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  1. 25 minutes ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:

    The tweet is what it is.....no source provided.

    That's why I said I would keep an eye on what else is said/not said.



    There were a few YouTube videos about this but they've all been taken down immediately and accounts perma banned. Chances are this had some legs to it as they're trying to bury it. If it is indeed true he said this, will likely see an "accident" soon regarding this leader, and/or members of his close circle. Definitely an interesting situation to follow.

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  2. A Canadian guy whose here to learn from and with other like minded souls. 


    I do have a question, I made one reply on a post, that was deleted. I have no idea why. No cursing. No personal attacks. Simply mentioned the connection of the number 8 and Saturn in the covid thread where some people were talking about the connection of 8? 


    Any idea why the comment would have been deleted? I'm not trying to be unruly, just curious because I thought I was adding a simple small addition to the question of what's the deal with the 8's. 



    Anyways, long time reader, happy to be here. Thanks for hosting this forum 



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