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  1. Here's the article about the Blood Groups... Probably why myself & Dr James are still alive... If you scroll down you'll find something interesting... IoC= Intensification of Care - Nobody with the AB0 blood group required intensified care, but it looks the the ones who got it where finished off by modern medicine regardless... Lowest death rate of all blood-groups.. Us lucky AB neg buggers cant die! - I would love to know what blood group Dr James has... && I'm assuming he took his HEP boosters when he joined the hospital the same as I did years ago... As it is a very rare blood type, in about 1 in 100 people. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8447536/ Type AB (N=13) IoC= 0 (0) 5 (38.5) 6 (46.2) 0.03 0.37 0.94
  2. Maybe that was the whole plan? Rather than turn into a Transhumanist Chimeric Rat craving Cheese! Euthanise the population... I doth protest - it's against my trans-human rights to co exist UN-molested!
  3. It's down to blood groups unfortunately, there is a virus - but work it out for yourself... Alpha variant blood group A+ Beta variant blood group B+ Omicron variant blood group O+ So if you are O negative or AB negative you will not die from there Lab made HIV Bug! But at least your off-spring might develop some interesting traits...
  4. Well your lucky I've had three times, got the alpha version from a mate who swore he didn't have it as he gave me a hug, he did, then I caught the beta version of it and came out in hives seemed to swerve around Gamma & Delta and finally caught the omicron version, from a triple vaccinated bloke at work, then I started listening to the anti-vax lot and they told me the horrifying statistic that everyone taking an experimental vax was probably going to die from immune failure.. I couldn't go back to work because the employer was being a dick after 11 days off recovering saying I needed to give them a negative PCR - which the CDC and MIT and every other scientist under the sun says you most certainly do not do, because your still shedding dead bits of it for 90 days so of course your still going to show positive.. But so far I would appear to still be alive and thankfully UN-vaccinated and so now I'm just waiting for all the vax'd lot to finally drop down dead from immune system failure.. The more they vaccinate themselves, then the weaker there immune system is getting according to the REAL science! Have to laugh everybody said "don't trust the social party!" so the first thing they all did was rush out and embrace socialised medicine!
  5. Oh, you mean you guys don't know who Mr Big is? Let me help you out here... His name is Klaus Schwab - he runs the Davo's Economic Forums... A Child who grew up in former Nazi Germany - Hence the Youth Organisation & Participation Scheme (Like the Hitler Youth!) that funded every political leader we have who has listened to his Great Reset Plans... Please see the Welcome to the Great Reset by WhatsHerFace https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eirm9mapQyY He's now managed to attract the attention of the Social Left & the Russian Mafia and he's had to close his Davos Open Forum this year for fear that he is probably going to be Killed by a load of very very angry people! Unfortunately he is a shallow and worthless human being that simply wanted to have a one world currency and a one world bank, but of course anyone with half of a brain can tell you that is not a possibility, as all of the people who embrace the party are fully aware that they are "Ze Bank!" So the whole Masonic idea of a One World Bank under your One World Control where you own everything is regretfully - fantasia Bull-Shit! To Quote Mr Global or Klaus - "You will own nothing & be happy!"
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