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  1. connected? Nothing to do with me btw https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10418943/amp/Mystery-dog-illness-sweeps-UK.html
  2. I remember dolly, my eyes have been open for along time, not in 2003 tho when dolly was created...2006 i think was penny drop time after watching loose change.
  3. Some of claims seemed way to far fetched to be credible to me, ie switching memory on and off. Fucking with and deleting our genes on the other hand tho does seem in realms of capability!
  4. After lurking many years just want to say hi and fully join up to the crusade. Remdesivir D. x
  5. Rookie politician Gideon van Meijeren catching out Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte in a web of lies and ties to the Klaus Schwab Great Reset.
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