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  1. 2 minutes ago, legion said:



    Fuck electric vehicles. 

    Not enough raw materials in the world to build enough cars at todays levels. 

    Either there's going to be a lot less people around to actually want to drive or it will be legiistated so only the rich few are allowed to drive. 




    And even less materials for commercial vehicles.

    Electric lorries??? 

    (trucks are what you use to connect skateboard wheels to the board) 


    This is all empty posturing..


  2. 15 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    i think people need to use their 'consumer power'



    Fuck electric vehicles. 

    Not enough raw materials in the world to build enough cars at todays levels. 

    Either there's going to be a lot less people around to actually want to drive or it will be legiistated so only the rich few are allowed to drive. 



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  3. On 11/30/2022 at 11:47 PM, Observations said:

    A few quotes:

    Why has the US not investigated ?

    There is clear video evidence ...

    The US has aligned itself with the Israeli narrative 

    Every day we are hearing of someone being killed by the Israelis, there is no accountability, no one is asking about it 


    Unmentionable entities control USA Europe UK etc etc.. 

    Those that you cannot talk about hold the reigns of world power. 

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  4. 6 hours ago, DaleP said:


    There is an indication elsewhere that preparation is happening quietly.


    They'll be getting ready for the worst case scenario. That's the militaries job unfortunately. 


    But in doing that there's the danger of the slightest small event (real / fake / imagined) triggering a huge and unwarranted escalation. 


    Only time will tell if this is scripted or not. 


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  5. Even Craig Murray is speaking about this !!! 🤨 



    This is what I think of as a signpost article – it points you to something the mainstream media is deliberately not giving the prominence it needs, but I have no personal expertise or inside knowledge to give you. I am just giving you a start to get going. Several readers will have a much better understanding than I, and I encourage you to give your thoughts in comments below.


    It is also worth noting that only the immediate improvement to freedom of speech on Twitter by Elon Musk has brought this to my attention. Several sources – particularly Citizens for Legitimate Government – have suddenly appeared in my feed again after being entirely suppressed.

    My own tweets are, for now, less suppressed – my own family have been receiving notifications from me after they were stopped for over a year. I am not in general a fan of billionaires like Musk, and I do not know where Twitter will settle, but there is undoubted initial improvement.


    The FTX story seems truly remarkable. From being founded only in 2017 it rose to be a “partner organisation” of the World Economic Forum and the second largest donor to Biden and the Democrat’s mid-term election campaign. It has now gone completely bust, taking every penny of its depositors money with it.


    That is some trajectory.

    The World Economic Forum has deleted its FTX page, but the Wayback machine has it:


    I suppose it is inevitable that dodgy chancers would create derivatives markets for gambling on crypto, but I confess I had not given the matter much thought. It goes without saying that in those five years the founder of FTX had managed to take a huge personal fortune out of the company before it went bust.


    FTX was a one man company belonging to Sam Bankman-Fried. The board consisted of him, an employee and the company lawyer. Over US$20 billion of investors’ funds from FTX were funneled to a fund management company, Alameda Research, also owned by Sam Bankman-Fried.

    $37 million was donated by Bankman-Fried to the Democrats for the 2022 elections. Every penny of that originated with duped FTX investors. That is in addition to the $5 million given to the Biden 2020 campaign. FTX, of course, crashed instantly after those mid-term elections, which is interesting timing.


    The BBC and the Guardian were constantly bombarding us with the term “democracy denier” in their coverage of the US elections, strangely not in reference to Hillary’s ludicrous claims that Russian interference was the cause of her loss in 2016.

    I view as a joke any notion that the USA is a democracy.


    Democracy is about giving citizens a choice of political direction. The 2022 elections saw a simply incredible campaign spend of US$ 9.7 billion. Yes, nearly ten billion dollars. This is not democracy, it is a huge exercise in corporate control from which the ordinary citizen is frozen out.


    Despite an aggressive tribalism which has stalemated the political system for decades, the difference in policy platform between Democrats and Republicans is highly marginal, with no alternative on offer to rampant and uninhibited commercial exploitation of the population by the super-wealthy.

    The Democrats are marginally more keen on attacking other countries; the Republicans are marginally more against measures to curb carbon emissions.


    Vaunted differences on immigration and welfare turn out to be very small indeed, with very little changing when the White House does.


    American elections are simply about the super rich funneling in vast donations, expecting to benefit when their team gets its nose in the trough, or often donating to both sides to benefit either way.


    I am not sure what the connection to democracy is supposed to be.

    One simple fact illustrates the true nature of the bribery fest. By far the majority of the funds channeled through Political Action Committees (PACs) are given to incumbents who face no serious threat to re-election anyway. The PAC’s are interested in bribing those in power, not changing those in power. They are simply lobby groups with an opportunity for legal bribery.


    To illustrate that, the largest donating PACs are:

    National Assn of Realtors
    National Beer Wholesalers Assn
    American Israel Public Affairs Cmte
    Credit Union National Assn
    Blue Cross/Blue Shield
    American Crystal Sugar


    It is worth noting that Bankman-Fried donated ten times as much as the largest PAC donation. This brought access – he and his brother had meetings inside the White House on 7 March, 22 April and 12 May.


    It is perhaps unsurprising therefore that FTX was involved in Ukraine, offering to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat and send it to Ukraine in an official partnership with the Ukrainian government. This from their press release

    Aid For Ukraine is cooperating with the cryptocurrency exchange FTX which converts crypto funds received into fiat and sends the donations to the National Bank of Ukraine. This marks the first-ever instance of a cryptocurrency exchange directly cooperating with a public financial entity to provide a conduit for crypto donations. Earlier this month, FTX already converted $1 million worth of SOL and transferred it to the National Bank of Ukraine.

