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  1. 1 hour ago, peter said:

    I find that people these days are inherently lazy ,it's a lot easier to use utube videos to do their debating and with this brings some very inherent problems. 

    A hundred times - yes - especially on this topic


    1 hour ago, peter said:

    As far as the video I posted goes I can't take credit for it as it was recommended to me quite a while back and for the life of me I can't remember who it was 

    Where ever it popped up from - it's valid here. 

    Not just for laying waste to a few key points of the debate -but actually displaying the dynamics of the debate. (like this very thread)

    Regardless of facts and truths - both sides didn't come out looking too good.
    Both Daves were very rude in their own particular ways.

    And FE  Dave was keen to hop over to different points to avoid the conclusion of the previous point.
    Also extremely evasive and miss-using words and language to muddy the waters.

    It was just like a little snippet of this thread played out by actors in a scripted scene...
    It could have been titled - "The 2 Daves Play out a Dark Corner of the DI Forum"  :O)


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  2. 3 minutes ago, alexa said:


    The UK

    Then the answer to my question is no...
    You would observe the Pole Star from the UK and Jamaica.
    You need to go further and in a different direction to observe the Southern Cross and experience the clockwise / anticlockwise action.

    l have seen and experienced this myself.
    Lived mainly in Europe- spent time in Australia / NZ / Fiji....
    It's real.....and not explainable in any FE 'model'.

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  3. 16 hours ago, Mr H said:

    Like why didn't they just do the covid thing in Europe and North America? Why do it in the rest of the world if whites only the target?

    Because international travel would obviously prevent that. If it's a 'real' Pandemic.......then it has to appear worldwide.
    And highly developed nations are the main target for death jabs.

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  4. @alexa
    Take Jordan Peterson for example.
    He has something extremely valid to say about 'Wokism / LGBT pronoun laws and feminism / getting your personal shit together.
    He's helped a lot of people get their heads together and deal with a lot of modern madness.
    But he calls out Christians and Muslims but not the chosen few.
    And hangs out with some very dodgy characters.

    So......he's totally correct on some stuff and totally wrong on other stuff.
    See how it works ?

    No-one can be relied on for all aspects of what we want to call 'Truth'. 
    Regardless of whether they do it intentionally or accidentally.



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  5. @peter

    This is a response to a post that I read and watched while not signed in earlier today.
    I can't find it now...and don't comprehend why.

    But I'll respond still and include a link to the video you posted.

    I notice that you rarely post videos and prefer to debate with words.
    So I couldn't help but be a little curious. 

    I  gave up wasting time watching videos on this subject a long time ago.
    I thought l'd have a quick peep, but ended up watching the whole hour.

    This is a superb video, thanks.

    IMO...anyone new looking into this subject can save wasting days reading these 416 pages of repetitive, circular 'debates' by watching this exquisite video.
    It totally sums up this whole thread and whole subject.

    This is valid and should remain on this thread if this subject is to remain on this forum.
    I hope this stays here.

    The fact that Professor Dave who clearly debunks FE is also outspoken against anti-vaxxers does not faze me in the slightest.
    No-one has a complete grasp on everything in life. In fact I'd love to see Professor Dave debate vaxxines with Dr Mike Yeadon.
    I wonder if this could be arranged..

    Anyway. Here's the video in question.


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