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  1. Look into Graham Hancock. (the explorer / writer of hidden ancient history) He's done this ceremony many times. I'm sure you can find a way to contact him.
  2. There's evidence across Social Media that there's a growing movement across London. They're targeting the cameras, the signs and the mobile camera vans. This isn't over by a long way..
  3. Why would anyone trust the United Nations’ regime? Trust this fetid network of public-private partnerships to be the global governance regime? You must be joking. By Iain Davis www.ukcolumn.org/blogs/why-would-anyone-trust-the-united-nations-regime
  4. I don't like Brand. I suspect that he's a wrongun. But what Mac says is spot on. Take him through the courts or shut the fuck up..
  5. I'm not a TV owner / watcher.. I wouldn't sign in to CH4 to watch. However... I am OK with Bitchute. Someone has posted it in full. The first 3 minutes are a loop of Brand coming on to a stage at one of his shows. I presume this is to prevent the copywriters claiming it.. https://www.bitchute.com/video/DwtFpceNzG4j/
  6. As @Anti Facts Sirpointed out. Andrew Bridgen MP just openly sent a bombshell of a letter to the Prime Minister.
  7. I forgot to add that JR does not believe that 911 was orchestrated..
  8. Hmmm... I've only ever watched / listened to JR when Graham Hancock was a guest. They both still think the Plandemic was real. They both think it was an accidental Wuhan Leak) They both think 'mistakes were made' in regards to the over-reaction. They both deny there's an overarching agenda in progress. (corporations and governments are just taking advantage of natural events - basically opportunists) They both still think Bill Gates is just looking for profits (monetary) JR is okay with Men using Women's bathrooms / toilets / changing rooms. JR clearly ridiculed David Icke and said that Alex Jones is infinitely better than DI. (IMO AJ is a complete joke of a shill) There's more to say, but I need to detoxify myself from that podcast now... Thanks @screamingeagle- that was a painful couple of hours. Russell Brand talks too fast (much like most Americans - except for JR)
  9. How BlackRock conquered the World.. https://www.bitchute.com/video/6ujOL6bHl0pk/
  10. I can think of sooooo much mischief I could get up to with one of these..
  11. I had no idea that these things were available. I'm guessing that with the possibility of miss-use, you'd need a licence of some sort..?
  12. Why, why, why didn't they just deplatform him like all the others we've seen disappear from YT over the past 10 years..? Why was he allowed to run unchecked..? One of his videos even calls out YT censorship, FFS... I couldn't even upload a video I had of London protests a couple of years ago. I got a warning for going against YT policies. Why now..? Why in this way..?
  13. And further... I found an interesting discussion between Dr John Campbell and RB from 3 weeks ago. Moderna corruption in UK / Australia / Canada / Governments / funding..
  14. How would I find that..? I don't watch Joe Rogan.
  15. The proverbial can of worms gets canier and wormier.. News this morning - RB's YT channel has been de-monetised.. So the channel remains for now. Despite the videos above of Brand cozying up with Harari, I found this video of Brand openly calling out the WEF and it's policies.
  16. If it's 10 degrees hotter, that'll be a News Flush..
  17. For sure. I despise the BBC. I don't pay for a TV licence as I won't give them my 'currency'.. But... Day time radio is not the place or time to taunt someone about fucking their granddaughter. I'm up for adult laughs, but in the right place and time. Brand and Ross acted despicably. All in the name of entertainment.
  18. Brand had had sex with his Granddaughter. Sachs had no idea. This all came out on live BBC radio 2. Brand lost his job. A fine was paid.
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