    The collapse of the Bankman Fried scam was allegedly caused by hackers stealing what should have been a comparatively small portion of the assets of FTX, had they not been hived off elsewhere. Doubtless we will shortly hear from state salaried conspiracy theorists that this was Russia/Guccifer/an ISP address traced by Bellingcat to inside the Kremlin.


    What we really have here is an Allen Stanford for 2022, with added political connections.

    We would do well to heed the advice of crypto developer Nikolai Mushegian, who had as his Twitter profile: “Larpers who self-style as CEOs or CTOs or VCs are a bigger problem than the establishment. They can’t build anything and will sell you out in 2 seconds.”


    His final tweet was posted on 28 October:


    The next day he drowned in the sea off a beach in Puerto Rico, where he lived. He was fully clothed including a jacket. The police are not treating it as homicide so presumably their theory is suicide by wading out to sea.


    States of course have a massive incentive to destroy non fiat currencies, or convert them into a new category of regulation. I am interested in the current discussion on smart state digital currencies where the state can track, control and block any transaction and know in real time exactly where each citizen or entity is spending or keeping every penny.


    It occurs to me this is the wrong way round. The state belongs to its citizens, not the citizens to the state. We should be able to track online every single penny of public money in real time and see how it is spent. Imagine being able to follow every penny of the billions the Tories spent on fraudulent PPE contracts, for example.


    The only people whose personal currency should be able to be tracked are those who hold, or have held, positions of power in the state. Their wealth and dealings should be available in great detail to public view. As for the rest of us, our money is ours and we are entitled to privacy. 





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  6. Right after the shitstorm picked up FTX, some global elites on a par with Dems and Ukrainian authorities rushed to issue mea culpas. 


    The others are trying hard to hide their ties to the crypto exchange and its disgraced founder. But at least digital fingerprints can’t be wiped off!


    ✓Web archive shows the World Economic Forum previously listed FTX as one of its “reliable trading partners” 


    ✓Bankman-Fried also was a speaker at Davos last May alongside luminaries such as Google fin. chief Ruth Porat and Bill Winters, CEO of the London-based fin. giant Standard Chartered


    ✓Even more interestingly, Jan Koum


    – the Ukrainian billionaire who co-founded WhatsApp and sold it to Facebook for $19 bln in 2014 – bought a stake via his family office like some other wealthier individuals

    But it’s apparently just the tip of the iceberg. FTX’s sudden downfall has rankled some within Dems who expected a major influx of donor cash in the months ahead. 




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  7. 10-Year-Old Boy Died of Cardiac Arrest 7 Days After Moderna Shot, VAERS Data Show

    The latest death reported in this age group was that of a 10-year-old boy who died suddenly six days after receiving a third dose of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine. According to the report, “It is unknown if an autopsy was performed.”

    According to the company (Moderna) comment included in the report, “Cause of death was reported as cardiorespiratory arrest. Information regarding clinical evaluation, diagnostic tests, treatment provided, or autopsy reports has not been disclosed.”


    Read here:



  8. Seems that some Polish are seeing clearly..


    Missile incident was Ukrainian ‘provocation’ – Polish politician

    Former Lublin council chair Jaroslaw Pakula said Warsaw should rethink its stance on the conflict 

    Poland should rethink its position towards the conflict in Ukraine after a “provocation” on the part of Kiev that cost two villagers their lives, a former city councilman in Lublin said on Wednesday. Jaroslaw Pakula, whose term ended four days before the incident, said the missile that struck Przewodow was obviously Ukrainian and that the government in Warsaw needed to send a message to Kiev instead of telling “fairy tales” to its citizens.

    “Of course, this is a Ukrainian rocket. Of course, this is a provocation on the part of the Ukrainian authorities,” Pakula posted on his Facebook page. “The rocket could not be fired 100km in the opposite direction by mistake.” 

    The purpose of the provocation was to scare the EU and get civil society support for sending even more weapons to Ukraine, Pakula added. Instead of telling “fairy tales” about the missile, the Polish president should tell Ukraine’s Vladimir Zelensky that Warsaw “will no longer put up with this behavior” by Kiev. 


    “I urge you to rethink Poland’s position [regarding] this war in the event that the red line is crossed again!” Pakula concluded.

    Pakula’s Facebook page still has a Ukrainian flag over his portrait photo, and lists him as chairman of the city council of Lublin, the seat of the region where Przewodow is located. The official city website, however, notes that he was no longer in office as of November 11. 

    Zelensky was quick to accuse Russia of attacking Poland and the entire NATO after a missile exploded in Przewodow on Tuesday afternoon, killing two people. The government in Kiev said the incident showed the need for NATO to 
    “close the sky” over Ukraine, as they have demanded since February. 

    While Zelensky continues to insist the missile was Russian, Warsaw and Moscow have both identified it as a S-300 air defense missile, with Poland calling it “Russian-made” and Russia pointing out it was in Ukrainian service. The US and NATO have also described the missile as an air defense rocket that strayed, seeking to minimize the incident while also arguing that Russia was the ultimate culprit for bombing Ukraine in the first place. 

    The Russian military has pointed out that Tuesday’s missile strikes on Ukrainian military and energy infrastructure targets came nowhere close to the Polish border. 


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  9. Whitney Webb of UnlimitedHangout.com joins James once again, this time to discuss her new, epic, 900-page, two-volume tour de force, One Nation Under Blackmail. In this conversation, Webb and Corbett dive into the sordid tale of Epstein and his compatriots and begin to unravel the incredibly complex web of the intelligence/organized crime/blackmail syndicate. 




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