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  1. So things are winding down then the pandemic is reaching a end. Back to some form of normality right? What's the deal with Boris are they wheeling him out the picture ready for the next nutter? I thought we had agenda 2030? Surely they can't just end the pandemic now? Something isn't adding up false sense of security How are things in China and Australia and New Zealand? Last time I saw they were all good crazy with quarantine camps etc.... I thought this was all coming here?
  2. Looks like the pandemic is winding down are they trying to lure people into a false sense of rest bite before they crank it up again? What do you think will happen this year?
  3. Hey Guys, I had the first jab pfizer mainly because I did it because at the time my father was very unwell. COPD and I was pressurised to get vaccinated in order to see him. He passed away Christmas eve goy up during the night and collapsed. He had the booster roughly a month prior to death. I can't say for sure what killed him He is due to have a autopsy which understably their is a backlog so still awaiting report. I saw today they want us to live with the virus and continue onwards so is this the end of the madness? Are they winding everything down? Or can we expect more lockdowns
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