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  1. Hi, I bought these Supplements: - Vitamin D3 - Vitamin B3 Niacin - NAC - Quercetin - Iron Bisglycinate with Vitamin C To get the most benefit out of these supplements, anyone know which times of the day is best to take each supplement listed above? Also for each supplement is it best to take on empty stomach or with a meal? Finally which supplements listed above are known to not to mix/stack together than can cause health probs or one supplement can reduce the benefit of another supplement when stacked you know what I mean.
  2. Aspirin reduces Fever temp? Okay fever for adults is okay to let it run but not for kids you meant?
  3. If the immune system doesn't trigger a Fever then what does? So you saying Colds and Flus don't exist? Also what is the purpose of the Fever?
  4. Hi all new here. When it comes to fevers, are fevers triggered by your immune system to overheat your body to kill viruses in the body? At what hot temperatures at Celsius C viruses die at? Then there's doctors out there saying fevers overheating your body causes long term damage in the body high risk so best to reduce fevers temperature with meds. But then again how viruses in body get killed off without hot temperatures ? Confused.
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