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  1. l believe so.....or at Parliament Square / near vicinity ? The Police don't like them.
  2. Exactly why he's done / doing what he does - AND is allowed to.
  3. Just as l suspected... Amateur low budget, badly acted pseudo-documentary - pushing the idea that immortality is very soon possible and what everyone should want.
  4. The full film made by Johnny Boston is elusive - l cannot find it available for free online - it can be confused with a few films / documentaries with 2030 in or as the title. This is from the trailer; "Johnny Boston was 10 years old when he first met FM-2030, a futurist who intended to live forever. But in 2000, after his body ceased to function, FM was cryonically preserved. 16 years later, an unexpected call places FM's future in Johnny's hands."
  5. Stumbled across this character - FM-2030 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FM-2030 Born in 1930 - wanted to celebrate his 100 year birthday - hence his chosen new name. But, on July 8, 2000, FM-2030 died from pancreatic cancer and was placed in cryonic suspension at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Scottsdale, Arizona, where his body remains today. He did not yet have remote standby arrangements, so no Alcor team member was present at his death, but FM-2030 was the first person to be vitrified, rather than simply frozen as previous cryonics patients had been. There's a Youtube channel dedicated to him and the film / documentary about him / it and his ideas; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLTDbY-3PBVC_25495xsclw/featured The film is simply called "2030" which has heavy connotations with the Agenda 2030 name. Website: https://www.2030thefilm.com/ Facebook: https://facebook.com/2030thefilm Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/2030thefilm/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/2030thefilm
  6. Taken from Dr Mike Yeadon's Telegram channel.. (I had a friend whose father had to wear a mask most of the day to keep working - he got ill - diagnosed as Convid 1984 - turned out to be Pneumonia) - this bit is from me.
  7. Members here come from countries all around the planet, so no 'nation / national' here.. If we were to have an anthem it would probably be a good idea to have the discussion on what song in here - https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/forum/48-sport-entertainment/
  8. I'm guessing by your comment that you've had very negative interactions with people over what's going on. Most people are naive and trusting and deserve empathy and understanding if they've been fooled by the lies. I have friends and family who have got themselves jabbed. None of them deserve to die for their misplaced trust. Direct your righteous anger at the correct people. And it is right to be angry. The biggest crime against humanity is taking place. Be angry. Use and direct that energy wisely.
  9. That is correct.
  10. legion


    edit to add - by "this country" - l mean your average citizen - not the ruling war mongers
  11. to be fair - after l posted it , l realised it was after threads / topics with solutions - not specific solutions :O) But hey....past time to run out of bubble gum. l hear about all sorts of production factories hit by problems / fires....but never bubble gum factories. The Cabal are protecting them for a good reason....
  12. We so so so need these people to come forwards and speak out
  13. legion


    @Bombadil Saved by the Bomb :O)
  14. This'll set the cat amongst the pigeons... Russian MPs back full ban on ‘LGBT propaganda’ Lawmakers give preliminary backing to a law that, if passed, would prohibit the promotion of both same-sex relations and pedophilia © Yuri KADOBNOV / AFP Russia’s State Duma, the lower house of parliament, has given preliminary approval to a bill aimed at countering ‘LGBT propaganda.’ If passed, the law would introduce hefty fines for disseminating such material or justifying pedophilia. On Thursday, members of the Duma unanimously backed the bill, which is widely seen as a follow-up to a law passed in 2013, which prohibits the spread of ‘LGBT propaganda’ among those under 18. The new law would apply to the media, internet, literature, ‘audio-visual services,’ films, and advertisements. Breaching the new regulations would cost up to 400,000 rubles ($6,500) for individuals and up to 5 million rubles ($81,500) for legal entities. On top of that, foreign offenders would be expelled from Russia. Separate sections of the bill call for hefty fines for those promoting and “justifying” pedophilia as well as disseminating information that could encourage underage Russians to change their sex. READ MORE: Court sides with Christian baker in landmark LGBT row Commenting on the proposed law, Vyacheslav Volodin, the chair of the State Duma, said that “there is still work to be done before the second hearing,” suggesting that the penalties may be even higher. “We should do our best to protect our children, those who want to lead a normal life,” he argued. Alexander Khinshtein, the chair of the Duma’s committee on information policy, clarified that the lawmakers were not seeking to outlaw LGBT, but rather “make sure there is no propaganda.” According to Khinshtein, the proposed legislation is further proof of Russia’s “civilizational confrontation with the West.” The lawmaker concluded that the new rules are needed to protect Russia’s health and demography. https://www.rt.com/russia/565444-russia-parliament-lgbt-propaganda-bill/
  15. legion


    .....oh ffs ive got shadows dancing around in my peripheral vision :O( someone like one of my comments quickly - PLEASE !!!
  16. #metoo l'd rather see his real DNA results compared to Windors / Hewitts.. :O)
  17. I thought...



  18. Another interview - on One Radio Network with Patrick Timpone THIS "AWAKENING" IS REAL AND WE ARE THE ONES WHO MUST WAKE UP https://www.bitchute.com/video/8CVMLWyoKBs2/
  19. VACCINE DAMAGE - REAL PEOPLE: CHARLET Charlet Crichton returns to the UK Column to update us on what life is like nearly 2 years on from being injected with a ‘vaccine’ that would change her life forever. This is her honest, measured, eloquent and humble account of the nightmare she endures on a daily basis. As of the date of publishing, no investigation, no support or answers have been given to Charlet or the other 800+ sufferers whom she supports via UKCV Family, the organisation that she and fellow co-founder, Caroline Pover, set up in order to support the growing number of vaccine injured individuals in the UK. The vast range of serious adverse reactions, symptoms and diagnoses that each of them receive are simply too long to list. Charlet describes how she and her members laboriously navigate a huge tangled web of ‘systems’ which include multiple government departments and agencies, on top of having to research their own symptoms to search for appropriate experts, treatment and advice. The UK Column will continue to support UKCV Family and ensure that their story never gets forgotten or ignored. We will continue to walk with them and support them in finding the answers and the help they need to move forward. For those who can and want to help, we include this link to Charlet’s fundraising campaign: UKCV Family GoFundMe https://www.bitchute.com/video/kJ4NxKZPEDLZ/
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