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  1. 2 things.. 1) I'm sure Jeff gave Max a bit of a hand with the Bar. (I followed the bar Telegram group) 2) Max never actually 'owned' the bar. He took over a lease that was coming to it's end. I think he paid off the previous tenant for some of the gear inside - tables / chairs / stage and basic sound equipment. He did alright when Anarcopulco was on, as there were lots of visitors. But when it went quiet it obviously wasn't viable when the actual owner tried to renegotiate the tenancy. Also Max would be stupid not to have a small amount tucked away for such times when he has to 'up and go', as he did getting out of Oz. An emergency fund kinda thing.. Max looks really down as Gaza is being utterly destroyed. He has friends in Gaza that he can't contact. Also, the secret garden has been flattened. His favourite spot to connect with nature. His computer and guitars in Acapulco were saved by someone but they ended up in a van in Mexico City I believe. He's still in the USA and undecided where he's going to settle next. Not good times for Max
  2. https://www.democracynow.org/2023/11/1/craig_mokhiber_un_resignation_israel_gaza
  3. https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2023/11/a-textbook-case-of-genocide/ "A Textbook Case of Genocide” Craig Murray 1 Nov 2023 The resignation letter of Craig Mokhiber, Director of the New York Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, has gone viral on social media but most posts only show page one. Here is the full four page letter.
  4. I'm shocked at your short sightedness. The members that liked your comment too.. Many aspects to this atrocity. 1) 'Wars' abroad increase the likelihood of our criminal government shipping more immigrants into the UK all the the fake name of helping the greater good. 2) Our government are giving Israel the green light to massacre civilians against International Law, in plain sight. This sets a very dangerous precedent. Where and when is the next one greenlit..? How long until it gets uncomfortably closer to the UK..? 3) If this situation in Gaza escalates into the surrounding countries then we have the very strong likely hood of a real physical WW3. Do you really think that the UK will be able to duck and miss the worldwide destruction and massive death count..? This situation in Gaza has to stop and stop right now. Cease fire. Now. Everyone around the world has to make their voices heard and send a message to the monsters in control that we the people will not tolerate this.
  5. Fox News.. Unprecedented.. Biggest.. Fastest.. Stongest.. Etc...
  6. Max Igan would call it out if he got even a sniff of deception over the funds.. Danny seems a righteous person too. Too many good eyes on Jeff.
  7. On a serious note, he's managed to drum up over $300,000 and seems to be walking the talk. Roughly a 50 man/woman team working with several vehicles ferrying goods from outside of Acapulco into the areas that need it. His boat is insured which is as good as a sale (he was trying to sell it) His house on the hill has minimal damage and is looking as good as sold, once it's repaired, with a buyer in place. So financially, Jeff is in a good place. No need to steal Hurricane Funds IMO. I don't believe that the people / team around him would let Jeff quietly embezzle the Hurricane Funds, even if he wanted to.
  8. I saw similar comments underneath his videos. That was around the time he was living more in Acapulco, up in the hills at the property he's now trying to sell. That property is on a seriously steep hill that the video perspective omitted. If you look carefully with this in mind you can then see just how steep it is. Anyone would struggle to walk up this road and talk constantly IMO. Me too. He's funny. I laugh with him and at him. He's a complete buffoon sometimes. Captain chaos, trying to talk and manage his Son and Lucy.. I've never been interested in crypto so I always ignore the crypto plugs. I'm just glad for the light hearted update of the developing Apocalypse..
  9. Danny, part of the Anarcopulco team makes his way into Acapulco by motorcycle / van / motorcycle. Makes his way across town towards the Secret Garden and the Orphanage. Video shows the devastation..
  10. Not a livesstream but lots of up to date footage from inside Gaza.. Max Igan - https://www.bitchute.com/video/d2VrasAzCuyC/
  11. Double post - covers 2 topics https://www.bitchute.com/video/d2VrasAzCuyC/ Last half - Acapulco 2 other donation suggestions by Max besides Jeff's efforts.
  12. I see that you asked about Jeff and Dollar Vigilante a few years back. I haven't noticed but guess you've moved there now from elsewhere. If you have time, can you open a thread and tell us a bit about your experience. Where did you move from..? Did you speak Spanish before you arrived there. I know several friends who have travelled through Mexico several times and always give glowing stories about their adventures. But only one of them has settled there. (several hours up the coast from Acapulco) If you've already told of your experiences elsewhere on the forum, then I missed it and ask you to point me in the right direction. Thanks
  13. I've just watched Jeff's latest video. He's explained what he got wrong and why.. He's also saying that bad as it is, it's not as bad as it could have been. Power companies are already working at restoring electricity as quick as they can. Lots of people coming together and doing what's needed. https://www.bitchute.com/video/hXl68yWIj7f7/
  14. As seen in any Internet search. I've looked into the passport scandals. Not just Mexican. Other South American countries too. Seems to me that Jeff was one of a few middle men and the real people that earnt by the scamming, scammed everyone including Jeff. It's easy to point to accusations. I'd be interested in direct knowledge of scamming by Jeff. He's a self confessed capitalist. An Anarchy Capitalist. A label he's put forwards in an attempt to explain his position. He's a Libertarian and Voluntruist. As far as I'm aware through Max, Danny Sessoms and others, Jeff contributes to the local community. Can you please explain how Jeff scammed you..? Directly scammed you or close friends or family.. Thanks
  15. Not really. Just freaked out - I would guess. He's now putting the story straight. Kudos to him..
  16. I'm not sure what his first retraction was but I'm sure I'll find it at some point. Jeff tweets an apology about the Red Cross in Mexico. Seems that it is actually working, unlike in many other disaster sites.
  17. Craig Murray reminds us this is not new.. A speech from a 2009 rally. https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2023/10/zionism-is-bullshit-2/
  18. Is that right.. Seems that there was a practice run or a failed attempt at wiping out Acapulco 2 weeks ago with an extremely strong storm that didn't progress into a major hurricane. It was called MAX. Quite a coincidence, considering Max Igan is the longest and most outspoken truther regarding Israel / Gaza / Palestinians. Max as you well know lives in Acapulco since escaping Australia during the oppressive Covid period. (with Jeff Berwick's help) The Hurricane centre came onto land exactly over Max's street near the beach. All very strange. Very very strange.. (and just a coincidence)
  19. Jeff's efforts have raised more than $275.000 so far. Amazing. Looking forward to seeing the receipts and evidence of action and aid for all in Acapulco.
  20. Unfortunately I don't speak Spanish. I guess that most people involved are Spanish speaking. I'm not sure I want to be advised by an Instagram 'model' who seems to use here ample boossums for attention. Have you got other donation links please..? On another note - I listen to BBC6 all day, despite hating the corporation and it's history. It's great wide ranging music is second to none IMO. I have to put up with the BS News every hour. It's my little window into what the UK population are being fed. The BBC never seem to miss a chance to push the climate change BS. Any fires or major storms / floods around the world are always highlighted. The BBC news have said nothing at all about Acapulco. Nothing. It's a major unprecedented "weather" event, hitting a big city... and nothing. Strange.. Can you please give us some links to websites warning of the impending disaster in Acapulco ? I can use web tools to translate Spanish websites. Being in Mexico gives you a unique perspective I'm sure.. Thanks
  21. Well, aren't we lucky that your superior intellect is in the MINORITY.
  22. The Controlled Demolition of the American Empire Co-authored by Jeff Berwick. 2020
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