to destroy them: -introducing homosexuality/lgbtq, pedophilia and paraphilia of all forms to destroy their will to form families and have children. -villifying men -inundating western countries with 3rd world immigrants who have no capability of functioning, must less competing effectively in modern cultures -exploiting their desire for safety and long lives by constantly threatening them with death and illness through fake corona propaganda. -weaponizing the homeless to make just about every city so that they become unliveable. I have never seen a generation work so hard to be good people and yet have their intentions turned against them so ruthlessly. I want to help them but don't know how....
  22. That is an excellent point. To impute rationality, even sanity, upon those who cannot comprehend limits is a serious mistake. Jo Atwill, in an interview for Caesar's Messiah, recounted a story of a Roman emporer (Titus?) who forced his slaves to declare him a god while he set rows of other slaves on fire screaming in agony. This is the type of open display of power they crave once again. However, their insanity is clearly working to our advantage, at least to those of us who can discern the situation clearly, which is a very, very large percentage. As David Icke classifies them, they are proto-renegade minds, in the making. The more openly they display their proclivities, the greater the pushback. Even those who can't will eventually tire of the endless restrictions. Mass protests are being organized on the regular throughout Europe and Australia. Few such protests in the states, but as I pointed out earlier, only a relatively small percentage of states in the US are attempting mandates. The elites/low-lites are an incredibly bizarre group and more difficult to categorize than some might gather. There are those who are basically go-fers, front-men and fall guys, like Biden, the Clintons, Trump, who are useful because they are so degenerate. They will go along with any agenda as long as their vices are fulfilled to some degree. Then there is the self styled technocratic elite: Bezos, Musk, Cook who envision or at least help to build projects enabling a tiny few to eventually colonize outer space. Third are the military-technocratic elite who are attempting to usher in an era of chip implanted cyborgs all plugged into a mainframe control grid. There is far more to this, but that's a brief glimpse into the most easily documentable aspects of the psychopathic power structure, with far more that's much more challenging to document properly: off-worlders, greys, reptilians, underground genetic hybrid experimentation, etc.
  23. I know there is a lot of skepticism about our ability to fight back and resist the tyranny we see all around us. However, if we think logically about this, I don't see how this plot could actually succeed, for many very obvious reasons: 1. those who support the agenda most ardently are likely the ones who are going to be severely injured or even meet an untimely demise. Those who are attempting to foist the corona agenda on us are too stupid to figure out that they are killing and maiming their own support base! 2. among those injured, a significant percentage will begin to resist as will their friends and family. Many of the most loyal supporters of the scam are bound to jump ship at some point. 3. those who resist and don't get the fake vaccines or even wear masks are clearly the most intelligent, independent minded and resilient of all peoples. We will serve as the voice of leadership for the huge numbers in camp 2 who see the light sooner or later. 4. the corona scam is far too broad scale to implement fully, or even partially without complete societal collapse everywhere. Less than 2 years in, there are huge numbers of workers who are dropping out of the workforce. All of these elon musk fantasies about flying to mars and then building space colonies is a total pipe dream. That dipshit can't even supply toilet paper and spaghetti-o's reliably in the United States! Yet he intends to build rocket ship commuters to multiple planets in outer space?!? This is not like the TSA which is limited to airports (and to some limited extent elsewhere). This is supposed to swallow up all people in all countries. This requires the consent of many billions of people Here in the USA, I believe only 9 of the 50 states have mask mandates (all illegal) but even there, there is vocal opposition and lots of pushback. Take something as mundane as sporting events. In cities and states with "indoor mask mandates" I regularly see non-compliance at rates of at least 90%. Yes, there are cities where a majority or most spectators do wear masks where it is "required" but there are still endless of near complete non compliance even in cities with the "strictest" "mandates." Add to that, how many of those supposedly fake vaxxed are actually vaxxed? I bet it's likely only the elderly who are complying in large numbers. Younger adults are almost certainly ponying up a few shekkels for fake non vaxx cards. If/when digital vaxx passes are used, it probably won't be long before a hack is implemented as a workaround. There are lots of fearmongers and controlled opposition like alex jones and andrew anglin who are constantly trying to terrify us with the worst possible outcome. Don't believe them. The planned system is already facing huge opposition, especially with mass protests throughout Europe. Hang on, guys, the corona (insert appropriate expletive here) are having a very difficult go of it as we speak. There will certainly be territories that are permanently engulfed by this insanity, but the vast majority will not stand for it. Under times of duress it's easy to overstate or understate the problem, but in the US and Europe, there is little data that suggests anything other than massive opposition to continuation of these policies by the overwhelming majority. Even among those who "comply" they will continue to troll the system with various workarounds any paper or digital requirements.
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