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  1. Who rattled your cage, dirtydogboy..? Triggered..?
  2. Sorry. I recommend coconut oil for your scrolling finger
  3. Any other channel would have been just a distant memory.. Russel Brand's latest YT videos ;
  4. We're all on the Spectrum together You said it - Fabian Society
  5. Normal banter... ?? Offering a known (by most celebrities in the UK) creepy sex monster a naked and willing 'assistant'... normal banter? I'm obviously talking to the wrong people here in South London. Brand would have heard the rumours IMO. Even John Lyndon had heard and he was just a scrawny spotty Punk. So Brand openly cozying up to Mr Sex Monster is the same as an incidental photo with Bruno and the Ripper in the same shot...? If you go out more, then I'd suggest the opposite - stay in more
  6. David Icke - June -'23 Brand and Harari.. https://davidicke.com/2023/06/16/how-freedom-campaigner-russell-brand-interviewed-wef-ai-stalwart-yuval-harari-and-licked-his-arse-2/
  7. I found an iconic statue with Adult / Child / Flute.. Made by the self confessed Pedophile - Eric Gill It's at the BBC HQ in London.
  8. IMO - he was 'in the Club' - is still in the Club - always will be in the Club. He's willingly being used to discredit Truthers.
  9. This is the video I watched the OBEY item being used. (at the 24 minutes mark) Katie Perry clearly goes from a confident person ridiculing Brand for not watching the film he was being asked about - to suddenly becoming a stammering tongue tied fool who vocally deferred to Brands superiority. Also in this video is a look into Brands FreeMasonic inspired children's book - The Pied Piper - complete with the 'usual' imagery. Included in this video is Brand being interviewed on TV with his neighbours young children - for Brand to show how much he liked children despite not having any of his own. Also we have Brand explaining his "33" tattoo on his wrist as a tribute to Jesus. I found the video interesting. https://odysee.com/@januszkowalskii1979:e/The-Truth-about-Russell-Brand---The-Hidden-Hand-Freemasonry.-33-Is-the-Public-Brainwash.-360-is-the-Top:8
  10. Complete with the Pentagram..? Did you watch the video where Brand pulls it out while being with Katie Perry... Did you see the sudden change in her behaviour..?
  11. Are you on a damage limitation mission, Bam..?
  12. There is something really wrong with a 30 year old celebrity having a SECRET relationship with a 16 year old.. That he 'picked up' at random in Leicester Square. If you don't find this really wrong and want to focus on 'legal', then you need to have a word with yourself..
  13. Yep. Now we need an average citizen to take control with commoner sense.
  14. ^^^ This ^^^ And to discredit antivaxxers and 'truthers'..
  15. They've managed to get a curfew on domestic cats in Australia, with an overload of information about how cats are wiping out native animals, cats are seen in a very bad light. Not long for the domestic moggies in Oz..
  16. BOOM....!!!! The words Nail and Head come to mind ..
  17. Where the hell did 'they' get that exchange from, between Soville and Brand..?
  18. So 3 MM entities got together and have been investigating for several years. The only reason these women are talking is because they were tracked down and approached. And they're still asking for women to come forward with any stories. Reminds me of the fact that the Scottish Police went out hunting for witnesses and accusers of Alex Salmond. The Times article comes across as almost Sun levels of condescending story telling. Written very emotively...and even bringing in the ultimate devil of all sexual predators - SIR Jimmy Soville. Which after the mention, turned into a non corroborated 'story'. It can only be 1 of 2 things. A straightforward witch hunt or a planned story AKA problem reaction solution for some as yet to be seen move by TPTB. Has Russell Brand really awoken and is he really a true thorn in the side of the Globalists..? Or is he sticking to the script given to him..?
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