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  1. I'll queue it up for tomorrow. Thanks. Should have turned in a while ago. Indeed.
  2. You think it's possible that Russia have 'out chessed' the USA into getting them to bring NATO and the EU onto their doorstep for armed conflict on purpose..? The easiest war to supply is one not so far away. And the easiest war to get the vast majority of citizens in favour of is one on your very doorstep with obvious imminent danger. Is this Napoleon and the Germans all over again..? Going through the WEF young leaders program doesn't necessarily mean that he'll play ball later. Putin and / or his handlers could be following the script and / or could be about to lay the USA and Europe to waste by military and economic means. The deception goes so many levels down the rabbit holes it's impossible to take it all in. Info overload. Beep beep - warning - circuits overheating - beep beep warning - system temporarily shutting down. Probably best to light one up. And listen to some good tunes
  3. Hereby known as Disinfowars.. Alex is such a fucking obvious Muppet. Gives the bare minimum to keep stringing along the half awake.
  4. Yes. A certain percentage were. There were also many other different 'technologies' rolled out in the name of Vaxxines not all in the same vials. A tip toe multi pronged attack.
  5. He's the elites favourite propaganda book writer and valued WEF advisor / salesman. He's bad news and knows what's going on and what's planned. "Straight from the mouth of WEF advisor, Yuval Harari. "The biggest question in economics and politics in the coming decades will be what to do with all the useless people." These guys are the embodiment of evil."
  6. And 2 of his most very recent interviews.... talking from prison Mekiko... MAX IGAN ON PLANNED ILLUSION WITH JIM MURPHY - 09/19/22 https://www.bitchute.com/video/HypSIr7AV4No/ MAX IGAN AND GEMMA O'DOHERTY - THE POINT OF NO RETURN - 09/20/22 https://www.bitchute.com/video/Ok4eqxlSYC0a/
  7. Annnnnnnnd here we have the latest walk and talk from Max.. THE GOVERNMENTS WAR ON CHILDREN (and other stuff) https://www.bitchute.com/video/8iGqj1YGEAGT/
  8. 2nd release from new album by Leftfield....out in a couple of months. ACCUMULATOR (Tickets for the London gig at the SteelYard on the 7th Dec - on sale tomorrow Friday 23rd) (l already have a ticket ) et
  9. School sides with viral transgender teacher A Canadian school board has defended a trans teacher after students and parents complained about her oversized prosthetic bust © Twitter / @RamboJohnJ22 A transgender teacher in Canada has gone viral on social media after students filmed her during class, revealing her wearing oversized fake breasts under tight clothing. The school board has defended the teacher from angry parents, arguing that she is free to express her gender identity however she sees fit. Kayla Lemieux, who identified as Steven Hanna earlier this year, is a manufacturing technology teacher at Oakville-Trafalgar High School in Ontario, Canada. After her transition she started to draw complaints from students and parents over her appearance as she wore fake synthetic breasts that almost completely cover her entire torso and abdomen. The Heltan district school board said that it respected Lemieux’s right to express her gender identity, and that it would not be discussing the issue any further as it was a “personal matter.” It added that criticizing the teacher’s appearance or interfering with her “expression of her gender identity” would be a violation of the Ontario Human Rights Code. Some parents have told the Toronto Sun that they have no problem with Lemieux coming out as a trans woman, but insisted that the teacher’s prosthetics were going “too far.” Others have pointed out that the issue is not about gender expression, but the fact that the shop teacher’s appearance is simply “unprofessional.” The school board has now said it will develop a “safety plan” for the teacher to ensure her gender rights are protected and that she can continue working with children. The plan would also look to protect the teacher amid fears that protesters could show up to the school to object to the board’s decision to keep the teacher on staff. https://www.rt.com/news/563317-canada-school-transgender-teacher/
  10. Bob Moran - political cartoonist Recently sacked from Mainstream Media. His cartoons are usually a very clear indication of Bob's view point. This latest one is very ambiguous. I realise that art is open to interpretation. The Bear = Russia Has the bear (with it's young cub) escaped..? Has it been released? (by recent events) The bear doesn't look threatening. Is it the dawn of a new day..? Or is the Sun going down..? Curious.
  11. Hand picked for their blind incompetence and / or for their allegiance to 'other entities' that arguably control USA and by default NATO.
  12. Crying out for death from the pain of a thousand cuts..
  13. I've never seen these 4 words put together like that. Hilarious combination
  14. He may well be a WEF actor but he's playing out his part as if this is real - which MAKES it real. The timing of this seems to be in response to the counter offensive by Ukrainian forces (backed /armed / funded by the West) that were mildly successful. In response the breakaway states are voting for whether they will 'join' Russia. If they become part of the Russian State - then armed conflict within those States takes on a whole new position. Hence Putin stating that if Russian territory is threatened then they will respond with all means necessary. Acting out a script or randomly playing out.. whichever it is doesn't lessen the widespread death and destruction approaching. Not just in the conflict zones but all around the World as a consequence of the chaos and turmoil. These are the final pieces going into place to the start of WW3 IMO. The scripted 4 horsemen are at the gate.
  15. He may be mistaken or wrong but I don't believe that he'd be 'bullshitting' Not his style.
  16. Drs. Mike Yeadon and Paul Alexander: fraud of the COVID pandemic Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer Vice President, talks with Dr. Paul Elias Alexander on the fraud of the COVID pandemic and the deaths caused by the response. September 17, 2022 (not the best audio) https://rumble.com/v1kigj1-drs.-mike-yeadon-and-paul-alexander-fraud-of-the-covid-pandemic.html?mref=6zof&mc=dgip3&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=PAlexanderP
  17. I can't find anyone by this name who is active and involved in any way.
  18. Serious Nuclear threat. Russia does not have a 'Reverse Gear'.. .
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